Lightroom 4 A-Z Guide Giveaway!

Giveaways May 21st 2013 10:56 AM 229 Comments


Last Week’s Winners – Congrats to Dennis Shem via his comment and Kristopher Lyon via his comment. for winning last week’s Giveaway for the HDR Workshop. Please email me at [email protected] to claim your prize!

Now On to the next one! This time, let’s give away the following


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Be sure to include: a) your name and b) a random thought!

Suggestions: the weather in your city, “hello,” what you are doing today.

That’s it! We’ll select 2 random winners (via a random number generator) at the contest’s end on May 29th, 2013 at 11:59pm. Winners will be announced and notified the following week.

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If you already own the prize and you win the contest, you’ll receive a gift credit in the amount of the retail value.

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See the trailer for the DVD below. The winner will be receiving the digital download of the product.



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  1. Aaron Best

    Aaron Best. I really should be doing exam revision.

  2. Jeff P K

    Jeff – It is hot and rainy in Memphis

  3. Quinton Hurst

    Quinton Hurst. Loving the rainy weather but not wanting to go anywhere. haha

  4. Sean Thurston

    Let’s go take some photos!

  5. Jon

    Hello.. I am eating a fish finger sandwich…

  6. Corrine

    Hello. It’s trying to rain at the moment.

  7. Michael Kern

    Michael Kern: Just so bad that summer seems so far away.

  8. kso721

    I <3's LR!!!

  9. An

    Be thankful for what you have … Keep Oklahoma in our prayers!

  10. Rolv Mallaug

    enjoying the midnight sun :)

  11. Rui Mendes

    Rui Mendes
    Awesome oportunity to get a LR4 Guide =D

    It’s a bit cold in Viseu, Portugal, btw =/

  12. Kellen

    Kellen Ainley

    My puppy was just edited in Lightroom!

  13. TerraWan

    Geoffrey Van Meirvenne
    Let the sun shine finally!

  14. Andrew Park

    Andrew Park

    Just ate chicken for lunch.

  15. Heather Hurley

    Heather H here from Alexandria, VA. Packing up and heading home from work.

  16. Kasper Hendriks

    What up y’all.

  17. Egardo Torres

    My prays to Oklahoma!

  18. ttp328

    Love your work and products, time to start new projects on a holiday weekend !

  19. Alexandra Gregor

    Alexandra Gregor

    Funny thing: Recently I talked to someone about learning some more about LR. I bought LR only half a year ago when I ordered the CS6 and also my DSLR and I’m amazed and yet still on a very low beginners level.

    By the way, we have a love couple behind our house – two ducks who love to take a walk in our backyard – ain’t that sweet?

  20. Kathy Koch

    Kathy “Cookie” Koch – Thoughts and prayers to all my friends and everyone else in Oklahoma.

  21. Adit Lal

    Adit Lal : This has been the best day .. Giveaway , hope i get it !!

  22. KC

    Katie Chen

    Getting ready to head out to work. Wish I could skip it and go shoot a sunset somewhere or something.

  23. Ryan Uemura

    Ryan Uemura

    Prayers go out to Oklahoma!

  24. Erickj

    Erick Jauregui

    I am just trying to get better at photography. so much to learn, so little time, such a small budget.

  25. Bryan Lowe

    Bryan Lowe

    Fantastic work guys! Love it.

  26. Chris Kimball

    Christopher Kimball

    Thinking about a cold root beer float right now. Maybe I could shoot it too…..

  27. David Stevens

    It’s a beautiful day just out shooting some pics.

  28. Dave Nunez

    Hello from Vancouver Island! The weather is miserable, but I have a full cup of coffee and hours of editing to do anyway :)

  29. Anthony Perlas

    Summer is in full bloom and is hot in Las Vegas. Which is brighter a lamp or Light Room? Bad joke, OK bye.

  30. Annie Au

    Annie Au
    Just want to learn a new program haha

  31. osc707

    a) oscar campos
    b) thank your for the great content you provide to the photography community and thanks for all the great giveaways!

  32. AnalogMachine

    A. S. Messaoudi

    And I’m switching to Capture One :P

  33. disqus_NSz0FYTjQ0

    Rob Tom – Los Angeles is just Los Angeles…

  34. Barry Bailey

    Barry – Bham, AL and wondering why I never win anything!!!

  35. Philipp Staudacher

    Phil Staudacher – Wondering when how long after the official LR5 release you’ll create a LR5 A-Z Guide ;)

  36. Michael D.

    Love your giveaways!

