Gear Announcements


New Canon 50mm F/1.8 STM Is Now Available! | First Impressions

Yesterday afternoon we received our first shipment of the new Canon 50mm F/1.8 STM, and I was able to open one up to get some quick initial impressions.

Nikon Announces Hilariously Vague Firmware Update For D750

In an age where mirrorless camera makers release detailed firmware updates full of new features, updated features and bug fixes, we have come to expect a level of transparency...

RØDE VideoMic Pro Gets An Upgrade In Almost Every Way

Probably the most popular video mic, the RØDE VideoMic Pro gets a slew of physical and performance updates, and still remains affordable

Samsung Announces Another Major NX1 Firmware Update

Samsung is continuing to refine and perfect their flagship NX1 offering, today announcing their latest firmware update, version 1.3.

Panasonic G7 Officially Unveiled, A Mini GH4 On A Budget

The time for guesses and conjecture is over, the G7 is now official and we can see what Panasonic has come up with.

Fujifilm Expands Lens Lineup With New Fujinon XF 90mm F/2

Currently, probably the best lens lineup of any mirrorless system belong to Fuji, and tonight, it just got even better with the announcement of the new XF 90mm F/2 Macro lens.

This Is The New Fujifilm X-T10, Fuji's Answer to the A6000

We have been talking about the rumors regarding this camera for some time now, but the time for guesses and assumptions are over. Tonight, Fujifilm officially unveiled the new...

Tenba Packlite | New Lightweight, Collapsible, & Self-Stowing Camera Bags For Cheap

Tenba's new line, Packlite, aims to be a cost-effective and practical solution to a common problem most all photographers have.

Sigma Announces Pricing and Availability of DP0 Quattro

Sigma has announced the pricing and availability off their newest DP Quattro camera, the DP0.

Astrophotography Focused Nikon D810a Body Availability Announced

Nikon's astrophotography focused version of the D810, the D810a, finally has a shipping date. Originally announced back in February, the D810a has languished in limbo while...
Breakthrough X3 ND Filters

Breakthrough X3 ND Filters, Now Available at B&H

Successfully funded Kickstarter project, Breakthrough X3 ND Filters are now available through B&H.

Canon Releases New 7D Mark II Firmware Update, Fixes AF Issues

Canon has released a new firmware update for the 7D Mark II which addresses several issues that users have reported with the camera and its autofocus.