How to Clean the Front Element of a DSLR Lens

April 2011 3:41 PM 4 Comments

While it may seem simple, there is actually an appropriate way to clean a camera lens. There are certain tools to use, and to avoid to ensure that you are cleaning the lens without scratching any of the glass elements. We found this nifty little video which will show you guys how to clean the front element on your DSLR Lens.

While the fast paced jazz music is a little unnerving, we think you will find the video quite useful. Enjoy!

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  1. Kurk Rouse

    wow the music was crazy boring for a photography tutorial but i still mad it to the end when i watched this a while back

  2. Barry Cunningham

    Dead link.

    Video is no longer available.

  3. Jason Teale

    yup link is no longer available. I tried to find which one it was but there are seriously too many on youtube

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