Olympus Announces New Flagship PEN E-P5 Camera

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Olympus has just announced their latest flagship camera, the PEN E-P5. This new camera looks to be the perfect companion for any photographer looking for something small and compact for situations where a full sized DSLR is not needed or feasible. Not only is this camera compact, but its crammed full of features that you would not normally see in such a little guy.


The PEN E-P5 features a mechanical shutter capable of 1/8000th of a second, a first for a camera this compact. But it does not stop there, the PEN E-P5 is also pack full of great handy down features from Olympus’s other micro four thirds flagship camera, the OM-D E-M5; including its 16MP sensor, FAST AF, 5 Axis Image Stabilization and more. The camera also boasts a bright 1.04 milltion dot HD tilting LCD display, which can be adjusted upwards 80 degrees and downwards 80 degrees.

It also comes with a new optional HD VF-4 viewfinder which provides a 1.48x magnification. This will be good news to those of you who can’t stand shooting images with live-view. The PEN E-P5 is also 100% compatible with all of the Micro Four Thirds range of lenses. The camera is available for $999 as the body only, and you can pre-order it through B&H. The camera is expected to be released towards the end of this month.

Here are some Product shots:





My Thoughts

This looks like a great compact mirrorless camera. Like I mentioned in the opening paragraph I think that this sounds like a great “walking around” camera for those situations where a big DSLR is not needed or feasible. The camera looks to be packed full of great features and I like that is has the optional viewfinder for those of us that cant use a camera without one. If you already own micro four thirds lenses than this is probably a camera that you want to watch very closely.



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One Comment

  1. Joe Gunawan

    My issue is that it’s priced the same as the OM-D, but without weather-sealing & built-in EVF, which can help it compete w/ the Fuji X-E1 and the Sony NEX6. With the $279 EVF, you’re looking at GH3 territory (which is what I have). I do love the 5-Axis IBIS, 1/8000th shutter, 1/320 sync, and focus peaking (but not available in video!)

    I don’t like the video option at only 30fps and low mbps, however.

    But seriously, my biggest complaint is no built-in rangefinder style EVF like the Sony NEX6 and XE-1.


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