There are more photos shot on iPhones than on DSLRs. At least in my case. I have thousands of images stored on my phone. So here is a great little video by DigitalRev that gives 10 tricks that all iPhone photographers must know. The tips range from how to take better selfies to how to use a water bottle for creative distortion effects.

Enjoy the video:


Here are a few of my favorites:

Tip #1 Cable Release

When taking selfies, you often have the problem of not reaching the shutter button with your thumb. Just use your standard Apple headphones as a cable release. By pressing either the plus or the minus button on the music control remote you can take a photo.


Tip #4 Real-life Instagram Filter


Stick a color gel in front of your iPhone lens. You can easily fix it in place by putting it between your iPhone cover and the actual phone. Your photos will now have the color of the gel to them.


Tip #6 Water Bottle

Use a water bottle (or any other random, translucent object) for creating interesting pictures. Simply try taking photos through the bottle, this way you will end up with a very unusual image.

Tip #8 Lens Accessories

You can buy inexpensive lenses that are specifically designed for your iPhone . This one, for example, can be used for a fisheye- look.


Tip #9 Use a Broken DSLR Lens

If you own a broken Dslr lens you can use parts of it to achieve fisheye or macro looks. This way you can use a otherwise useless piece of glass.

Tip #10 Telescope Tele

Long telephoto lenses are expensive! Just use a kids-toy telescope to get a lot of zoom. Put your iPhone on the ocular and there you have it: cheap tele-magnification!


What do you think about these tricks? Do you have any tricks to add? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

[Via DigitalRev, images via screencaps]