How to Properly Wrap a Cable

Gear & Apps December 8th 2012 12:50 PM One Comment

I know this article maybe seems silly. But, as photographers, we have tons of electronics and thus we also have tons of CABLES! In fact, we have 4 boxes of miscellaneous wrapped cables in the studio. From network cables to video cables, extension cords, power cords, etc.

Here is a simple video showing how to properly wrap a cable so that it doesn’t snag or create knots when being pulled out. He demonstrates with a video cable, but this handy dandy trick will work for any long cable! He even goes through a neat trick at the end to pull out knots when you do get them.

Here is one other simple tip from us at SLR Lounge. Did you know that Amazon actually sells most common types of electronics cables under their own Amazon brand? They are referred to as Amazon Basics Cables. They are inexpensive, decent quality, and come in frustration free packaging. Be sure to check there first before paying 3-4 times as much for the same cable elsewhere.

A couple simple and hopefully helpful tips for your Saturday. Enjoy ;)



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One Comment

  1. Chuck Eggen

    So simple yet a great tip. Keep them coming.

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