6 Tips To Capture Creative Family Portraits

I have 6 tips for you so you can step up your family photography game.
How to write for photography blogs trevor dayley

My #1 Piece of Advice to Experienced Photographers Trying to Grow Their Business

"Trevor, what advice you would give to someone trying to build up their photography business?" That's a question I hear about once a month. As I have reflected back over the...
SLR Lounge - Jeff Ascough Wedding Photography6

3 Reasons to Consider Adding Documentary Style to Your Wedding Portfolio

Learn the ways of documentary style wedding photography from a master; click to keep reading!
Satsop nuclear cooling tower

Atomic Ruin | A Surreal Time-lapse Voyage Through an Unfinished Nuclear Power Plant

Watch as Andrew Walker takes you on a time-lapse journey through a long-abandoned nuclear power plant, and experience the surreal beauty of the massive site.

How To DIY Fix A Camera For $5 When The Manufacturer Quotes Over $700

Fixing your own camera gear is hugely satisfying, and can save you huge amounts of money. Here's one photographer's story of fixing his GH4 Mount, and my own.

iPhone 6s and The Cheapest Fashion Photo Shoot Ever Produced

Using the new iPhone 6s, some flashlights, and the girl next door, Lee Morris shows us that once again, it is not about the equipment.

The Next Zeiss Otus, Ditch the DSLR & Blood Moon Mania {Daily Roundup}

We've known another Zeiss Otus lens was on the way for quite a while now thanks to the rumors. While the working theory was that we could expect a 24mm lens, that picture got...

How to Shoot With Direct Flash To Get An Edgy Look

Leave no doubt, direct flash is the easiest way to get some unflattering shots, but if you do it right, you can create really great edgy looks to your images.

John Free Photography Lesson Is The Antidote To Your Lack Of Enthusiam

It's a free ten-minute photo lesson and photo walk with John Free, truly one of the greats of our time. No matter what area of photography you specialize in, his enthusiasm will...

Lowepro ProTactic SH 200 AW Reviewed

The ProTactic SH 200AW, as Lowepro describes it, is a modern, photojournalist style shoulder bag designed to fit a professional DSLR with a classic 70-200mm lens kit, two to...

How To Shoot a Gorgeous Wedding Portrait in an Ugly Parking Lot | Susan Stripling

What do you do when you've got a tight schedule on a wedding day and limited options in terms of location to create something great?

iPhone 6s vs Sony A7RII: Battle of the 4K Video

Lee Morris from Fstoppers decided to pit the new iPhone 6s against the camera everyone is talking about right now, the Sony A7RII.