HDR Photography Workshop Giveaway!

Giveaways May 13th 2013 10:39 AM 161 Comments


Last Week’s Winners – Congrats to Chloe Ma via her comment and David Lees via his comment. for winning last week’s Giveaway for the Lightroom Presets. Please email me at [email protected] to claim your prize!

[FAQ: What is HDR Photography? | HDR Tutorial]
Now On to the next one! This time, let’s give away the following


How Do I Enter?

Entering is easy! Just follow the steps below:

1) Subscribe to our Youtube Page:

2) Comment below

Be sure to include: a) your name and b) a random thought!

Suggestions: the weather in your city, “hello,” what you are doing today.

That’s it! We’ll select 2 random winners (via a random number generator) at the contest’s end on May 19th, 2013 at 11:59pm. Winners will be announced and notified the following week.

ADDITIONAL ENTRIES: Gain 1 additional entry by following SLR Lounge on Twitter and tweeting any of the following:

  • “GIVEAWAY for the @HDR Workshop collection by @slrlounge http://bit.ly/YF9u3Q”
  • “Check out this giveaway for the @HDR Workshop collection by @slrlounge http://bit.ly/YF9u3Q”

What If I already own it?

If you already own the prize and you win the contest, you’ll receive a gift credit in the amount of the retail value.

What Exactly Do I Get?

See the trailer for the DVD below. The winner will be receiving the digital download of the product.



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  1. Sean Thurston

    I like it here… time to make myself at home. *takes off jacket*

  2. Kristopher Lyon

    It is hot today. Kris Lyon

  3. osc707

    Oscar Campos
    I’d love to learn some HDR, when done right it looks fantastic

  4. Michael Dixon-Brooks

    Michael Dixon-Brooks and it isn’t raining in Seattle.

  5. smordant

    Michael Dixon-Brooks and it isn’t raining in Seattle.

  6. Sean Matthew Rozboril

    I have dabbled in HDR and have enjoyed it!

  7. Lee Sadler

    Am I doing it right?

  8. Tommy Botello

    Tommy Botello
    Keep up the wonderful content!

  9. niko koliqi

    I’ve returned from a class of german and a thought of winning this software really crossed my mind :)

  10. Jon Ellis

    Hello. Thinking about upgrading my camera to a canon 650d or a 700d…

  11. Guest

    It is overcast skys in Charleston, SC, and I really love free workshops.

  12. Kyle Dillon

    Kyle Dillon, It is overcast skys in Charleston, SC, and I really love free workshops.

  13. bibousiq

    Nice giveaway ! I’m saying this from Courbevoie, a little town very next to Paris, France. It’s quite cold today (17°C), hope the sun will be back soon !

  14. Aska Nag

    Good suggestion.
    Have a nice day and best regards!

  15. Ryan Riegner

    I’ve had my eye on this for a while. Winning it would be awesome.

  16. nayton_thunder

    cool staff giveaway! yeha!!! – Alexey

  17. Tony Pardi

    HDR is legend – wait for it- dary!!

  18. Smashwell Raxy

    Would love to learn more about HDR… Techniques I’m using probably aren’t the industry standard anymore. Would love to win it!

    -Maxwell Rasche

  19. Codrin Gomoiescu

    cool weather for a cool place

  20. Mirza Buljusmic

    Lousy spring, HDR weather

  21. Ryan Yoast

    Hello, Studying for my Chemistry class!

  22. Roy Marecki

    Roy Marecki – It’s sunny and beautiful in Cincinnati!

  23. Jordan Borrowman

    My name is Jordan Borrowman, and I’ve always wondered, “Why am I so beautiful?”.

  24. Tommy Loke

    Giveaway? Hell yeah. HDR like a boss.

  25. Jeanne

    Jean Pickles :) Waiting for the nicer weather to come….

  26. rhodt99 .

    Rhod Thomas, Do chickens have Talons?

  27. Marcel Bauer

    decent weather, today so far here in Seattle

  28. Stefano Tealdi

    hope to win in order to finally learn how to make a non-fake hdr :) http://www.stefanotealdi.com

  29. Philipp Boulanov

    Philipp Boulanov.
    I looooove these contests! I love to get to learn something new that I haven’t tried before!

