Natural Light Couples Photography DVD Giveaway!

Giveaways April 16th 2013 11:09 PM 489 Comments

Update: This contest has ended. Check if you’re a winner by clicking here!


Just for kicks and to celebrate a successful launch of a new DVD, we’ll be giving away 2 downloads of our Natural Light Couples Photography DVD!

What Do I Learn In This DVD?

This digital DVD teaches everything you need to execute a successful couples portrait session (commonly known as an engagement session). You’ll learn proper planning, like makeup advice for your clients, wardrobe guides, and location and prop planning. You’ll also learn 4 different lighting techniques to perfect your image. You’ll also learn our posing methodology to help you execute hundreds of different looks within a 2-3 hour session. Lastly, we’ll take you through all of the post production to polish off the images and create a professional final product.

How Do I Enter?

Entering is easy! Just follow the steps below:

1) Subscribe to our Youtube Page:

2) Comment below

Be sure to include: a) your youtube username and b) a random thought!

Suggestions: the weather in your city, “hello,” what you are doing today.

That’s it! We’ll select 2 random winners (via a random number generator) at the contest’s end on Thursday, April 25, 2013 at 11:59pm. Winners will be announced and emailed within two days of the contest’s end.

ADDITIONAL ENTRIES: Gain 2 additional entries by tweeting any of the following:

  • “GIVEAWAY for the New Natural Light Photography DVD by @slrlounge”
  • “Check out this giveaway for the Natural Light Photography DVD by @slrlounge”

What If I already Own the Natural Light Couples Photography DVD?

If you already own the DVD and you win the contest, you’ll receive a gift credit in the amount of the retail value of the DVD.

Video Promo of the DVD



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  1. Guido Fokkema

    Hi there. Really would love to win this one!

  2. Dale Lempa

    youtube: dalelempa
    looks like a great DVD!

  3. Bhupinder Siran

    Youtube Username: Bhupinder Siran

    Random thought… if sheeps are covered in wool, why do they not shrink when it rains? :-)

  4. ofir888

    Youtube Username: ofir888

    Random thought… Have a lovely day

  5. Darren Bester

    Darren Bester
    I wish Monkeys could skype. Maybe one day. – Alan.

  6. Patrick Bongers

    “I wish I could go outside right now…”

  7. Kevin Duquemin

    Great work boyz

  8. Robert France

    Its raining cats and dogs in scotland!

  9. Justin Choo

    YouTube user:
    Have a blessed day! :)

  10. Shauna Leigh Arrington

    Youtube- Shoshibnoshi
    Weather right now in Colorado Spring is sadly… COLD… waiting for the heat to return!

  11. Elaine

    Use the force…

  12. Adam singer

    YouTube – Regnis Mada, I love your presets!!!

  13. Arash Banadaki

    Youtube name: Arash Banadaki

    Kudos to you.

  14. simis

    you tube name: simiwaiye

    learn a lot from slr lounge and recommend it a lot!

  15. Marcin Rusinowski

    youtube name: iammarcinrusinowski
    today partly sunny in Warsaw

  16. Zach Winnie

    Username: zachwinnie
    The weather in Philly this morning is warm! Finally!

  17. Andrej Štojs

    youtube name: Andrej Štojs

    hello :D

  18. Stephen Lodziak

    YouTube name: Stephen Lodziak

    It’s springing up in Tokyo!

  19. Mr. Rigbot

    You Tube Name: Mr. Rigbot
    Another natural lit day today.

  20. Amy Schleider

    you tube: Amy Schleider
    I can hear my cat scampering across the hardwood floors…. but do you see him?

  21. Stephanie Schonberger

    YouTube: Stephanie Strine

    Thanks for this great giveaway! My brand new 5D Mark III arrived last night, so I have some shooting to do today, woohoo!

  22. Colleen Murphy Fougere

    you tube name: Colleen Fougere
    Finally some beautiful sunshine here, can’t wait to take my camera out in it!!

  23. Stephanie Schonberger

    Tweeted about the giveaway!


    Youtube: albumedigitale
    Began to be sunny outside. The DVD is more than welcome, because I like the most natural light photography :). Thanks !

  25. Kyle Dillon

    youtube: I think its illdill44 or kyle dillon

    I like peruvian wombat maple syrup mixed berries from an ant eaters horse shoe flower bed

  26. armadilo60

    Love the SLR Lounge!

  27. April

    YouTube name: april074
    It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood…….. and it’s HUMP day!!!

  28. Kyle Dillon

    youtube: I think its illdill44 or kyle dillon

    The weather is nice in Charleston, SC. I like peruvian wombat maple syrup mixed berries from an ant eaters horse shoe flower bed

  29. Oliveleaf

    Youtube: oliveleaf
    Can’t wait to see your new DVD!

  30. Casey

    Youtube: cedwards329

    Good morning! Today’s going to be a toasty sunshiny day in SC! Spending it at work & in the park!

  31. Larry Pena

    YouTube: Xxxmustangtxhc
    Stay classy San Antonio!



    Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only LIGHT can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.
    Martin Luther King, Jr.

  33. iamunique127

    The length of natural light is slowly increasing as summer approaches.

  34. James Lazzaroni

    YouTube: InfuzedMedia

    Loving the look of this DVD so far! :)

  35. Janelle Jensen

    phirrefly – It’s supposed to rain 3-6″ over the next two days and then snow showers predicted for Friday. Mother Nature’s drunk.

  36. Eduardo Mueses

    emueses, This Garlic is burning my mouth!!

  37. Alex Lucas

    alexlucasdesigns, This is a really good give away! I love it. Oh and its HOTTT in Alabama.

  38. Sara

    MrsBlacksten, I’m terrible with Photoshop. lol

  39. Doug Logan

    Doug Logan, please, make this coffee stronger!

  40. Daniel Ashton

    lionheart1830. Been for a back wax today, need some photography to take my mind off the stinging!

  41. Fred Mathews

    Ultimateplus. Hope the sky does not fall today

  42. Aaron Joseph David

    aar0nch1char0n my butt is itchy

  43. Ashleigh Swerdfeger

    Hi! Who doesn’t love natural settings? Ashleigh Swerdfeger

  44. Jazz A

    517sexygyal. Key lime chobani is ahmazing

  45. Tommy Botello

    YouTube name: tbotello
    Keep rockin!

  46. Sean Thurston

    hitekredneck13, bread and butter pickles are the best :)

  47. Holly Iorio McFadden

    Holli McFadden


    video views
    Hello….so excited Ghost Hunters starts a new season tonight!

  48. Andrada

    YouTube: ANDRYpresh
    The weather’s bipolar at the moment but there’s hope for change.

  49. Wiseman Shooting

    Can’t wait to watch the Natural Light Couples Photography DVD!!!

  50. hayesapeterson

    hayesapeterson, Thanks for the chance. You guys rock!!

  51. Eric Rather

    Awesome idea….would love to win this!!

