Natural Light Couples Photography Giveaway

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We mentioned a few weeks back about how we are going to be doing more with twitter to try and improve our community on the social network. Today marks our first (hopefully of many) twitter giveaway for you all to partake in.

We are giving away a free digital download of our Natural Light Couples Photography Workshop to one lucky twitter follower who takes part in the contest. But before we get into how to win, here is a little bit about the Natural Light Couples Photography Workshop.

Natural Light Couples Photography Workshop
- Master Posing and Lighting for Couples Photography
- Learn Post Processing For Couples Photography
- Learn Client Interaction and Planning
- Digital Download, a $79 Value

What you  have to do to win

This is a really simple and easy contest, so anyone of you can enter and have an opportunity to win. Simply leave a comment on this post with your twitter username, Follow Us on Twitter (if you have not already) and share our posts (on twitter) or Re-tweet our tweets that you find interesting.

This contest will be open for 1 week, starting today October 1st 2013. When the contest closes at 11:59pm(pst) on October 7th we will randomly select a Twitter follower who has shared or re-tweeted some of our posts throughout the week. That Twitter follower will be contacted via direct message on Twitter and will be given the information needed to get their free digital download of our Natural Light Couples Photography Workshop.

In summary:

  • Giveaway Dates: October 1st 2013 through October 7th 2013
  • How to enter/win: Leave a comment below with your twitter username, Follow @slrlounge on Twitter (if you have not already)  &  Share/Retweet posts that interest you throughout the week (the more you share/retweet the more likely we will notice you).
  • Winner Announced: October 8th 2013

See its not that hard at all. So check us out on Twitter and follow us to get started!

Anthony Thurston


Anthony Thurston is a portrait and sports photographer based in the Salem, Oregon area as well as a senior writer here at SLR Lounge. You can check out some of his work on his Website. You may also connect with him via Email, Google Plus, or Facebook.


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    What an awesome giveaway! I recently started my own photography business and I would love to learn more about couples photography by winning this. Woohoo! My Twitter username: @shereehartung

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    Love everything that you guys put out there. It’s amazing how much knowledge you provide to the world for free. I can only imagine how helpful this workshop is. Hope I win it!(: @mossdesoymilk

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    @paphotos – awesome prize so fingers crossed

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    @insearchofsquid (great idea!)

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    @ScottyTreHottie I hope I win!

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    @crysley1981 Love getting info on photography from your site!

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    @livelovesurf awesome giveaway! thanks!

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    Thanks for making this happen! @abhishekscariya

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  40. Stacie- S.O. Photo by Stacie, LLC



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    in it to win it -

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    great workshop!

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    Love this ! Thank you !

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    This is an awesome opportunity! Thank you!


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    Had a couple asking me about an engagement shoot, I have never shot one before! @MattPWoodhouse

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    Won’t be a bad idea to win this. It would help my Photography.
    Love, @spicyincstudio

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