  30. Jason E Woods

    Jason E Woods: Cur: Cloudy, 10.9 C, W 13 km/h, 100.6 kPa rising, RH 43%. Tue 14: A mix of sun and cloud, Hi 19 C, Lo 8 C, UV 6/high, AQHI 3.

  31. Rahul Abedin

    Hello from rainy (surprised?) Vancouver!

  32. Kyle Miller

    Beautiful day here in Tallahassee, FL!

  33. Christina Spritzendorfer

    Christina Spritzendorfer : Finally it’s sunny outside! :) Too bad that I need to learn and cannot be in the mountains! :(

  34. Alexandra Londono

    Alexandra Londono, very cold for a spring day….but I hope to win.

  35. Primoz Kovacic

    Primoz Kovacic – I’m off to take some photos.

  36. Abbi Dusing

    Abbi Dusing–This is one delicious cheese pizza

  37. Chrysta Daniels

    Chrysta Daniels – Sunny but cold

  38. Cookie Koch

    Kathy “Cookie” Koch, A perfect view of today looking through the viewfinder! Good Morning world!

  39. JC Vogt

    JC Vogt, I just woke up from a nightmare.

  40. Kashia

    Kashia Vice

    The weather is lovely outside. :)

  41. Daren Tatham

    Daren Tatham – I LOVE LAMP!

  42. Gustavo Zanin

    Gustavo Zanin

    Cloudy day but with a shy sun. Hope it can dry the water for a evening outdoor basketball game.

    See ya.

  43. Cindy O'Neil

    Hi! Went from a beautiful Mother’s Day wearing a sleeveless shirt to 50 degree weather and wearing a jacket in Connecticut. Something is wrong with this picture. My favorite thought is something my mother taught me. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

  44. Cuitlahuac Santoyo

    slr Lounge insightful and useful photographic and cinema knowledge for all. Thanks, keep on doing a good job! Cuitlahuac Santoyo, Mexico City.

  45. Emil Buhat

    Buhat Emil Nicusor

    I love to make HDR photo.
    Great photo from my town.

  46. Sarra

    Sarra Nelson. I recently bought the Presets System, and it is AMAZING!

  47. Michael Mercouri

    mike mercouri I had a camera but then it picked me ip and started pressing my buttons….

  48. Wade Henderson

    Wade Henderson. Working tonight, would much rather be out photographing something

  49. Bill Keel

    Bill Keel. Sunny and warm in Anaheim

  50. Pradeep Ghildiyal

    Pradeep Ghildiyal: Let me take some pics :)

  51. Deep

    Pradeep Ghildiyal: Let me take some pics :)

  52. Haejong Gwon

    Tony Gwon: Sunny day! :D

  53. Michael Kern

    Michael Kern: I’m just done after spending the whole day working in the garden.

  54. Ilias Katsouras

    Ilias Katsouras
    Today i saw the puffiest cloud on a blue sky!

  55. Mike Perez

    cool with a slight overcast in CT.

  56. aloykatos

    Angelo loykatos, AMAZING!

  57. Connie Martens Bocsik

    Connie Bocsik, Mmmmm it feels like summer!

  58. jt3020

    jeff bagwell, Just finished installing a new hand strap on my camera!

  59. Aaron

    Aaron Tamayo – This would be great to watch while my infant takes her naps, well, I could dream.

  60. Erich

    Heatin’ up here in Iowa… :)

  61. MarkWmDwyer

    Comment done!

  62. Adam Colby

    Adam Colby – HDR Photography is a great way to explore the details in a scene both during and after the shoot.

  63. jimmyjam5877

    Jimmy Arcade – Does the rain in Spain fall mainly in the plain or is it that the plain just collects more rain than the hilly and mountainous areas in Spain?

  64. Royce Ramirez

    Royce Ramirez, Thank you in advance :)

  65. Nicole G

    Nicole Lynn Gonzales: It was 90 degrees outside today!

  66. Erik

    Erik, helllo……

  67. Dare K-Johnson

    Dare K-Johnson.

    Getting rid to maximize some available light!

  68. Shannon Lee Miller

    I am currently in the process of learning HDR photography. We’ll see how it goes.

