DHL Takes Hilarious Measures To Ship Simple Nikon Charger…

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Have you ever wondered why it costs so much to ship packages internationally? Well, if you use DHL, it may be because they take their packaging to the extreme.

Owners at a camera store placed an order for your standard Nikon charger, a NH65. Now, here in America when you order a small product you expect it to arrive in a small to medium sized box. What actually arrived at this camera store was beyond normal, bordering on hilarious. I could explain it further, but just watch the video…

A single Nikon charger, inside of a medium sized box, on top of a pallet, wrapped in plastic. While I am impressed at the lengths taken to make sure that this charger arrived in working order, this has got to be some sort of joke.


The craziest packaging that I have ever experienced was when I received the Canon 400mm F/2.8 to review from B&H. That was a box within a box, with the lens inside of what looked ot be a bomb proof pelican case.But then, that was a $13,000 lens. This was a tiny battery charger…

Raise your hand if you are sitting here shaking your head…


What are your thoughts on these DHL shenanigans? What is the craziest packaging that you have ever received? Leave a comment below!

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  1. Nate Dwy

    No suprises here the courier companies charge by weight or cbm which ever works to the highest price.

  2. Cy Sawyer

    Got to be some good humoured DHL employees at work here LOL.

  3. Servando Miramontes

    This has to be a joke…. and if it isn’t…. it is…. Jesus…..

  4. James Matthews

    I ordered about 50 CMOS batteries from Dell once for an office update. Each one came in a little plastic bag, wedged between 2 large pieces of foam inside a box that was approx 11″ x 8.5″ x 2″. I got 50 of those boxes, packed inside of 4 larger boxes!

  5. Bogdan Boeru

    And to think I’m waiting for a 1.2m (4ft) long slider that’s going to be shipped through them. I’m guessing it will take some time, because they’ll most likely be packing it inside a container and shipping it by cargo ship… that’s protected by 5 destroyers and an aircraft carrier.

    Not bad for $50 shipping, to be honest.

    This would work well here:


    this is unbelievabe

  7. Ben Greaves

    Wasn’t this for a battery not a charger?

  8. Peter Nord

    Not so hilarious. Think about the shipping process. We have no information about the shipper or how many cartons the shipper might have sent to DHL that day. Let’s assume at the DHL forwarding point a number cartons for the same destination city were placed on that skid and shrink wrapped. On reaching the destination point the skid is opened, the various cartons send to wherever. The carton in question most likely was for a near destination. It was stuck back on the skid with the rest of the shrink wrap taped over. Why, because the destination facility has to get rid of those skids and packing material. What better way than to send the whole mess off. Otherwise, think of the skids and packing materials that will pile up at that facility as they process a number of plane loads each day. Now it’s not so funny. Of course why the small MH-65 charger was in such a large carton is another question. Perhaps the shipper stocks a limited number of sizes of master cartons. Does it work that way? Why not ask DHL.

  9. Tom Bogan

    All carriers charge by volume and weight. Such a small item needed some volume to get the shipping costs right in line.

  10. Phil Bautista

    Meanwhile, over at UPS…

  11. Peter-Jon Harding


  12. Steven Lelham

    They had a lot of time on their hands…

  13. Austin Swenson

    Saw this, thought maybe it was troll bait, but I guess they take battery charging very seriously.

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