Interview with Radio Popper – WPPI 2011

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Radio Popper is a maker of wireless radio transmitters used to control off-camera flashes. However, when we learned exactly how Radio Poppers worked and what they could do, we felt like we just had to get an interview with Kevin and Matt, the Founder and VP of Radio Popper.

What we love about Radio Poppers is that unlike other radio transmission devices on the market, Radio Poppers are designed to work along with your camera’s native flash functionality. That means that you can still use all of the same standard Master/Slave functionality (flash power/compensation control, high-speed sync, ETTL, etc) built into your flash system, but now you can do it up to several hundred feet away!

Oh yeah, most important, it works consistently! Check out the interview, and don’t worry, we are working our magic with Kevin and Matt to get our hands on some of these little guys for some awesome reviews for you all, enjoy!

Learn more about Radio Popper by visiting their website by clicking here.

Interview by Pye Jirsa
SLR Lounge Senior Editor
Partner ofLin and Jirsa Photography



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