Gear Announcements


Pentax Announces New 'Prestige Edition' K-3, Best Looking K-3 Yet

Late last night, Pentax announced their latest special edition K-3 camera, the Prestige Edition.

New Hoya EVO Filters Repel Dust & Dirt To The Extreme

We have all been there, we take out a filter from its hiding spot in our bag only to see it covered in smudges and dust. It can be incredibly annoying how easily some filters...

Syrp's New Variable ND Filter Is Now Available

Syrp has been a Kickstarter success story if there ever was one. Ever since the successful funding of the Genie, the company has taken steps to expand. Recently, the company...

Hasselblad Announces New CFV-50c for V System Cameras

Sony's new Medium Format CMOS sensor is changing the MF world. Now, you can add yet another MF back, making use of that sensor to an ever growing list. Today, Hasselblad...

Nauticam Launches New RX100 M3 Underwater Housing

Nauticam, a company specializing in underwater housings for cameras has just announced their new underwater housing for the Sony RX100 M3 with the NA-RX100III.

Could MIOPS Be The High Speed Trigger For You?

There are a lot of trigger options on the market for anyone interested in giving the whole high speed photography genre a try. But a new Kicksrater project called MIOPS aims to...

New Pentax XG-1 Features 9fps, 52x Zoom for only $399

It's easy for professionals to scoffs at bridge cameras, but the fact is that they are actually becoming better and better. One such example of what looks to be a killer...

Metabones Announces New Mark IV Version Of EF to E Adapter

Metabones is known for their amazing lens adapters for various camera systems, but probably most well known for their speed booster adapters. The company has just announced the...

Google Adds Camera Control To Android Wear Smartwatches

Google has announced a neat new feature for anyone who has or is getting one of techy new Android Wear smart watches. Users will now be able to control their smartphone camera...

Fotodiox Announces New Excell +1 Budget Speedbooster For Under $160

Fotodiox, a popular brand for budget photography equipment and accessories, has announced their own budget "Speedbooster", called the Excell +1.

Manfrotto Announces Updates To 190 and 055 Series Tripods

A tripod is one piece of gear that is worth investing in for virtually any form of photography. Manfrotto has one of the best reputations in the business when it comes to their...

Shortage of V3 Cameras Prompts Apology from Nikon Japan

A lot of us, myself included, were left scratching our heads at the announcement of the Nikon 1 V3. It wasn't so much that the specs or performance of the camera looked sub par,...