Timelapse: Northern Lights So Bright They Were Overexposing The Photos

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I like beautiful things. For me to like a car, for example, it must first and foremost be beautiful. Can I appreciate technical accomplishment and qualities imperceivable to the eye? Sure, but I won’t buy it because my prejudice is too entrenched for that. Likewise, I like to look at, though not necessarily speak to, pretty people. And no one ever says they want to go to Detroit for holiday because it’s cold, and well, I’ve seen gangrenous wounds that were better looking. Navigating Detroit’s arguably crime filled streets promises little reward.  Unless, the reward is greater than the trouble. Seeing the Aurora Borealis, as seen here, is one such reward.

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Photographer Chad Blakely is well seasoned at shooting the northern lights, and went through nearly 100GB of storage taking photos of them recently over Sweden. Those hundred gigs were used for this great timelapse video you’ll find here. Though he was no stranger to the phenomenon, they have been particularly special of late. They had been visible for 29 of the 31 nights to this point this year, and one this night, were so powerfully bright that they were overexposing his shots. Blakely, in an correspondence with NBC stated:

The lights were so powerful that the footage became overexposed with a shutter speed of less than one second…I can honestly say that this was one of the most powerful displays of natural beauty that I have ever seen.



Aurora-borealis-northern-lights-chad-blakely-lapland-3And the timelapse for those of us not fortunate enough to be there:

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You can find more of Blakely’s photos from his Lights Over Lapland website and via his Facebook page. It also may be of some interest to note that there is to be another flare in northern light activity and you can find out more from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and the aurora forecast site from the University of Alaska.

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