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What Is The Perfect Skin Tone? & The Importance Of Color & Tonal Matching

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Canon 70D Upgrade Coming Soon? Pulse Looks to Solve Your Camera Control Woes! {Daily Roundup}

The latest news coming out of the Canon rumor mill is that an update to the Canon 70D will come BEFORE any sort of 80D or 'next-gen' upgrade.

Datacolor Spyder5PRO Giveaway! ($189 Retail Value)

It is extremely important that your imagery is viewed and printed as you intended it to look. Calibrate your monitor with a Spyder5PRO. Win one here.

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Cameras in cell phones are possibly the most marketed feature of cell phones today, but how do you judge them? Here's a good breakdown.

Autumn Fairies By Paul Monaghan {How You Shot It}

This set of images really came to be due to my friend Aranel Cosplay. She has been working on a new project where she creates and models outfits based on different seasons and...

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Adventure Photographer Gives Tips on Shooting In Freezing Ice Caves, Glaciers

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JPEGmini Reduces File Size By Up To 5x With No Perceivable Reduction In Quality

Few pieces of software have the ability to surprise me this much. This could save you purchasing extra hard drives, cloud storage, lead to faster site and gallery times, and...

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