Couple Recreates Newborn Photo Shoot With Their Adorable New Puppy

One couple got a bit tired of people asking when they would have a baby and so they decided to have a photo shoot with their first born dog, Humphry.

Lindsay Adler's Tips on Helping Clients Relax During a Photo Shoot

In the following video from her CreativeLive Portrait Bootcamp (which still has a week left), Lindsay Adler gives us her 5 key suggestions on interacting with clients and...

Overcoming Fear & Selling Your Photography | Interview With Sue Bryce Part II

In this part two video, Sue Bryce shares with us her amazing insight and wisdom on how to master yourself, and also build a successful photography business.

Sony A7R II Impressive Focusing With Canon Lenses Makes It Even More Tempting

Sony has made huge strides with the A7 line of cameras, but it may be that the next big stride to convert other users is in this new ability to adopt other manufacturer's lenses...

Tokina & Think Tank Deals

This is our daily deals report where we will feature a deal, or deals, that we think you should know about.
Sony RX10 ii Review Sample Images-0

Sony RX10 II Initial Thoughts And Sample Slow Motion Video

The RX10 II delivers a smorgasbord of new improvements over its predecessor. Although it shares the same 20-megapixel number, and the same 24-200mm f/2.8 numbers, the...

Clay Cook Workshops 2015 Reviewed

I was ecstatic when I learned that Clay Cook would be coming to Portland, Oregon as part of his 2015 West Coast Workshops tour.

A Wild, Trippy, Hyperlapse Ride Through Los Angeles

Take a trippy ride through the City of Angels that is both awesome and overwhelming - just like the city itself.

Samsung Drops World's Largest Hard Drive (& Affordable Alternatives)

Samsung is probably the leader in SSD drives and have released the world's largest hard drive. It costs a bomb, but check out my list of great affordable drives for...

What's The Story Behind These Found Polaroids?

Find the owners of these Polaroids, or create a flash fictional story around one of these images.

PageCloud Makes Designing Your Photography Website Simple

One of the biggest tasks that eats up my time as a business owner is worrying about my website. PageCloud is looking to make life and website creation easy.

Forrest Gump Effect| Add Yourself Into Historical Footage Using After Effects

In the following 3-minute video tutorial, you can learn how to insert yourself into the history books by using Adobe After Effects. Filmmaker Steve Ramsden shows you...