  52. naynay

    not making any sense is my theme today

  53. Christy Swanberg

    christy.swanberg – I love all of these April showers

  54. Ron

    YouTube; Ron Schmitz

    Still snowing, can’t get outdoors. What to do, what to do? Maybe I could watch a video or something.

  55. alleywv

    YT: drvfstnwild RT: When you clap, you are just high fiving yourself for something someone else did.

  56. Zeca Moraes

    Ok, my YT username is Zeca Moraes, and… what was to write here??

  57. Ines Bratovenski

    This would be a perfect gift for my birthday:))!!

  58. jt499

    Everyday is a good day to get out there and shoot some pics. Joel LaFleur

  59. Jennifer

    Username is jennifer@tutorjohn and RT: It’s cloudy today.

  60. Ro

    You tube: Christopher Rosario
    Its finally warm!

  61. JonathanPhotography

    shooting in the sunshine :-)

    Jonathan Riley

  62. Nancy Gervais

    Lovely sunshine and warm temps in Montreal today (finally!).
    Would love this DVD – keeping my fingers crossed! :)

  63. Mrs. Thompson

    YT: apenglishthompson
    Random Thought: it’s way to windy to be productive today!

  64. Mrs. Thompson

    Hey I tweeted it! Woot!

    YT apenglishthompson

  65. Tricia Martin

    Youtube: Catchin Freebies

    I saw a chipmunk this morning and he/she was the cutest thing.

  66. Jennifer Medeiros

    YouTube: jmedeirosphotography
    My family and I are going to see the Red Sox play on Friday in Boston!!

  67. Tricia Martin

    Tweeted for bonus entry:

  68. Russell Murphy

    YT: Russell Murphy. Entering this contest is one of my 31,245,856 random thoughts for today …..

  69. Doel Gonzalez

    YT DoelGonzalez

    Sun is out in Florida and packing bag for NYC

  70. Eric Coleman

    cire00one resting up before my shoot today ..

  71. Dustin Thompson

    Hello from TheShutterSchool! I’m sitting here a Wednesday getting ready for an engagement shoot!

  72. Erika Wang

    Username on youtube is erikawyy.
    Although the odds of winning this awesome DVD is small. I still want to shout out for SLR Lounge. You guys educates and inspires me in Photography.

  73. Gronde Photography

    Youtube username: GrondePhotography
    We would love this DVD! The weather in DC is finally spring like!

  74. Ovidiu

    uniD88 from youtube here :D
    And good luck to you all!

  75. Denise Allen Hurdle

    You tube name is Denise hurdle. Today is going to be a great day!

  76. Shel Lakin

    yariselyasmine: Aloha from Honolulu!

  77. Lauren

    YT: [email protected]
    Sunny & 70’s in NC today! Think I’ll picnic & watch your YouTube channel over lunch! :-)

  78. Jo Tuason

    Youtube username: Jo Tuason

    “Let there be light”

  79. Lisa Marie Gee

    It’s warm but overcast in Manchester, England, today.

  80. Lauren Vick

    Tweeted before my picnic! @lookingphoto

  81. Ken

    Youtube – Ken White Check out New Jersey Videographers Association Great group of people who are passionate about Photography and Video. Tell’em Ken sent you!

  82. Melanie Grady

    Melanie Grady on you tube. Beautiful day in Eastern Ohio! :)

  83. Erin_H

    YouTube: henderel. Random thought: I wish I had a copy of this DVD!!

  84. James Bong

    YT: James Bong just doing the daily grind in sunny California.

  85. Heather S

    roxygrl20101 – it’s overcast and it’s supposed to rain later, but they said that yesterday and it ended up being sunny

  86. osc707

    TY:ocampos707 , it’s sunny and windy here in the bay area in california. I would love to get my hands on this dvd, looks fantastic

  87. sweetserendiptiy

    YT: ptownmoofus I would love to win this! Greetings from SE Virginia. It’s a beautiful spring day aside from the blanket of pollen.

  88. Heather S

    Tweeted “GIVEAWAY for the New Natural Light Photography DVD by @slrlounge” for bonus entry

  89. Heather S

    Tweeted “Check out this giveaway for the Natural Light Photography DVD by @slrlounge” for bonus entry

  90. Charles Payne

    Charles Payne on Youtube and G+. Making my way through the pollen laden clouds of Virginia Beach. Here’s to hoping your light and time cooperate on your next photo shoot!

  91. Loren A. Roberts

    Loren Roberts [hearkencreative] on YouTube and Google+ … I love photography!

  92. Dave Nunez

    YT: 3ntreri1
    I learned a ton from tagging along with pros and assisting on their shoots – this is a great idea for a training video

  93. Ariella Carver

    Ariella Carver on Youtube. Cool giveaway!

  94. Todd

    @thompsonville256 …. Why am I sitting here watching an episode of Big Time Rush? Where is the remote????

  95. Ryan Casey

    Youtube: Ryan Casey

    Random Thought: “A flute with no holes is not a flute. A donut with no hole…is a danish.”

  96. RJ

    RJ C on YouTube – love your stuff – beautiful weather here in Irvine, CA. Would love to win a DVD from y’all – I’m a photographic sponge, always looking to soak up more knowledge from experienced, talented pros! I also just tweeted your message – I’m “RJ_Corby” on Twitter.

  97. Sean Richardson

    xpisit69 on youtube. I never win anything

  98. Trenton Meador

    angelicodin on youtube – I love SLRlounge, so many things give inspiration and tips to improve any level of photography!!!

  99. Joshua Tousey

    Good Morning from Sunny California. Just dropped off the my little girl and now to set up for printing.

    YouTube: JoshTousey

  100. Lori Thiessen

    Lori Thiessen on youtube…it’s rather windy here in Texas

  101. Jemimah C.

    imjemimah on YouTube (and yes, I am Jemimah). I’ll be heading off to college pretty soon, and I hope to study photography or at least take some photography classes!

  102. ssl

    one3xnine on YouTube. Looks like an interesting dvd.

  103. Helena Granjo

    Helena Granjo on youtube. the Sun is shinning and Spring finally arrived to Portugal!

  104. Martin Bonden

    On YouTube Martinbbnitram. This is going to be the best day of my life so far.

  105. Renabette

    my youtube username is rdsanantonio. I hope you all have a wonderful day. It’s looking quite beautiful here in Southern California :)

  106. Jenna Mulvey

    fotofroggy on YouTube. Excited that I’ll be meeting with a client later today!

  107. Allan & Lisa Mueller

    I am almphoto on YouTube. I have another account because for some reason I can’t get into it. PW or something, but YouTube is no help. Weather has been great, but looks like rain today.

  108. Sheribeari Bartay

    Sheribeari Bartay on YouTube… getting ready to photograph the Texas Bluebonnets ♥

  109. Jay Cherrington

    Magnox72, If the World is round, where are the four corners?

  110. James Forsman

    JmzVID.. checkin out the site.. entering the contest..

  111. Magalhães

    youtube magalpm2 Time to start shoot in sunny Lisbon! :)

  112. Jessy Caballero

    FotografosExpertos, Suggestions: the weather in your city, “hello,” what you are doing today.

