If you’re anything like me, you don’t spend nearly as much time working within Adobe Premiere as you’d like. Remembering where all the shortcuts are can be troublesome without daily use. Thankfully, Ryan Snaadt recently released a handy video for 10 Premiere Shortcuts on Mac to Save Hours of Editing Time that’s totally worth the bookmark!



In this video, Ryan shares some Adobe Premiere keyboard shortcuts and hacks for Macs that’ll save you hours in front of the computer. Using these shortcuts, Ryan states that he saves at least an hour or more per edit, so it’s worth trying to see how much time you can save.

Ryan is an Iowa-based professional marketer, entrepreneur, & videographer that helps brands and creatives grow using video marketing. In addition to creating videos for his clients, he has a YouTube channel, (linked below), where he helps teach other aspiring videographers how to create sustainable income doing what he does.

“I try to focus my channel around helping videographers and creatives grow a freelance business” — Ryan Snaadt

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View more of Ryan’s work at www.ryansnaadt.com and be sure to check out his YouTube channel here.

*Video and links shared with permission from Ryan Snaadt