    Michael Damoulakis

  37. Áron Gilly

    Áron Gilly
    That’s it.

  38. kstacey

    Kevin Stacey and I really appreciate all the work you put into this site! The tips have helped me grow as a photographer.

  39. Haejong Gwon

    Tony Gwon – NJ. My office AC is broke today. :(

  40. odayja

    J O’Day –Partly cloudy and 57 degrees Farenheit

  41. Jeff Ernst

    Jeff Ernst
    Going to shoot tonight. Can’t wait

  42. Karl Pearce

    Karl Pearce.
    I should really be working at the moment, but the internet is distracting me.

  43. jimmyjam5877

    Thoughts and prayers for the victims of the Oklahoma tornado and their families.

  44. Andrew T. Bird

    Andrew Bird

    Just finished my first wedding shoot and going through 1,437 photos.

  45. Ben Greer

    Ben Greer. I need to learn how to use LR better!

  46. Tom Bogan

    Tom Bogan. I have been following the you tube videos and love what I have been learning.

  47. Fabio Robles

    Fabio Robles. Long time viewer, first time commenter. Thanks for having me on the board

  48. Beth Urlacher

    Beth Urlacher. Just got a new EOS 60D!!! So excited to use Lightroom with it.

  49. nayton_thunder

    Alexey Pashentsev. Cool stuff for free! THX

  50. Pam

    Oh bonny Edinburgh, you glow when the sun shines!

  51. Katey

    Thanks for the opportunity! Katey Grindle

  52. Erik

    Erik, great tutorials

  53. skwey

    Happy to have found the SLR Lounge! Learning a lot…

  54. Matthew Shipp

    Getting better at LR4 would be a nice bonus.

  55. Nikhil Shastri

    Nikhil Shastri. A single $ is a lot here in India (and we are cheap), forget $59 – Random Thought :P!

  56. Anonymous_Scouter

    Sean from WI.

  57. Natasha Glenn

    Natasha G. In the editing lab posting

  58. richardsonad

    Andrew. I have no random thoughts

  59. Don Nahhas

    It is sunny and 52 degrees right now, topping off at 75 today.
    Don Nahhas

  60. Clinton Webb

    Clinton Webb Lightroom 4, yep, I need help!

  61. vanessa foster

    thanks :) yes prayers to the tragety that happend this week and in boston a few weeks ago too

  62. Marsha Kesterson

    Marsha Kesteron. Love Lightroom!

  63. Deepanshu Arora

    Deepanshu Arora. A random thought is more random if you think it randomly at a random place at random time. :P

  64. Joshua Post

    Giveaway Lightroom 5 soon?

  65. Maja Diunar

    Maja Diunar; ……….Giveaway , hope i get it !!

  66. Adol

    Gerdie Hutomo, I’m going to win this ;p

  67. Bence

    Bence Barócsi

    And follow me here :

  68. Laura

    Laura Gallagher. The weather in boston is depressing this week.

  69. negroku

    René Valladares, greetings from chile!

  70. Samuel Rossi

    Sam Rossi here and I approves this message.

  71. Alexandros Tolios - Zisos

    Alexandros Tolios – Zisos, fingers crossed xD

  72. Christina D

    Christina D.
    Life is too short to sleep through every sunrise and sunset so I’m out shooting them instead.

  73. kendral

    My name is Kendra… There is ALWAYS hope!

  74. canative54

    John Rogers, Sure hoping to win this!!!

  75. celsey carlsen

    celsey carlsen – I hope I win!

  76. Elena

    Elena…Have a ball taking pictures of my 1 month old :)

  77. Joe Rivera

    Joe Rivera
    New York City
    80° and cloudy with a high chance of thunderstorms.

  78. mike stuart

    I could really use these!

  79. Greg_Keys

    Photography, VOIP, astronomy, scuba…… Got to quit picking up such expensive hobbies :)
    Greg Keys

  80. Chris Moraes

    Chris Moraes – sunny in California

  81. Shaun Poston

    Shaun Poston, Love the contests you guys put out!

  82. Amy Pannu

    Wish I could shoot more, right now!
    Amy Pannu

  83. Sharleen Callanan

    Keeping My fingers crossed:)Sharleen Callanan

  84. Koori

    amateur photographer, learning to see the light.

  85. Fred Muchmore

    Thought that I could go out today and shoot a few pictures however; the weather got so bad here today that I have to push this off. The forcast was 71 deg with sunshine and now its 48 deg and drissle, what a trun off…
    Fred Muchmore ,

  86. Erv

    Would LOVE to add this to my arsenal! I am ok with the program but this would take it to another level.