  113. David J. Crewe

    David Crewe, about to start an epic Coachella adventure! :)

  114. ValJean

    Youtube: ValJeanStudios
    Randomness: I was standing in the park wondering why frisbees got bigger as they get closer. Then it hit me.
    Have a beautiful day =)

  115. Benjamin Vu

    Youtube: xvubenjaminx
    Random Thought: Your videos are really entertaining and helpful :D

  116. Peter Hernandez

    youtube user: phdraw – Learning to sell photos

  117. Heather Harvey

    Heather Harvey: Always loved slr lounge! Thank you!!

  118. Raymund Kubassek

    rkubassek : time to take full advantage of the Florida sun :)

  119. Andre

    Andre Mustapha – Man, I caught a cramp playing football today. Boy, does that suck.

  120. Florin Gorgan

    Youtube username: laurentziu1993

    Today it was sunny in Bucharest, Romania and I’m enjoying the spring weather.
    I would really love to win this DVD. It would mean a lot to me!

    Have a great day,
    Florin Gorgan

  121. Tyler Rippel

    tylerrippel, shooting some preschoolers today!

  122. Jose Cintron Rossy

    Cuando salga el sol tu seras la primera imagen de mi dia.

  123. Marcin Lachowicz

    yt: mlachowicz
    Nice one! :>

  124. Lezley Knott

    You tube name: Lezleyknott.

    Its cold in San Diego today!!!

  125. Christopher N. Deckard

    youtube: chrisndeckard – This is awesome

  126. Sipos Szabolcs

    a) coyote77ro
    b) Hello :)

  127. Eric Ferguson

    Youtube: texagg01
    Random thought: I never dreamed I would be a photographer, but now my wife and I are working on making it our sole living. I love it!

  128. April Seney

    Hello! My You Tube name is April Seney. It’s finally sunny and 60 degrees here in Upstate NY! Spring has sprung!

  129. Jacob Al-Saleem

    Youtube user: jacobalsaleem

    It is cloudy with a chance of meatballs

  130. Kristin Quackenbush

    Kristin Quackenbush I’m hungry.

  131. Andrew Frew Fairclough

    youtube user: frew2011
    Random Thought…….what gets wetter the more it dries……??
    A Towel!

  132. alexandremorin

    Youtube: alexandremorin87
    “Roses are red, or some other color… but they all smell nice.”

  133. Matt McCartie

    Matt McCartie Barrie Ontario Canada nice and sunny but still way to friggin cold bring on the heat

  134. Amy Flannigan

    aflannigan82… Mid April in Northern Minnesota and it is still snowing with several inches still remaining from this awesome winter!! cough, cough

  135. janso

    youtube user : thedeadzone22 – Just went through a cornfield and thought of all the cool photo oportunities

  136. Iliana Hernandez

    Youtube: ilianacrista
    Random thought: I’m so hungry i could eat my own foot right now.

  137. ames2111

    ames2111 – The NW is filled with gray days. Light management is key!

  138. Nancy


    It’s sunny and gorgeous here today.

  139. Janne Hämäläinen

    YouTube: hippitukka
    Random(thought): Oh boy I wish I get the DVD :)

  140. Shumaila

    Youtube: shumaila Chauhan.. hello!

  141. Pnut

    youtube user id: pnut78

    Sunny and hot in FL!

  142. Tyler Walker

    Username: Tyler Walker
    Random Thought: Perfect mountain biking weather right now where I am from.

  143. raeolight

    jesusfreakof2000 and the weather may or may not be rough for us here in Joplin, MO

  144. Tonie Duchemin

    YT: Toniechristine Random: I once interviewed 7 death row inmates which resulted in my most embarrassing moment in my life when I walked away and said “Thanks for your time, better luck next time” – Yup this ACTUALLY happened to me…

  145. Brent

    I need some inspiration for me during my current deployment… being away from my camera for so long is killing me, lol. This DVD would surely help pass the time so that by the time I return home I’ll be able to execute its lessons flawlessly.

  146. Miguel Almanza

    YouTube: almanzam
    It’s pretty warm out in my city… but inside my office it’s freezing like hell after my Texans won the Super Bowl…

  147. Lyubo Yanev

    youtube: luboyanev
    randomness: slr loungin’, mellow out and just loungin

  148. TheInvisibleCactus

    Youtube: TheInvisibleCactus
    Random thought: I’m excited to get to work with a local photographer today!

  149. Krebbin

    Youtube: Krebbin
    I shoot in available light too but I never did couples, cause I don’t know how to “handle” them, what to say and how to get them to pose and don’t look like they are posing. Does that make sense? LOL Anyway… that DVD will be my new best friend I guess :)

  150. Amanda Avila

    youtube: amandasmith214 – Would love to win! Thanks! Weather is great!

  151. Andrei

    Youtube: andrei88ro
    Smile, it’s a beautiful day !

  152. Edward Millership

    youtube: Edward Millership
    It’s not about the light, its the shadows that make photography sing

  153. Jon Massmann

    jon massmann… nothing is random, everything is done with purpose.

  154. Sarah Redmond

    Sarah Redmond – I wonder what would happen if I hired two private investigators to follow each other. Hmmmm.

  155. Timmy Keane

    Youtube user: Timmy Keane….Random thought: today is a day lost in writing my thesis, mind melted!!.

  156. Kendra Burlison

    I use YouTube as Kendra Burlison and my random thought is I like mints. They are yummy.
    Have a great day!

  157. Iain Mack

    iain mack. Currently working but downloading Lightroom 5 beta. :)

  158. Adina Brown-Selner

    Really want to win win win! :D

  159. Brendon Ericson

    youtube: fadetogloss – Would enjoy watching this, while stuck in the SNOW.. in April! (Denver!)

  160. Leslie

    Username: latingroov76 – Turned 37 today. Gotta keep remembering…it’s just a number. You’re only as old as you feel!

  161. Tony Pardilla


  162. Brittany Sweat

    can i have your number? can i have your number?

  163. Lucas Chung

    youtube: mastaofyoshi – ” Very nice day in San Jose, no clouds but it is cold. What should i wear today?”

  164. Rodford Bucalon

    youtube username: rlzbcln
    You guy’s are awesome! ****

  165. John Havord

    I have something to say, it’s better to burn out, than to fade away.

  166. Juli Vuka

    Youtube: Juli Vuka
    I am working right now, but i wanted to rest a sec, and check my facebook, and then i watched this giveaway :) cool thing, hope to win :)

  167. VSG

    YouTube user: varunshenoyg
    Random Thought: Considering if I should get Nik Software or Lightroom 5

  168. Sophia

    youtube username: hastalasophia
    I named my camera Cameron. Is that weird?

  169. Jay Williams

    Youtube user name- Jaywphotography Random thought- Always looking to improve my skill and learn.

  170. Gathoni

    Youtube: Gathoni Kinyanjui
    My dog just learned to backflip. :)

  171. Julie Riddle Worthy

    MsJedi66 and my random thought is “why do the hours my kids are in school go by so fast when I’m in front of my computer editing????”
    Tweeted and Tweeted!!!

