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Kubota-2 shot light trick final

The 2 Minute Two-Shot Disappearing Light Trick by Kevin Kubota

Have you ever wanted to bathe your subject in soft, shapely light – achievable only via your handy-dandy portable soft box, but you also want to shoot the image with a wide...

A Simple Way to Change the Color of the Sky in Camera

Have you ever been excited to photograph someone around sunset only to discover that Mother Nature wasn’t playing nice? Instead of a beautiful sunset, you were dealt a grey...

Queen of Glamour Portraiture Sue Bryce Recreates Iconic Hollywood Images

Natural light photographer, Sue Bryce recreates iconic Hollywood images using famous female photographers to learn about studio lighting.

Behind the Scenes with Adobe and Benjamin Von Wong's Creative Voices Shoot

Go behind the scenes with Benjamin Von Wong for his shoot with Adobe.
USA American soccer fan face paint from USA photo by Monte Isom

The Making of High Energy Portraits of World Cup Soccer Fans | Monte Isom

Go behind the scenes with Monte Isom as he makes high energy portraits of World Cup soccer fans.

How To Make Realistic Lens Flares In Photoshop & In Camera

Phlearn's Aaron Nace shows how to make realistic lens flares in Photoshop, and I explain what they are and how they're formed in camera.

Making the Most of Studio Portraits with Limited Lighting Equipment | Joe MacNally

Joe McNally show us how to create beautiful studio portraits with limited lighting equipment.

Lunar Eclipse Star Trail - How We Shot It

The Photo (Click here to view a larger version!) The Equipment and Settings Nikon D5300 Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 @ 11mm Heavy, (very old) rock-steady Slik Tripod...

How You Shot It: "StudioFun" Kids Portrait by Jan Bon Jr.

How You Shot It is a series where you show us how you shot an image. Today's post comes from Jan Bon Jr. a photographer in Belgium, whose shot of his adorable daughter Fien,...
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YouTube Roundup: Best Wedding Photography Tutorials/Tips

Here's another week of Youtube videos that I've found while digging through our archives. If you don’t subscribe, head over to YouTube so you don’t miss any awesome content!...

How To Easily Add Copyright In Lightroom & In Camera

Copyright seems to be an ever growing concern for a lot of the photographic community. Lightroom makes it easy to apply it.
Pottery - final image

How You Shot It: Pottery Product Shoot

Today's How You Shot It post comes from David Hill, a photographer from the UK, who has only been shooting about 18 months. He specializes in portraits, but enjoys the challenge...