  69. Rickc Smith

    Rick Smith Have a fun day!

  70. Abdul Hadi

    Mohammed Hadiyousufi. Boo Bee Bop!

  71. David Pérez Canal

    David Perez acting as a parent, what happens in cold gout

  72. Jim Brown

    The weather is finally getting nice here in OH – IO.

  73. Tony Guillaro

    My name is Tony G and I like Turtles

  74. Kathy O

    Kathy O, here! I’m addicted to Candy Crush…

  75. Talex

    Hello everybody! Its a beautiful crisp sunny day here today in western Newfoundland, terrific day for outdoor activities.

  76. Pamela Quillen Weatherly

    Hi! It’s a beautiful day here in Michigan sunny & in the 80’s!!!

  77. Erik Farago

    Erik Farago – The birds are singing, the sun is shining.

  78. Aion Noia

    Thank you, this is great!

  79. MountainCat

    ( Lori P. ) Waiting for showers and/or thunderstorm at the foot of the Rockies. My day has yet to reveal itself. Following and Tweeted on Twitter.

  80. Aunt_Flo

    Michelle Grove: I have to go grocery shipping.

  81. Hmorgan13

    Heather Morgan: it’s a beautiful day today here in MA.

  82. Todd Wieder

    Todd Wieder says “the cow goes ‘mooo!’.

  83. Liam J. Holland

    Liam J. Holland (YouTube: EarthPrime1)
    …I have a piece of peanut stick in my teeth…

  84. chris stegner

    This would be awesome to win. I’m looking do do more HDR, but I want it as “real” looking as possible without it looking over-cooked!

  85. Omar

    Omar Donez…I’m not pretty much into HDR, but who care’s what I like?!

  86. Will Rodgers

    HDR is great when done tastefully!

  87. Bryan Steffen

    Smile! It makes people wonder what you’re up to.

  88. RC

    Crazy weather makes for bad sinuses!

  89. Rex

    Rex Clair. I like windmill shaped cookies.

  90. Michael Randall

    would be great to learn more hdr tricks…

  91. Jerome de la Cruz

    Jerome A. de la Cruz, it’s gloomy “hello!” ^_^ trying to get a freebie…

  92. nikon_shaun

    Many thanks to SLRLounge for teaching me so much You guys are awesome!

  93. Eric Reardon

    Eric cold out this morning 4 ℃. Collecting pop bottles to get some extra money. Pain is is just a annoyance.

  94. Sean Waiss


  95. laura fuller

    Its sunny and hot in South Florida.

  96. Tina Turner

    Tina Turner: lovin life

  97. Steve Holloway

    Steve H here in the uk its grey and cloudy today, ” I thought the bubbles would have been purple”

  98. ParthibanT

    Had a great day Today

  99. Victor Galbraith

    Victor, almost lunchtime and I am hungry for a burger!

  100. Dennis Shem

    Dennis Shem. Just finished a Physics Final!

  101. Greg Henry

    Greg Henry here… “A wise man said that he who farts the loudest, has the most peaceful life”.

  102. Atlanta Owner

    Greg Henry here… “A wise man said that he who farts the loudest, has the most peaceful life”.

  103. Chantelle James

    I enjoy lazy days.

  104. Waltnetto

    Oh, go make a photograph!

  105. Lisa

    This looks awesome! =)

  106. Christopher Leung Cheun

    Christopher Leung Cheun, Im really want to Learn HDR photography techniques form A to Z

    Its Raining in my country

  107. Amy Jett

    drivers license renewed — on to some editing this afternoon! – amy jett

  108. Sheila

    HDR would be so cool!! Great idea, and thanks for the opportunity to possibly win.

  109. LCD

    Looks like fun. Cloudy and 81 degrees here near the TN Smokies.

  110. Nicholas Alcock

    Is f4 instead off f2.8 good enough with today’s low light capabilities off modern DSLR’s?? Theses lens’s are cheaper and lighter to carry around as well.

  111. Judson LeRoi

    Judson LeRoi, spring flowers will look great in HDR!