  172. XiaoVee

    youtube: MsXiaoVee

    email: [email protected]
    I want the dvd~ :)

  173. Reymar Jusay

    a. emaypunk
    b. i need this dvd!

  174. Sarah Wayte

    Youtube: madmalteaser
    Random thought: My cat is snuggled on my lap and I have to get up and make dinner. Do I disturb him?

  175. Angela W

    Youtube: Angela Williams
    The toothfairy came to our house last night.

  176. Muriel Baquilod

    youtube: Muriel Baquilod
    It’s such a blah day here in VA…winning the DVD will brighten my day

  177. Karen Waldron

    Youtube name: Karewal
    Random thought: Photography is not just a way of life….it’s a part of my soul!!!!

  178. Elsy Gonzalez

    YouTube: puppylove9055 <—I was young.

    elooo puppet :p

  179. Dawn Cook

    YouTube – [email protected]

    I LOVE any opportunity to learn something new!!!

  180. Giovanni Casini

    youtube: Giovanni Casini
    I like the job you’re doing, guys. The articles in the blog are often very interesting.

  181. Bob Mulholland

    rjmgroup: I have my first wedding event to shoot next month!

  182. David Van Gorp

    David Van Gorp
    Go Nets!!!

  183. Donna S Wysong

    Donna Wysong
    after loosing our puppy, finding our puppy, child throwing up 2 times all over the vehicle attempting to pick up the pup, spending hours in the heat cleaning up said mess…..this just might make my day! ; )

  184. Jeremy McNair

    Youtube name: Jeremy McNair
    It’s supposed to rain tonight!

  185. Pedro

    Youtube: pc8922
    I wish I could have a cheetah

  186. Pixel Dream

    youtube username: pixldream

    Proud To be Egyptian : D

  187. Rick A Brewster

    youtube user: Rick Brewster. Not very unique user name. I Enjoy the information you provide.

  188. Jayne

    3530Jayne A beautiful day in my neck of the woods!!

  189. Marko Hajdarovic

    Marko Hajdarovic

    just got home from work….

  190. Joanna Albert

    I am only $1,000 away from getting rid of my Credit Card once and for all!

  191. Jaclyn Wheatley

    Youtube: Jaclyn Wheatley

    The early bird may get the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.

  192. Jhay Torres

    youtube: jipymt

    awesome AWESOME course (dvd)!! just bought it yesterday.. ~hope i win the gift credit so i can get your lightroom course next.. ;)

  193. Tina Foster

    tinafoster%[email protected]

    love SLR lounge!

  194. Melissa Bickmeyer

    YouTube: Princessbungle
    Struggling with lighting, both studio and natural as I’ve done a couple sessions this week. Would love to learn more about lighting techniques. Meanwhile, I’m hobbling along, doing the best I can with trial-and-error. :)

  195. Ryan Donohue

    Youtube: myevilgnome
    Are gnomes naturally evil?

  196. Paul Larson

    YouTube: Paul Larson
    Another great giveaway!!

  197. Algreen

    youtube: SHAVDHANDLZ … I’m Algreen from West Covina. Nice and sunny out. Can’t go a day without going through my photos with SLRlounge Presets. I hope to win. CHEERS!

  198. Katrice Battle

    my user name: kat2687!
    I am realllly ready for spring. I hope all the bad weather gets out of the way before wedding season starts.!

  199. Bryon Black

    YouTube username is Tongblack
    Cheese is delicious

  200. Matthew Edelen

    “If there is no struggle, there is no progress” Quote by Frederick Douglass

    Matthew Edelen on youtube

  201. Shahril Osman

    shahrilosman – capture with a beauty moments

  202. Taylor Koepke

    youtube user: Tenpoundhero6 – I have learned so much from slr lounge, especially from Pye. Honestly much of what Pys has taught me, shows in my work significantly. Pye, you’re awesome

  203. Vu Cao

    youtube: stormer2710

    Thank you so much!

  204. JR Walkenhorst

    YouTube Username: JRWalkenhorst
    Random Thought: Stuck in a Cube and dying to get outside.

  205. Jere Kibler

    Youtube: MrJereJames

    Michigan bound in the morning woot woot!

  206. hornedbronco

    Youtube : hornedbronco
    hmmmm bokeh!!!

  207. Marc D.

    Youtube: AhmedAdooti
    i really want to leave work now so i can be outside taking the next photo of my dog for my 365 project.

  208. Dominick Rich

    Youtube user Domrich32

    Denver is beautiful today…. Looks like I’m sitting in a snow globe that someone just shook up!

  209. Matthew Linnell

    [email protected]
    Hope it doesn’t rain

  210. Rafael Alvarez Ramirez

    Youtube user: Rafael Alvarez Ramírez

    My brand new photography bussines will really grow up whit this DVD!

  211. Evalani Stockton-Nieto

    Youtube: evalani stockton. My random thought is that I hope I get randomly chosen to win! ;)

  212. Shane Stenhjem

    Youtube: MrStenhjem
    I have this DVD in my budget for next round of education. Would be great to win it instead. Oh by the way I am going to go spin my frustrations out on the bike today.

  213. Cindy Straka

    Youtube: Cyndist68
    Random thought: Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought him back.

  214. Peter Franz

    youtube: kephas1

    Be so good they can’t ignore you.

  215. Martin Augsburger

    youtube name: Martin Augsburger
    It would be awesome to win the dvd!

  216. Lisa Hadley

    Username: Lisa Hadley. Love your films!

  217. Dion Cooks

    YouTube: Dion Cooks
    I tell my wife her wedding ring is made out of glass!

  218. Heather S

    youtube- Heather S
    Lovely humid day here

  219. Hashiqsyed

    Youtube Username: Hashiqsyed
    The world never appreciates easy things :/

  220. Amber

    Random: Found a dead cat on my porch today. Decided not to take a picture of it.

  221. Coffeeman112

    youtube- TheCoffeeman0

    I can count to potato

  222. Casey

    youtube: WickedLovelyArt
    Thank for the chance to win. I’m pretty new to photography but I know I really want to work with just natural light! Thanks!

  223. buffcleb

    youtube name : buffcleb

    Random thought… The statistics on sanity are that one out of every four Americans is suffering from some form of mental illness. Think of your three best friends. If they are okay, then it’s you.

  224. Sandra Kielback

    Youtube name: Sandra Kielback

    It’s the first beautiful sunny warm spring day, I’d love to win that dvd also!

  225. Michael Yuen


    Random Thought: I recently realized that wedding photography is like running a Marathon: requires determination, training, endurance, creativity, and the will to keep going. It’s also easier by having a partner to do it with you, such as a 2nd shooter/assistant. With that said, my prayers go out to all the victims and their families of the Boston Marathon.

    Twitter: yuenm

  226. Gagan Sadana


    I hope to win this.

  227. spizzy

    youtube – dwaynelofton – love the site, thanks for all the youtube tutorials.

