There’s no doubt that the hot new toy in the last year or so has been the UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) or drones. It seems like everyone is flying them these days, getting in trouble for trying to destroy one, or flying one where they shouldn’t. If you are considering getting a drone, make sure you check out our article, Things to Consider If You’re Thinking of Getting a UAV [Drone] here.


The following video, by filmmaker Sebastian Solberg, gives some helpful tips for new drone users to help you get some incredible footage and stay off the evening news while you’re at it. He offers ten tips (all with a huge smile on his face) you should consider before taking your new toy on its inaugural flight. Most of the tips are common sense (which not everyone seems to have judging by some of the drone news stories you hear), but when you’re excited about a new gadget, you may not have considered some of these tips.

The tip that I wish I knew when I tried to fly a drone for the first time is Tip #8: Plan each shot before you take off. I hadn’t realized that a drone’s battery life was about 15 minutes long and ran out of juice long before I was able to get any exciting footage. Rookie mistake. Another important tip is to check the laws regarding drone flight in your specific city/country before you take off.


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Solberg also recommends, in his original post, the DJI Phantom 2 with an H4-3D Gimbal, which takes a GoPro Hero 4 Black; all of which totals around the amount of my rent for July. Meh, having a roof over my head is a little overrated anyhow…

Do you have any tips for us drone noobs? Comment below!

[Via No Film School]