The Chinatown Special DIY Beauty Dish

DIY Projects October 21st 2011 9:09 AM 4 Comments

Beauty dishes produce a wonderfully powerful, yet soft quality of light. However, they do come with a heafty price tag when you purchase one from standard photographic retailers. Here is an awesome DIY video we found by the Browyoungs teaching you how to make your own beauty dish.

The Chinatown Special: The Best DIY Beauty Dish from The Browyoungs on Vimeo.



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  1. Bae7

    very nice!  Do you have any test shots?  How much f-stop do you lose?  thx for a great DIY project.

  2. Piotr Karólewski

    I know this video. It’s from ( 
    You can find photos and everything about this BD. Pretty awesome, I think :)

  3. Basit Zargar

    would love to try

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