Here at SLR Lounge, we strive to provide the photography community with free resources and inspiration. We also hope to generate conversation while facilitating the distribution and sharing of creativity and ideas. However, an unfortunate side-product of the modern day means of content distribution is intellectual theft by people without the ability or commitment to create something original. While we encourage discussion and sharing content, we have established rules to protect our content against theft as follows:

Content Usage

While the ideas presented on SLR Lounge are not owned by anyone, the expression of these ideas via the textual content is property of SLR Lounge. Do not copy, word-for-word, any of the content on SLR Lounge for your own website without direct consent from SLR Lounge, unless you are you using it as a reference and granting credit to SLR Lounge. Also, do not present identical or near-identical information without the consent of SLR Lounge. To contact SLR Lounge, please email

Video Usage

Our images fall under the Creative Commons License. You are free to use the images as long as they remain unaltered and link credit is given back to SLR Lounge.

Video Usage

You are free to use the videos on SLR Lounge as long as they remain unaltered and link credit is give back to SLR Lounge.

Blog Theme and Plugin Usage

You are free to use the free resources, such as the blog themes and the plugins. You are also free to alter these resources. However, you are not allowed to remove any link credit given to SLR Lounge or its partners; and you are not allowed to distribute these resources for profit.