  228. Nate Bennion

    youtube: natebennion

  229. Jade

    Youtube name is JadeRaven
    Random thought is……… it’s a blustery day outside.

  230. Karalee Watts

    a) Youtube username: karaw21
    b) Random thought: I wonder how many legs a caterpillar has?

  231. Hoang Le

    Youtube name: Hoang Le
    Excellent channel & DVD tutorials.

  232. Juan Ruelas

    Youtube name: Juan Ruelas

    I like turtles.

  233. Rachel Elisabeth Lusky

    My youtube username is rachlusky –

    Would love to win this DVD – the screenshots look great!

    Random Thought – I really want to paint my kitchen white… :)

  234. Janelle Storm

    youtube: Janelle Storm
    “Your value doesn’t decrease based on someone’s inability to see your worth.”

  235. Sandra Goble Burchett

    Sandra burchett. Sandrad600. There’s a thunderstorm brewing outside!

  236. Lantos István

    a.) KerozinJoe
    b.) Random thought (I’m completely without any ideas what to write here)

  237. 823Photography

    YouTube name: Stefanie Richardson
    Shooting a great engaged couple this weekend, could really use this DVD- LOL

  238. Windy Cooper Gee

    [email protected]
    Ohhh No!! It’s almost time to get the kids….there goes the quiet!!

  239. Andy

    Great giveaway..! cheers I am in :)

  240. Miryam Zarzar

    YouTube: mzarzar83

    Hola! I need some sun!!

  241. motiver

    Srikanth Madduri Please please please, pick me.

  242. Andy

    (Forgot my name) youtube name

  243. Darrell Moore

    Youtube: Darrell Moore

    We get it, cacti, you have great biceps.

  244. misty nichol

    My YouTube name is: 300vespa
    My random thought of the day is: “what the heck is my YouTube password?!” LOL

  245. Karen D

    User: PhotographybyKD
    Random thought: glad taxes are over!!! At least until next year….

  246. Gordon Sandvoss

    YouTube: GSandvoss

    Thank you guys so much for all your hard work and helping people out with tips, tricks, tutorials and just helpful information in general. Please keep it up!

  247. SherryD

    My Youtube username is SherryEddy, and my random thought was that I can’t wait to go home and go to bed! Also, I just got a Canon EOS 5D Mark II and can’t wait to use it conjunction with lightroom to improve my skills in my hobby of photography. :)

  248. Misa12211

    youtube: misa12211

    let ‘this will be the first time I win something : )

  249. Michele Dan

    YouTube Name: Michele Dan/dangal315
    Random Thought: I just love photography!

  250. jewelz

    User: Jewelz P
    I love learning new fun things=)

  251. Min

    Youtube ID: m212676

  252. Shelly A

    I could go for some Bruno dough right about now.

  253. Akila Subasinghe

    Youtube :

    Akila Subasinghe

    Random thought : Will kill for this video DVD :)

  254. Naveen

    My youtube username is Kumarnt-

    Random Thought – What is my Probability to be “The” random One ?

  255. derrick barrett

    Youtube: derbarrett

    Random Thought: Why do they have braille on drive thru ATM machines? Just sayin :)

  256. J Victor Photography

    Would love this!! Youtube: Jennifer Victor

  257. Light My Fire Photography

    YouTube: Sarah Heggen
    You are awesome. =)

  258. Deanna McCollum

    YouTube: Deanna McCollum
    My dog is barking at the wrong door.

  259. Ester Pérez Quiroga

    Youtube user: Ester Pérez Quiroga

    I should turn the light on, it’s getting dark in Spain now.

  260. apo125

    Love this giveaway!!

  261. John Triemstra

    User name is:

    John Triemstra. Can’t wait to get out in the sunshine! It’s been a long winter!!

  262. Jennifer

    My Youtube name is mrmrsglass. Love your informative photography DVDs – they are so packed with great tips!

  263. Haejong Gwon

    Youtube: planetcg Random Thought: Beam me up scotty!

  264. Becky Tate

    YouTube- SevanPhoto. Just wishing I could really afford to quit my day job and do photography full time.

  265. anand

    Meridiancom is my youtube name. Random thought : Go Bananas as it is good for your health.

  266. Maureen Petru

    YouTube: maureenpetru
    Random Thought- Is my laundry machine done filling?

  267. Jlgarci

    YouTube user: jlgarci1. Greetings from California, driving south, heading north

  268. Esther Kidwell


    It finally feels like winter here in Denver

  269. Azizi Azri

    username : giezmo22

    i want to learn the natural light cos i want to try the impossiblity that is by combining crop in camera with a natural light = Perfect, Trying is better than just thinking

  270. Tara

    youtube: Tara Talalas
    … I’m supposed to be working right now. :)

  271. Balraj

    YouTube User : TurdVapour
    Random Thought : Have I charged both my camera and flash batteries ?

  272. Andy Martin
    I am off to shoot a beautiful Bride in Sunny Sarasota Florida

  273. Esther Kidwell

    Thank you! :)

  274. BL

    youtubename: TricksforAgnes / random thought: what if the chicken never wanted to cross the road in the first place?

  275. SamElizabeth

    My name is Elizabeth and I am amazed with the versatility of Natural LIght photography.

  276. Jason Chau

    Youtube: icemanx62

    When will spring arrive?

  277. Val B

    I have a thing against foods with weird textures. example: bananas :)

  278. Heiki

    ~ random thought ~ I wish I had an ounce of my four year olds energy!!

  279. Jason Corica

    YouTube: filmjac
    Random Thought – Post Its are useful

  280. T.P.

    a) Barn0Music

    b) Does the DVD cover same sex couples? :)

  281. James O'Day

    odayja. Seven seals made cheese casseroles in a traveling circus.

  282. David

    YouTube: neogtrmn

    Random thought: I still have a lot to learn about photography.

  283. Joseph Elliott

    Youtube: wiccanelly

    Random thought: I’m yet to see a Nigerian win any of these international giveaways

  284. Ian Bowie

    Random thought – there are only 10 things in a binary world.

  285. Kamil Kubalík

    My youtube name: Kamil Kubalík
    Greetings from Czech republic, looks like spring has finally arrived.

  286. Bryan Leonard


    Craziness is the best way to stay sane


  287. Shawn Moreton

    youtube: Shawn Moreton

    thought of the day:
    Hi from Northen Ontario! Finally warming up here…I know, because I finally put away my long underwear this week! Looking forward to getting outside for great summertime photos!

  288. imagesmiles

    imagesmiles hey i just want to win

  289. Richard

    Random Thought – If the number 2 pencil is so popular,then why is it still number 2?


  290. Victoria Barton

    cool giveaway thanks my username is Victoria Barton on youtube.

  291. Andrew McGillivray

    Youtube: Andrew McGillivray
    I am following up leads regarding employment. I have taken my camera to many places in the country these last few months. Natural light is everywhere…I just need to learn new ways to utilize it.

