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We have begun keeping our eyes out for deals for all you wonderful SLR Loungers out there. So, in addition to coupons on the DEALS page, we are going to announce PHOTO DEAL! whenever we find useful products that are on sale, or are simply too good to pass up!

It’s no secret that we are huge fans of RPG Keys. It is simply the best keyboard workflow solution available…the best. Trust me when I say we have done our testing and comparisons!

So, when we were notified by one of our sponsors UNDFIND that they were running a special cross promotion with RPG Keys, we thought it was definitely worth a mention.

Until July 15th, with every purchase of RPG Keys > $400, RPG Keys will buy you THEONEBAG along with two designer covers from UNDFIND, a $160 value. So, now is the time to speed up your workflow, while adding a little style to your photographic wardrobe.

If you guys have any question on what RPG Keys can do for your workflow, simply read our Review of RPG Keys.

To learn more about the offer, visit the RPG Keys Website


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