Nikon D9300? Rumors Surface of Possible New High-End Nikon APS-C Body

This is big news. Nikon rumors is reporting that Nikon is gearing up to release a new camera, the D9300. As you can guess from the model number, this would be placed above the...

3 Qualities To Make Sure You’re Always Improving As a Photographer

Here are 3 qualities that I always strive to cultivate to make sure I'm always improving as a photographer.

900 Megapixel Portraits With A Canon 5D MK II

Portraits that take a half hour to shoot per image, and what you end up with is 900 million pixels and over 200 percent magnification compared to a standard DSLR photo
Credit: Anne Marthe Widvey Photography Flickr/Creative Commons

The Business of Photography: Be Remarkable. Build Fans. Get Clients.

In the first article, we covered some basics in the business process and how it will affect your business. Let's figure out some ways to build your brand and get more clients.

Switronix TorchLED Bolt 220W - Deal Alert - $100 Off

Having a good on camera light source can be an important piece to every photographers kit. The Switronix TorchBolt 220w on camera light is a great option, and its currently $100...
04.02.2014 20 Comments

Dying Father Walks 11-Year-Old Daughter Down the Aisle Thanks to Photographer's Surprise Gesture

A father's duty never ends, but at his daughter's wedding, the symbolism of a daddy giving his little girl away on her wedding day is a treasured tradition that has spanned...

How You Shot It: Construction Photography - Editorial Rig

How You Shot It is a series where you show us how you shot an image. Many who use our presets love to share their special processing recipes. Today's post comes from Matthew...

A Photographer's April Fools' Day: Jokes, Jokes, Jokes and More Jokes

It’s coming to something when the news is making the news, but that’s precisely what happens every April 1st, and today is no exception. It’s the day tech and...
Profoto B1 off-camera-studio strobe

Profoto Jumps the Gun With Latest B1 Firmware Update, EOS-1D X Compatibility Flawed

The Profoto B1 made some headlines as a TTL compatible monolight system back when it was released in November, and while it was compatible with the majority of Canon cameras at...

Top Ten April Fools Day Photography Wishlist Items

April Fools' Day in the photography community is always a bit of an odd occasion. Some companies like to prank us with downright silly press releases, such as Three Legged...

Kelly Moore Followell Bag Review: Surprisingly Functional, Yet Stylish

Kelly Moore, more known for her high quality camera bags that look like purses, takes a different direction in the new Followell. But does it make sense?

Behind The Scenes of a Sports Marketing Photo Shoot

Have you ever wondered how teams get those images that they use on the program covers, and in marketing materials on their site? I mean, sure, we all know where they get them.,...