Turn Your iPad into a Second Monitor for Dual Display a Tutorial by the FStoppers

Gear & Apps April 18th 2012 10:55 PM 2 Comments

Have you ever said to yourself, “This sucks, I need a second monitor and all I have is my laptop and my iPad, I sure wish there was a tutorial out there teaching you how to turn your iPad into a second monitor.” Well, maybe those specific words didn’t come out of your mouth, but this is actually quite the handy dandy tutorial that Lee Morris of the Fstoppers has put together.

In this video, Lee will show you guys how to turn your iPad into a secondary display for your laptop! All you need is $10 and an iPad 1 or later. Enjoy the video!

To read all instructions along with the original article, click here to go to the article on FStoppers.



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    this is awesome

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    Really great Teacher-Love your style!

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