  112. Aniruddha Barapatre

    Aniruddha Barapatre
    Will be a nice thing to learn…

  113. Aniruddha

    Aniruddha Barapatre
    Will be a nice thing to learn…

  114. Robyn Bird

    Robyn Mumford, would love to get this before I try my hand at HDR sunrises and sunsets on Oahu starting May 29!!!!! Bring on the beach!!!!

  115. Brad Robinson

    Who is Clara Oswin Oswald?

  116. Fabio Machado

    Fabio Machado
    Greetings from a sunny day at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  117. David Mc

    David Mc
    Jesus Christ is Lord!

  118. Emily

    Emily Jilka
    … Cheesecake is amazing!!! 0.0

  119. Temuulen B.

    Temuulen Baigalmaa, :-)

  120. Martin Quinlan

    Today in South Guildford, Western Australia the sun is shining as the day warms up, I am taking my camera with me when I walk the dog to get some pictures of him.

  121. MaxHedrm

    How random is random? Scott Cook…

  122. Justin Farrell

    Justin is my name. I learned that the Spanish word for ‘wait’ and ‘hope’ is the same – esperar

  123. martin lechon

    One day i will goto New Zealand and watch flightless birdies

  124. Fran Pike

    My name is Fran. I planted my vegetable garden today.

  125. John Rogers

    My name is John Rogers and I took some great pics today of Poppy Anemones.

  126. tweetyscute

    Theresa Janke and I am super bored

  127. tweetyscute


  128. Elizabeth Scott Pool

    I feel like a sponge soaking up the knowledge presented in DVD’s and articles. I would love to dive into this one! Sessions have been difficult here lately as one minute we are having floods, then the next it is either freezing or sizzling!

  129. Joseph Godlewski

    Lovin photography. Just wish I could win the Euro Millions so I could buy Canon’s new 200 – 400 lens.

  130. Jon Terje Tjorhom

    Bad weather for photography here today, wind and rain and 9,3 degrees C.

  131. KC

    My dream is to travel and take pictures of the world.

  132. Fanny Indrawati

    Hi… my Line’s ID : fanny170277 :)

  133. CF

    Its the weekend :D yeah, Yvonne Kristel

  134. Mark Teague

    If you put your ear up to a strangers leg, you can hear them say, ‘What are you doing!’

  135. pjn

    Nose to the light!

  136. Marc-A Lacourse

    Just impressive shot, need to se your workflow !!!

  137. Shannon C.

    Hi! My back itches!

  138. Traffic Minder

    Worked our gallery today. Lost sale due to artist not pricing work. Boss said I should have sold to for .2r cents.

  139. Curtis Wise

    Hello, it’s a great day to win free stuff.

  140. Vlad Moldovean

    free stuff is good but when it’s free quality stuff is great!

  141. Phil S

    Phil S. says, tried to shoot bumblebees today. They’re hard to shoot.

  142. R

    Hola, my name is Rachel. All my friends drive a low rider.

  143. Tyler Dretke

    I love SLR Lounge, and I would really love free SLR Lounge stuff!

  144. Tyler

    I love SLR Lounge, and I would really love free SLR Lounge stuff!

  145. Eyal Vadai

    Looks like a great giveaway. Hope to win.
    Eyal Vadai

  146. vinay

    hello, what you are doing today.

    Looks like a great giveaway.
    Thank You.

    • vinay

      Shared on twitter


  147. Correlli

    Great giveaway!

  148. Nick

    Random Thought: Why do small children find the camera bag the most comfortable place to sit?
    Nick Hodge

  149. Linda Zitnik

    I want to win this one ! :)

  150. yoko furukawa

    yay, giveaway.


  151. Mark

    Better late than never…

  152. odayja

    J. O’Day –I’m fine, how are you?

  153. Jo

    Hi I’m Josie. Today is so gloomy. Brighten it up for me

  154. John Goodman

    I’ve never done HDR Photography, but after watching the Great Gatsby, I want to learn! :)

  155. Brendon Ericson

    Have yet to fully embrace HDR, but would love to dive head in.. crossing fingers

  156. Lauri Svendsen

    Lauri Svendsen – Love HDR – need to learn how to do this properly

  157. Bob Simmons

    Bob Simmons – The weather here was crazy.

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