Timelapse Genie now Available

Gear & Apps March 26th 2013 2:00 PM 4 Comments

Almost a year ago we told you guys about an awesome kickstarter project called The Genie, and now – just shy of a year later – the device is available for public consumption.



The Genie was developed by a company called Syrp to be a simple, affordable, and extremely easy to use device for motion control and timelapse photography. It comes in at $990 – not exactly affordable by most people’s standards – but when you compare that price to other similar devices you see how much of a value the Genie is.

If you are in the market for a timelapse motion control device I recommend that you check the Genie out. You can learn more about it and purchase it on the Syrp website.



Anthony Thurston is a portrait and sports photographer based in the Salem, Oregon area as well as a senior writer here at SLR Lounge. You can check out some of his work on his Website. You may also connect with him via Email.


  1. Aaron M Grubb

    ug. I want one. ….and time to use it :)

  2. Aaron M Grubb

    ug. I want one. ….and time to use it :)

  3. Ted Blanco

    If you are looking, we have the Genies in stock over at http://www.motionaddicts.biz

    Currently this product is unavailable everywhere, we have all cable’s in stock too.

    Syrp Genie$890.00 On Sale

  4. Chuck Eggen

    I want one too but can’t justify the cost right now. Too many lenses to buy first.

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