Lightroom Vintage Portrait Retouch Series – Part III of III Vintage Processing – Weekly Lightroom Edit – Episode 13

Lightroom February 25th 2012 12:34 PM One Comment


Welcome to Episode 13 of our Weekly Lightroom Edit. In this Lightroom video tutorial we are going to be working through the final part of our Vintage Portrait Retouch Series. In this tutorial, we will specifically be covering how to take our retouched image, and add vintage processing to turn it into a faded vintage style image.

Hope you all enjoy!

This video is part of a 3 part series, if you missed Part I or II check it out below:

Lightroom Vintage Portrait Retouch Series Part I – Color Correction
Lightroom Vintage Portrait Retouch Series Part II – Facial Retouch
Lightroom Vintage Portrait Retouch Series Part III – Vintage Toning (Current Article)

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