  292. Striderx

    YouTube: Simon Mott
    Random thought: it is hot sunny day here in The Bahamas

  293. Matthias Blake

    Youtube: Matthias Blake

    Random Thought: Can’t wait to finally get my new D800 so i can go out and take pictures

  294. Brian Hall

    youtube: Logancoug. It’s snowing in Utah. again.

  295. Lani Palmer


    “Happiness is not the absence of problems but the ability to deal with them.” (Author Unknown)

  296. Agus Rod


  297. Jeffrey

    Youtube name: Jeffmart63

    Random thought:I should probably work harder in school.

  298. Reggie

    Youtube: reggiecow

    Random Thought: I should finish my homework.

  299. Shaun

    It’s sunny in Seattle in April!! Woohoo!!!

  300. Lee Warden

    Youtube user name: Vonmowgli

    Random thought: If you ever get sore eyes drinking coffee, remember…. Take the spoon out of the cup…

  301. Kayre2

    I get to walk a puma on Saturday!

  302. Jamieson Ramkissoon

    Jamieson Ramkissoon

    I’m so used to being behind the camera, it would be odd to be the subject in any shoot (engagement/wedding)

  303. Julie Cortens

    Random thought. There is still 4 feet of snow at my front door! I have a few more weeks to polish my couples portrait session skills!

  304. Tony Bayliss

    Love a Freebie 68BTony

  305. bro27

    It’s going to be hot here in the central valley

  306. bro27


    it’s going to be hot here in the Central Valley

  307. Kenneth J. Woodard


    Snow, snow, snow.

  308. Ted Brockman

    Ted Brockman – Always up for learning more!!!

  309. Amy Sanchez

    [email protected] username
    Random Thought: I just had a toasted, honey, peanut butter and banana sandwich for the very first time and I loved it!

  310. Eduard Ciobota

    Hello, ppl. Love ur work ;) have a wonderful day!

  311. Karen

    YouTube username kbernzys
    -thanks for all the useful information on SLR Lounge and I am hungry!

  312. Wolfgang Cavanagh

    [email protected] – morning, awesome day for a free dvd

  313. Ron Van Note

    Ron Van Note

    I am still not sure how I feel about them making another new Star Wars Trilogy….

  314. Jessi

    Username: [email protected]
    Random Thought: I love sitting outside, listening to the sounds of nature and enjoying a good book.

  315. Amaris Durán

    a) Youtube username: amariiss5

    b) today is a beautiful day :), and I would love to win

  316. Shane Van Eck

    Why is it, when you do work for free at your own cost, it is almost frowned upon?
    Like people don’t understand why you would do that!
    (youtube username = BeoTeK)

  317. will

    I’m hedidwhat on Youtube.

    Also, I always love your stuff! Would love to be able to show this video to my students!

  318. Magnus Agren

    YouTube username: magren777

    It is nice to sleep…

  319. James

    Youtube: mieszkowski11

    So following my sons 2nd birthday I have waited till he has reluctantly gone to bed before eating the wheels off his car cake. They were just crying out to me!

  320. Donna D

    User name: Donna D.

    Spring is here!

  321. Vu H Pham

    YOUTUBE: vudo2890
    Going home!!!

  322. Eric Reardon

    Demonspawn88 What color would the sky be if you could not see the color blue.

  323. Dave Brown

    Waiting for the sun

  324. Kirk Ito

    YouTube: ItoClips

    Mmmmmm… Chick-fil-a sandwiches are good….

  325. Suzanne

    User: heehoomoo
    I would SO love to win this.

  326. Belinda Bonello

    Youtube user name: Piccolanippy
    Random thought: I feel like taking photos of my dogs.

  327. wilteduk007

    YouTube username: wilteduk007

    Manamana, boop boo ba do da

  328. Kristina

    YouTube username: onedarlingchick

    Random thought: just stepped outside and it’s FINALLY a warm spring day here in New England!

  329. Franc

    Youtube: weakfilmmaker

    Yesterday I bought boots.

  330. joelsongphotography

    youtube: joelsongphotography

    It’s very gloomy/rainy here in Champaign-Urbana, IL.

  331. Jacqi Raymond

    YouTube: JQMD. I just finished detailing my sister’s Jeep.

  332. Paul van Oudheusden

    wave pick me!!!

  333. Katie Goertzen

    “Photography is a language everyone around the world can understand”
    ~somewhere on the web

  334. Nicolas Larivière

    Youtube VersionDeux
    Gee I need this!

  335. Brian Palermo

    YouTube: Brian Palermo
    High 80s today, storms blowing in.

  336. Michael Burton

    you tube: Michael Burton
    Raining today, ideal to edit/upload to Smugmug!

  337. Andrew Hur

    Youtube: thewhelming

    Random Thought: I need to start shooting more than assisting! Help me get there

  338. Dwayne Neveu

    Youtube: Dwayne Neveu

    Thought: The “P” mode on your camera does not stand for Professional

  339. Chan Doan

    Chan Doan. 80 degree and humid!

  340. MrsLibbyD


    Still can’t believe I stood in that little tin shed last night taking lightning shots………

  341. skurge

    YT: S14Productions

    RT: Going to Coachella for Wknd 2. Soooo.. yeah…

  342. Jim Nichols

    Youtube” Bibojim
    Would love to learn better techniques for natural light!

  343. Dianna Coffey

    Youtube: Dianna Coffey
    My cats name is Jack. We call him Mr. Shmuffles for short.

  344. Akil Madman

    Youtube: vgmaster21
    cmon number 350, pappa needs to learn natural light photography

  345. Reena Giola

    name: reena giola

    Super duper bright and sunny where I live with all of the cacti

  346. Rick Ohnsman

    It’s nice and sunny today in Meridian, Idaho, but very windy and quite cold for “spring.” Shine some of that “Natural Light” my way!

  347. tirzhaz

    Gimme, gimme, gimme! :)

    YouTube name: tirzhaz

  348. Jeffery Kordsmeier

    you tube: Jeffery Kordsmeier

    A human head weighs eight pounds.

  349. Jeremy See

    Youtube: Jeremysee.

    Great session, can’t wait for the full version.

  350. Skye

    TheSkyeScraper – Purple fuzzy ducks meowing on the roof.

  351. Amanda

    Love working in my hometown, just wish it was less than 2 states away from where i currently live.

  352. Melanie Kratzer

    Youtube: Melanie Kratzer

    The solar sys­tem is in orbit around the cen­ter of the Milky Way. We’re mov­ing at about 483,000 miles an hour.

  353. Clint Edwards

    SLR Lounge is a God Sent.

  354. FatCatPhoto

    Snow everywhere!

  355. Vanessa Astudillo-Sanders

    Youtube: Vanessa Astudillo-Sanders

    Weather is nice and warm in Columbus, OH. For once! :)

  356. Gilbert

    a) youtube username : giltpt
    b) I am new to Lightroom, this DVD will really come useful to me to learn up.

  357. Britnileighm

    YouTube: britnileighm
    It’s a cloudy day….love the natural diffuser :)

  358. carmen linkous

    Would love to win the DVD especially since I need all the help I can get!! (youtube)

  359. carmen linkous

    Would love to win the DVD especially since I need all the help I can get!! (youtube)

  360. Huy Tran

    Hwee Tran

    I would love to be an apprentice or assistant to a wedding photographer, tips on how to reach out?

