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The Art of a Sales Call - What to Say When Contacting a Potential Client

The art of the sales call: an essential lesson on what to say when contacting potential clients
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How to Increase Your Skills and Profit with Personal Photography Projects

Fall back in love with photography and grow your business by doing a personal side project!
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The Business of Photography: Friends With Benefits

The latest "Business of Photography" article explores Friends with Benefits and how to actually call them. In a business sense of course.

Review: Why Every Photographer Should Use Contracts|The Law Tog Portrait Bundle

Making everyone sign a contract was a lesson I learned the hard way. Every photographer should use contracts. In this article, we review the Portrait Contracts Bundle from The...

Social Media for Photography: 5 Reasons Why Every Photographer Should Use 500px

When it comes to growing your business, social media can be really helpful to get potential customers. This article is a part of a larger series, aimed to educate and provide...
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The Business of Photography: Be Remarkable. Build Fans. Get Clients.

In the first article, we covered some basics in the business process and how it will affect your business. Let's figure out some ways to build your brand and get more clients.

How Body Language Can Help You Achieve The Perfect Shoot & Optimize Your Business

Take direct advice from a pro on how body language will benefit your photography, and how to wield it to get the most from your shoots, clients, and yourself.

Photo Business Niche That's Growing Fast | Birthing Photography

There are a group of photographers, who exist in their daily lives, more akin to an emergency room physician, than that of an artist. They book their vacation dates more...
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The Business of Photography: Start Doing More of What You Love

Do not read if you are afraid of running a successful photography business. This article will be an overview of the "The Business of Photography" series and the basic idea of...

Couples Threatened By Their Wedding Photographer Over Bad Reviews

Shockingly enough, this isn't the first time such a crazy story about wedding photography has been in the news:  A wedding photographer threatens to sue their client, because...

Copyright Infringement: How to Protect Yourself When You 'Work for Hire'

'Work For Hire' is a term all photographers should understand the implications of. It can help you know where you stand regarding copyrights on your work and avoid legal trouble...
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Four Things You Can Do When Your Wedding Prospect Stops Responding

We’ve all been there, your potential bride stops responding or taking your calls; never a good sign. Here are 4 things you can do when that happens.