  87. ucfmat

    I can’t see the weather here…no windows in my area….booo. I imagine it’s nice outside though.

  88. rismit

    Its been so lonesome in the saddle since my horse died!

  89. tates11


    I’ve been eager to learn lightroom someday, this would be very helpful :)

  90. Alfonso Mercado


  91. Tate


    I’ve been eager to learn lightroom someday, this would be very helpful :)

  92. Heather

    It sure would be nice to win the lottery!

  93. Truelight

    I’m a Lightroom “noob” ready to achieve photographic excellence. ‘Prize me please! “

  94. MarkWmDwyer

    The desert sun is shining in Arizona!

  95. sanrtosh

    santosh- It rainy in here- Helsinki :(

  96. Melanie Fee

    OMGoodness, this would help me tons, thanks for the opp guys! P/S I live in beautiful Oregon… it’s raining.. lol)

  97. Lynsey

    needing Lightroom literacy please;)

  98. joelilawrence

    Just because you can’t do it today doesn’t mean you can’t do
    part of it today…and more of it tomorrow

  99. Judah Morales

    Kinda overcast in CO.

  100. Melanie Denis

    enjoying an afternoon off

  101. jo

    Josie… and I like turtles

  102. Emric

    Lightroom Rocks!!!

  103. Nichole Christian

    My name is Nichole Christian and my view through a camera lens is a unique perspective that can change with the snap of the button.

  104. Eduardo Mueses

    Eduardo – Today I enter the Spring of our Discontent…

  105. Tina Evans

    I am having a hard time with Lightroom right now, so, this would be perfect!

  106. Lisa Thebearfootbaker

    Baking a birthday cake wishing I was outside shooting some pictures.

  107. Big Brown Occulus

    BigHiggaHigga here. Getting ready for a great Memorial Day weekend!

  108. Pam

    Just shot thousands of pictures of my son’s High School Baseball team this spring and they made it through to the Quarterfinals in the state. I print pictures for all the boys and give them to them at their sports banquet. Too bad it didn’t end with a State Championship but it was a fun ride while it lasted. Go Indians!!! I use lightroom more and more since it’s easier to sort through hundreds of pictures of every game. I like to be able to tweak them in lightroom and export certain one for uploading and printing. Lightroom rocks!

  109. Vonda

    Lightroom all the way!

  110. Kathy Detweiler

    I love Lightroom Four but it does have a learning curve. :) I would love to learn how to use it more effectively.

  111. Jon Cope

    New to Lightroom, this would be a big help.

  112. Florin Gorgan

    Hi! I would love to win this DVD! Florin Gorgan here (laurentziu1993 on YouTube).

  113. Judy

    Judy- looking forward to taking the summer off.

  114. eaglei13

    Lightroom is my “go to” program of choice. I would love to learn how to use it better!

  115. Pat Collingwood

    it would be great to win this

  116. Gabriel Mora

    Gabriel VOX Mora … the light in the room a signal of what’s forthcoming

  117. Alesa Larsen

    Alesa Larsen, just returned from my son’s pre-k graduation. 4 year olds rock!

  118. Manlio Castillo

    pick me, pick me!

  119. ShanghaiTimes

    Hi from Quantum Radio – @ShanghaiTimes. Love these competitions

  120. Megan Parsons

    Megan Parsons, I love photography and taking photo’s is my true passion!

  121. Jim Templeton-Cross

    Random Thought…Learn more about Lightroom & when will the UK summer actually start?

  122. Cinthya Travis

    Without rain there is no rainbow…I don’t know where I saw that but I really like it.

  123. Hans

    Even on photo’s the sun isn’t always shining

  124. Stephen Schwerdfeger

    SLR Lounge, one of the best resources for photographers that want to improve their skills. Keep up the great work. Thank you.

  125. shoshibnoshi

    Hey! I’m Shauna Arrington and today I’m listening to a webinar on how to price your photography! it’s been really interesting

  126. Larry Wright

    It is a beautiful Thursday, and I can’t wait to get out to the bird aviary and take some pictures of the incredible birds!

  127. Mouhamad BZOu

    Random Thought., I really have to go out and shoot enough PC sitting

  128. Mouhamad BZOU

    Cheers guys , great stuff as always

  129. John-Claude Saltiel

    Great day to go explore the city and shoot – flat light on a cloudy day before a storm.

  130. Lisa Bridgen

    Is it Friday yet?!?!

  131. Eric Tran

    Eric Tran – I recently got lightroom and I LOVE it!!! I am trying my best to learn and would be cool to have some help from this giveaway! :D

  132. Laura LB Leiker Brown

    Hello, my riding mower makes my buns numb! Random enough?

