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Inspiration April 2nd 2013 9:38 AM 6 Comments

In today’s instalment of “Tuesdays With Lauri”, we are going to be doing something pretty exciting. Instead of editing one of my own photographs, I will be editing one of YOUR photographs. Today’s amazing image was submitted by Veneta Karamfilova, and it looks like this:


I absolutely fell in love with the headpiece and the styling in general, and decided to create a composite image out of it. In today’s tutorial we will go through the Photoshop-file layer by layer, and along the way I’ll teach you two new techniques:

1) Using a bright red fill layer, set on “luminosity”, to blend the colours together perfectly

2) Using an inverted stamp visible layer, set on “vivid light”, to create beautiful, clean skin texture

I hope you guys enjoy the video and as always, if you have any questions or requests for future episodes, just leave comment down below, shoot me an email ([email protected]) or message me on Facebook:

Next Tuesday I will be editing one of YOUR photos again, so if you’d like to see your photograph edited on SLR Lounge, just send me an email to [email protected] and who knows, maybe your image will selected! :)


Final Image



Veneta Karamfilova

Website: http://quartetphotographers.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Quartet.Photographers




Lauri Laukkanen, is an editorial and commercial photographer, specializing in creative portraiture, fashion and sports photography. People usually describe his style as cinematic, creative and sometimes a tiny bit crazy. He was recently awarded with the WDP 2012: Photographer of the Year -award, and his work has been featured all around the internet, including 1x.com, Vogue etc. View his portfolio here: www.laurilaukkanen.com


  1. Ricardo Consonni

    Very cool! I found the technique to blend the colors to be really useful, I learned something new today. Thank you!

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  2. Andre Goulet

    Thank you for your clear, simple explanations. You’ve been a big help with my Photoshop learning.

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    • laurilaukkanen

      I’m glad to hear that Andre! Thanks! :D

  3. Sean

    Where do you get your backgrounds? Do you take those pictures or use stock photos?

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    • laurilaukkanen

      Hi Sean! Most of the shots that I use are taken by me, even though sometimes I do use stock photos. I took this one on my trip to Nepal. :)


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