The Lens Bracelet by Adam Elmakias

Gear & Apps October 28th 2011 10:06 AM 2 Comments

Here at SLR Lounge we love discovering new products. From useful game changers and great deals to innovative and creative products, we love all things photography. The lens bracelet by Adam Elmakias is a combination of creative and stylish. They come in both Nikon and Canon styles and a plethora of lens styles, allowing the photographer to express him or herself’s personal photography preferences.

Check em out! What lens are you reppin?

lens bracelet




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  1. Yangboi88

    Nice Nice!…I just recently bought my 70-200mm 2.8L ISII and I would like a bracelet to go with that lens!

  2. Grant Peterson

    I’ve been looking for a decent female repellent lately, and I think this finally hits the mark.

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