  133. Ellie Arce

    I saved a kitten a month ago and I think it hates me..she keeps biting.

  134. KRush Photography

    Cindy Palmer – Wooohooooo! I love SLR Lounge!

  135. George Martin

    George Martin— Time for a second chapter in my life. Photography engulfs me!

  136. Lilygreen Photography

    Wendy Lilygreen, There is plenty of room in my head for learning, it’s pretty light in there!!

  137. Hmorgan13

    Heather Morgan – Boy is it windy here in MA!

  138. Tanya Phillips

    You guys are awesome, thanks!! Random thought, I planted sunflower seeds, and have my first flower, yay! :D

  139. Lindsay Hubbard Burnett

    Lindsay Burnett – I think my tree got hit by lightning!

  140. JohnLobban

    Here’s my comment. JOHN LOBBAN Creative – NCISfanaticVIDEO on YouTube – JohnLobban JohnLobbanRADIO and NCISfanaticS on Twitter.

  141. april r

    April Reynolds I live in Oklahoma and yet again it is raining, Will it ever stop? the poor souls in Moore need a break!

  142. Giovanni Ianniello

    Giovanni Ianniello, and here still rains

  143. Leanne Moore

    Leanne Moore Its friday here today….so take a photo wwith the subject starting with f…..its foggy here today lucky :)

  144. Patrick Miller

    Patrick Miller If I win this, I will have to get Lightroom 4!

  145. John Goodman

    Luckily, this all work with the soon-to-be-released Lightroom 5, as well. :)

  146. Michael Dixon-Brooks

    Michael Dixon-Brooks and it’s raining in Seattle!

  147. Shaun Hussey

    I need the DVD!

  148. smordant

    Michael Dixon-Brooks and it’s raining in Seattle!

  149. Savannah Green

    Really could use more education on this subject! -Savannah Green

  150. MaryAnn Barry

    I could really use the tutorial!!!

  151. JoleneLeu

    Hi from cold wet Oregon

  152. Vicki I.

    Hello from beautiful, sunny (for now) Colorado!

  153. Omar Donez

    Hello from a pretty busy day in the office, but I really really wanto to win this one.

  154. Joseph Ngjyen

    Hello nothing to do college kid looking for something exciting to learn aka “Houston we got a problem Texas”

  155. Márcio Costa

    Hi there! Beautiful sunset outside and I’m going out to take some pictures!
    See you! Márcio Costa

  156. saladgoddess

    Hello from MN.

  157. Melinda

    Keeping my fingers crossed that I get lucky and win the guide…the 29th is my birthday!

  158. Allan & Lisa Mueller

    It’s finally not raining in Knoxville, TN, but I am still inside editing. Allan Mueller with ALM Photo.

  159. Tatton

    rains on the circus every night in Mexico City, wetting our elephants but they don’t seem to mind.

  160. Mike Teng

    8 months of rain and another weeks to go

  161. cspmom

    Jennifer Pellicone I am blessed!

  162. Ralph Rotton

    Hi from Down under (In Australia) the world looks strange from down here he he he

  163. Patoche

    Patrice love to put my hand on that guide , really need help with that lightroom 4

  164. breiff

    Beautiful Foggy morning. Bill Reiff

  165. Tom

    Beauty can be seen in all things.

  166. Joe Aragon

    a.) Joe Aragon b.) “Content is King…” Keep up the solid work, bringing good content to photographers.

  167. Rob Fite

    Rob Fite — Is summer ever going to come Cincinnati?

  168. Tom

    Rainy days in Oregon

  169. Ednil

    Ednil Magdaleno
    Very hot morning here in the Philippines.

  170. Kristen McFeeters

    Recital weekend is almost here, lots of pictures to take.

  171. Mike Spencer

    Your’s is one of my favorite photography sites

  172. Eric Rather

    Getting ready to take our high school youth group on our first international mission trip….too Haiti!!

  173. Tyler Walker

    We just found out that my wife is pregnant with a BOY!

  174. Clair Sam

    Looking forward to a lovely weekend with my hubby and dogs

  175. Rodrigo Lanna

    Starting to pack. Moving to a new city, starting at a new job!

  176. Guest

    i love SLR Lounge i learned so much thank you

  177. marlon mckoy

    marlon mckoy:i love SLR Lounge i learned so much thank you

  178. colin

    Colin; Love SLR Lounge

  179. Danielle Touchstone

    Danielle Touchstone: Red Popsicles are the best!

