Simple Portrait Setup, Beautiful Results – This is What We Are All About!

Featured Projects May 15th 2012 2:50 PM 9 Comments

During our iPhone Fashion Shoot, as well as the behind the scenes video for how we lit and created professional photos with reflectors for the iPhone Photo Shoot; we showed you guys how we used a reflector and just our camera to create photos that were beautiful but simple in setup. Due to how much time we spend shooting in different locations, we have to have lighting systems that are simple and extremely portable. This is why reflectors are such a large part of our toolkit and speed and simple setups has always been our motto.

This is why we totally dig this video by Sasser Stills. In this video, Michael Sassor once again shows just how easy it is to create beautiful images with a camera, reflector and a knowledge of light and composition. Watch how Michael uses the reflector as a fill light, main light, scrim, catch light, etc. His posing and instructions for guiding his model is also quite wonderful. Great work Michael!

Article originally sourced from FStoppers.



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  1. Romeo D.Clarke

    Just got hand it to you guys at SLR Loung know that your
    content is always inspirational.

    Keep up the good work guys.

    Romeo Duncombe-Clarke

  2. Michael Sasser

    Thanks for posting guys! Had a great time putting it together and I am glad it is useful to others!

  3. Nikolaj Grundtvig

    I really enjoyed this one :)

    Just got myself a reflector so this proved to be quite inspirational :)

  4. Emmanuel Perdomo

    What lens did you use for that shoot? 

  5. Ed Rhodes

    wow, great captures!

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