Neat DIY Optical Fiber Attachment Your Flash

DIY Projects March 25th 2013 8:02 PM 2 Comments

Maybe you like to consider yourself a Strobist or maybe you just happen to own a flash unit or two, either way this next DIY treat should be of interest for you. Flash accessories are plentiful – you’ve got your gels, snoots, grids, mini softboxes, etc. But checkout this neat DIY optical fiber accessory put together by photographer Váncsa Domokos.


Using only plywood, optical fibers and velcro Domokos was able to create a flash accessory that is able to direct light in different directions. This can be used in a number of ways and each one can create a unique look and effect.



If you are intrigued and would like to learn more, head on over to the instructables page to learn more and get step by step directions.




Anthony Thurston is a photographer based in the Salem, Oregon area specializing in Boudoir. You can check out some of his work on his Website or over on Instagram. You may also connect with him via Email.


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