  180. klockheed

    Micah Burke: 5.7 earthquake in northern california, baby!

  181. Anoop

    Anoop Prasanna here! Great forum and look forward to winning a Great DVD!

  182. JR Walkenhorst

    JR Walkenhorst: 3-day weekend coming up!

  183. RC Ed

    RC Eden: It’s my birthday in seven days!

  184. Jackie

    Jackie Smith

    I had a tooth extraction today, but I’m not in pain…yet!

  185. Cecilia Mitre

    Cecilia Mitre
    Can’t wait to get my new camera in the mail!

  186. Joseph Godlewski

    Joseph Godlewski…Will summer never get here? It’s bloody cold here in the UK midlands.

  187. Morten Watkins

    HI! My name is Morten Watkins.
    I was recently surprised to see what flickr have done to upgrade their website. Still can’t get rid of the new fancy flowery banner they’ve given me at the top of my photostream! Not sure what I think – but clearly need some instructions…liiiike that good looking Lightroom 4 DVD guide to go with my recently purchased copy of Lightroom 4!

  188. Pawel Wiktor

    Pawel Wiktor, hello, good luck to everyone (and myself, of course!):D

  189. Albert Arauz

    Damn hot here in Miami

  190. Gjergji Bullari

    Gjergji Bullari
    Will I ever get the money to upgrade my equipment. ugh

  191. Shan Su

    Good day from Shan Su in Auckland New Zealand! Just been back from Queenstown trip down in the South Island, it was so amazing!! Guys if you are looking for a spot to travel to for beautiful views and absolute relax, make Queenstown one of your checklist!

  192. Xavier Bambú Locquet Vandenber

    xavier locquet a froggy living on an iceberg(helsinki)
    i am seriously considering wearing an orange tutu for my next assinement… hopefully this is a kiddo’s birthday party and not an international conference on economic subject.

  193. Connie Fontenot

    It’s cool and rainy here today. I’ll be staying inside.
    Connie Fontenot

  194. spog777

    I wonder when it rains do snails catch colds
    Mick Gillies

  195. Pedro

    Reading a book. It’s raining today.
    Pedro Ângelo

  196. Carri Behal

    Wishing that nachos were considered a healthy lunch option.

  197. Brian

    I’m watering my garden today.

  198. Michael Tsitas

    A smurf visited me today at work! Everything felt blue!

  199. Doug Gandle

    It’s been cloudy all week… and all I want to do is take a sunny photo!

  200. Sean Pynaert

    It’s cold here in Sarnia 5 degrees, going down to 2 tonight. Hope it doesn’t freeze!

    sean pynaert

  201. Name

    Traveling this week and haven’t found any good photo ops.

  202. Ellen Bridge

    Ellen Bridge here….and I’m hungry!

  203. Larry Henley

    Just Larry Henley

  204. LT

    i could definitely use this! im a photographer my self! Lyn

  205. Sam Cheng

    Sam Cheng.. hoping that I can be lucky enough to win because I’m a big fan of SLR Lounge

  206. Rachel Bowlin

    I would love to with this!

  207. Ada H

    Hope I’m lucky enough to win….I’m still sleepy enough to enter :)
    Ada Hui

  208. Dena W

    Hoping for a beautiful day in OK!

  209. Stew

    Show Me the Movie!


  210. acolby315

    The trailer looks great!

  211. Gaby Voina

    Lucky for me.

  212. Nick

    Such nice weather in Britain today.

    Nick Hodge

  213. Steve Sjoberg

    Editing portraits today.

  214. Jill Lyman

    Summer Vacation = more time to learn what I want!

  215. Chong Zhi Rui

    I love summer!

  216. Andreea Isbinda

    Waiting for the sun…

  217. Kuber Mehrotra

    Kuber Mehrotra: Need to organize my photos!!!

  218. Carol Langston

    Carol Langston – need serious help

  219. Terri Strickland

    Terri Strickland. Random thought…art is never finished only abandoned

  220. Sorin Zaburda

    Sorin Zaburda. I`m really tired :)

  221. Athena T. Thomas

    Athena T. Thomas. I agree with Sorin. I’m really tired, too. zzz

  222. Lauri Svendsen

    Lauri Svendsen – editing, editing, editing!

  223. Natalie

    Natalie Wahl We are moving!

  224. John Duffy

    John Duffy. I need this! Just bought LR4 and am a bit lost :)

  225. Jay Robinson

    Jay Robinson. Traveling all day is horrible. CT to PA and back.


    wow, Lightroom does my head in.

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