  361. Bette

    user name bettu6
    Natural light is having the Sun shine down on you to show your best side. I would totally love this DVD.

  362. JanKarloCamero

    a) YouTube: Jan Karlo Camero

    Photography and Pizza dont quite mix well. Had a camera of mine fall over pizza and now it is all greasy :|

  363. Brett V

    Youtube: Brett VonHoldt
    Random Thought:Can one have a truly random thought? Something, somewhere inside must have triggered that thought… and that something has come from some experience or knowledge that you have. Your seemingly random thought has popped up for a reason… maybe you should follow it and see where it leads…. oh. Refrigerator… i am kind of hungry :)

  364. Dan Gonzales

    Youtube: theoneprincekaze

    Random thought :

  365. Ryan Tran

    Youtube: Ryan Tran

    today’s weather is good

  366. Angelo Beltran

    YouTube username: angelobeltran

    Big shout out from down under! I love your download products. And Pi’s the man!

  367. Mike Teng

    youtube — Mike Teng

    Imma take a nap now, sweet dream world.

  368. Frankie

    Youtube: NextMillionaires

    Good day, can’t wait to learn new thing today & everyday

  369. Kim Thompson

    YouTube: kimcelise

    The weather was pretty nice today

  370. DC

    youtube: dennis chua
    the weather in your city, “hello,” what you are doing today.

  371. Nathaniel Bostic

    YouTube: Nathaniel Bostic
    “The day you decide to work harder than anyone else is the day you take your first step on the road to success”

  372. Minh Nguyen
    A world without light is a world without life, happiness, shadows, and photography.

  373. Dare K-J

    Youtube – dkayjay

    Find your light and place your subject in it! My new way of doing it!

  374. greg thomas

    My cat’s name is also Jack, Dianna. We just call him “get off the damned counter”. :)

  375. Huan Wynn

    Youtube: renozi

    Random thought: Canon rocks!

  376. Rajesh Tamhane

    Youtube: rtamhane
    Fuzzy wuzzy wuz a woman? Its interesting how the perfect moment for the shot is 2ms before or after I click the shutter!

  377. Michael Lee

    Youtube: Michael Lee

    Random Thought : Live for Photography!

  378. Jess B

    Youtube: Jess Boschee

    I’m ready for a real spring so that I can go outside and get shots of scenes that don’t include snow.

  379. Annette of Zimages

    You tube. Zimmsbride7508
    I’ve forgotten what the sun looks like. We’ve gotten 5 inches of rain today.

  380. Krista M

    YouTube: Krista Myers
    Random Thought: We still have snow and it’s suppose to be Spring!

  381. Krista M


  382. DeAngelo

    Youtube; DeAngelo Smith
    I love Dr Who!!!!

  383. Ari Kirsch


    This statement is false.

  384. CKay

    YouTube: cvk120
    “So tired of the snow. Need a pick me up.”

  385. Denise Trocio

    My YouTube name is deniseinwi
    My random thought is that I hope it stops raining sometime in the very near future in SE Wisconsin so I can take some outdoor engagement shots of my son and his new bride-to-be!

  386. Niculita T

    youtube: Niculita Titus
    i adore old m42 lenses :D

  387. f8photographics

    Natural light is for people who can’t afford a flash and a pocket wizard. Just kidding ;) just give me the DVD already

  388. Adol

    youtube : Gerdie Nurhadi
    I want Canon 5D mark 3 ;p

  389. Matt

    Youtube: iMattDev

    Its time for me to take a coffe now… :)

  390. Abdul Hadi

    Youtube: mystickid1

    Chicken the kid was a little old baby!

  391. Wesley Rolfson

    Wesley Rolfson: In Sheridan Oregon the Weather is slightly goomy with bursts of sun and rain.

  392. Eyal

    youtube: eyal Vadai

    I love natural light

  393. Cassandra Hoffmann

    a) Youtube: Cassandra Hoffmann

    b) Random is as random does.

  394. middledn

    Selling off my film cameras. Sold another one today.

  395. Vipin Methassery

    You Tube User Name: Vipin Methassery (mdvipin113)

    Random thought: Eager to get Off work into the weekend – so i can take out my gear and go out for a shoot-awesome weather outside…. :)

  396. Eric Daryl

    Youtube: CireLyrad13

    Where is the light? Ohh.. There it is!

  397. MissCreative

    Youtube: MissCreative89
    The Sun is shining – let’s make some photos!!! :D

  398. Tom Bogan

    I love the information that you have supplied in the past and find it soooo useful to a once film photog. Keep up the great work.

  399. Danai Kanters

    YouTube: Danaï Kanters
    Random thought: It’s a beautiful weather here in the Netherlands, perfect for an outside shoot!

  400. Brahm Meyer

    Youtube: Brahm Meyer
    Greetings from Johannesburg! I love your site and all the information you share, keep it coming!

  401. tates11

    YT: monkeytates

    The Spanish language classes I enrolled to this semester really is confusing @.@

  402. Yves Robitaille

    YouTube: robitailley

    Still raining today…

  403. Noell Soriano

    noell soriano
    excited for a family portrait session tonight!

  404. Tom

    YouTube: myzenthing

    Life without cheese would be a mistake.

  405. Greg

    Youtube: wilsogre

    You had to mention weather. We’re getting six inches of snow.

  406. Molly French

    YouTube: mollyjofrench

    Random Thought: Wibbly wobbly, timey wimey.

  407. Serena

    Youtube: syjl92

    I miss my dog…

  408. Sean Feivel Ng

    Youtube: Sean Ng Jun Xuan

    Most thing could be done through learning, while some you have to caught them yourselves

  409. Tara O'Leary

    youtube: tara o’leary

    I can’t wait for the warm weather to finally come!

  410. Tara O'Leary

  411. Andrew Breault

    YouTube: Andrew Breault

    Random Thought: Photography is more about the light than it is about the camera you use to capture it!

  412. tammie allen

    YouTube: tealness28

    it’s pool season in Vegas…

  413. amy n

    youtube: princessamis80
    hello :)

  414. Andi Nillagading

    “hello,” what you are doing today.

  415. CindaGillispieBrown

    Torrential rain happening right now, as I type….glad I’m in the house.
    Youtube: C. Brown

  416. Suzanne Ripple

    You Tube User Name: Suzanne Ripple
    So glad it’s finally warm in Ohio.

  417. Kelia

    Youtube: Kelia Dean
    Hey there! I would watch this dvd over and over, pick me!

  418. Aniruddha

    Youtube: aniruddhabarapatre
    Thanks for the giveaway…

  419. Aniruddha Barapatre

    Youtube: aniruddhabarapatre
    Thanks for the giveaway…

  420. Robin Watson

    YouTube name: photogbyheart
    Random thought: I can’t wait for summer time! It’s vee cold and rainy where I live and warm weather and sunny skies are way overdue :D

  421. Steve White

    Youtube: SteveWhiteImages
    Looks like a great DVD for branching out from landscapes.

