Creating a Scene and Lighting it on a Budget (a Home Depot Budget) – Lighting Tutorial

Lighting Tips August 16th 2011 11:34 AM 8 Comments


For some of the upcoming SLR Lounge videos, I thought it would be nice to have an actual area of our studio dedicated to recording our tutorials and videos. However, there was slim pickings given that pretty much every other area of our studio and warehouse is in use already. So, I was left with the back garage door entrance of our warehouse to setup our scene.

So, in this Behind the Scenes video tutorial I am going to show you guys how to build a set with virtually nothing, and then light the entire set with less than $130 worth of lighting products, all of which (except the scrim) was purchased at Home Depot.

Our shot from the final scene is shown below, and the behind the scenes video is just below that.


Here is the video, enjoy guys! For the written version of this tutorial, please visit the exclusive written article provided to our partners Digital Photography School.

Post Production Pye
SLR Lounge Senior Editor
Partner of Lin and Jirsa Photography



Pye (AKA Post Production Pye) is a founder and the Managing Editor for SLR Lounge. Pye is also a Partner of Lin and Jirsa Photography, an Orange County based wedding, engagement and portrait photography studio. Connect with him on Google Plus


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  2. Christy

    Thanks for the BTS video. Very cool. I don’t have one of those screens to filter out the light. Do you have any alternative suggestions to make your own screen on a budget? Thx.

    • Robertcampbell001

      If you’re talking about the diffuser, you can pick up a 5-in-1 on eBay for less than $30.

    • Payam Jirsa

      Yeah, wouldn’t make sense doing a DIY scrim. Every 5 in 1 includes them, and a 5 in 1 you can get for $30 or less as Robert said. 

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  5. Deirdre Ryan Photography

    Very nice, I would’ve liked to see a little more light om his face. 

  6. Graham Curran

    Neat, I have three or four halogen worklights just collecting dust in my garage.

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