  422. Matthieu Ducret

    Youtube: OFondCBien
    Hello from France !

  423. Giovanni Ianniello

    Youtube: Giovanni Ianniello
    Today is too hot

  424. Jacqi Raymond

  425. Danemama85

    My dog weighs more than most people’s children. It’s fabulous.

  426. h1t3a4

    Hit3a4 and H1TA4

  427. mikell nielsen

    Youtube: mikelllouise
    Yesterday I found a hilarious photo of a cat doing a pin-up pose! lol

  428. Chuc

    Youtube: Mr Chuncton
    Why does my daughter eat her earwax? Is that the new Tomboy? lol

  429. Greg Taylor

    YouTube: gstaylor
    Hello from New Haven, CT. Love SLR Lounge. Recently purchased their Lightroom 4 Workshop Collection. Loving it so far.

  430. Nikki

    YT: NikNikMonet
    Hello from Boston! #pray4boston

  431. Steve Deakin

    preview video of the course look great, fingers crossed am lucky for once

  432. Thomas Brydon

    Youtube: Toma5550

    First outdoor portrait shoot and stumbling success :)

  433. Pixi

    Youtube: LordPixi
    A warm and sunny hello from Cambridge, UK =)

  434. Philipp Boulanov

    Youtube: shnur07
    Yesterday we had 25 degrees celsius, today hail.

  435. Lauree Sundberg Schloss

    Youtube: Lauree Schloss
    I have two photoshoots this weekend!

  436. Brastgaard

    Youtube: Tonni Blicher Brastgaard
    If you go to sleep with an itchy butt, you will wake up with a smelly finger…

  437. Diana Yntema

    Youtube: lettuceisgreen

    Random Thought: My 3 year old has watching so much Dora and Diego in the past few days, I’m starting to dream about it!!

  438. Linda Zitnik

    Youtube: Linda Zitnik

    random thought : can’t wait to process photos that I took today

  439. Fed KiKa Fix

    Youtube: FedKika

    Hello from Italy!

  440. Stefano Virgulti

    Youtube: Stefano Virgulti
    I live in Italy, the weather today is cloudy, and if I don’t win, my girlfriend will kill me D:

  441. Fabio Sniper Virgulti

    Youtube: Fabio Virgulti

    Hi from Italy, and i have hungry while i’m writing!

  442. xemilien

    YouTube: xemilien (
    twitter: xemilien
    A random thought, hmm? Hello from Germany and enjoy your next photoshoot. Best wishes!

  443. Kimie Weldon

    Youtube:Kimie Weldon
    my puppy is such a cutie!

  444. Tanya Daley

    Youtube: Tan Dal
    Wouldn’t it be great to own a self-cleaning toilet! Sink, Bathroom, Floors……

  445. Flix

    Youtube: vyruzvideos
    My search is over! This kind of video is what I’m looking for years!

  446. Eric

    Hello from Australia!

  447. Megan Pitts

    Youtube: Megan Pitts
    I sure would LOVE to win this! :)

  448. Joshua_Barnett

    YouTube: Joshua Barnett

    This morning my 2 year old smeared diaper cream EVERYWHERE.

  449. John Rippy

    Youtube Username:


    Thought of the day:

    I hate Sears and their Appliance Delivery & Install team because they incorrectly installed my washer and dryer which lead to extreme water damage to my first floor ceiling, my chandelier, my track lighting over my step-up counter-top, the drywall behind my washer and dryer and more!

    See the water dripping our of the bowl of my chandelier…

  450. Markus Westbeck

    Youtube: anemic66
    I want summer!

  451. Jasmine Hicks


    I want SoCal weather in LV

  452. Trupatil

    TruttiTatil: Hello!

  453. marcus dallacqua

    Good day – if i only had more time to shoot and edit but there is this thing called ‘my day job’ that requires my time. Oh, and the four kids and wife.

  454. Trish F

    Hello, I subscribed to the youtube channel = trishden and I’m trying to learn all I can about photography. Thanks for the giveaway!

    • Trish F

      I tweeted on Twitter here:
      not sure if I am supposed to leave a comment here for that.

    • Trish F

      Tweeted the second tweet here:

  455. Luis E.

    Youtube: LREspino

    And I love Bacon

  456. Shan Su

    Just wondering is HDR photos is a trend in wedding photography??

  457. marcel bauer

    youtube: marcel bauer, from Seattle, weather is actually decent today…the presets F’in rock, can’t get enough of SLR lounge!!

  458. Jose Rojas

    Youtube: JoeRed
    Snail feet do not in fact taste like chicken.

  459. Adrian DeJesus
    ^^^^ I guess it’s this…?!? I don’t really post videos. Ever. But I have a channel because Google gave me one :-D

    My fish tank’s water is evaporating quickly and the filter makes it sound like a tiny waterfall

  460. Szolosi Zsombor

    Youtube: zsombee11, the weather is beautiful in Romania, lets take some pictures!

  461. Paulben81

    Paul Hughes its a beautiful day in the neighborhood

  462. Yash

    youtube Name : Yashjpatel

    Its Summer here is NJ and get out and take some pictures. :)

  463. Martin

    yo quiero uno!!! saludos desde Argentina!!!

  464. Chris Mellon

    I would love to win this DVD on Couples Photography

  465. Hailey

    Youtube- Hailey Funk
    Your sight is invaluable to me :)

  466. Gaurav

    Youtube: gauravnaphray

    Jersey is down in dumps today. Throw some cheer :)

  467. Roger


    Dibs. Please.

  468. Kurk Rouse

    I hope some of these guys still purchased it even if they did not win . I am so pleased with this DVD.

  469. Jeff Lopez

    Youtube: Jeff Lopez
    I’ve had my eyes on this workshop for a long time, so if I don’t win it, I’ll probably buy it anyway :)

  470. Chad Clubb

    Youtube: Chad Clubb
    Thoughts: Weather forecast in San Francisco calls for rain but all I see is blue skies.. and the edge of the fog bank.

  471. Greg Faulkner

    missed out, oh well maybe next time

  472. Jeff Morrison

    Youtube: jeff morrison

  473. Carlo Valera

    Youtube: Carlo Valera (OR: wnt963 I don’t know if the youtube account is my Google + LOL)
    I really love your website, it has helped me a lot. I <3 SLRLounge

  474. Freddy Handa

    My YouTube name is: Freddy Handa
    My random thought of the day is: “after completing photography 101 workshop, I’m all set for NATURAL LIGHT COUPLES PHOTOGRAPHY workshop ;) bring it on…!”

  475. Priscilla Del Valle

    YouTube Name: Cillalatte
    Random Thought: Lounging at SLR lounge beacause I can’t get enough…

  476. DeMayne Earvin

    Youtube: DeMayneOne

    The grass is always greener to a closed eye

  477. Fabio Porta

    Youtube username: Fabio Porta
    Random Thought: hi everyone!

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