Gear Announcements


Metabones Announces New Speedbooster ULTRA

Sharper corners, less distortion, and reduced vignetting. Those are selling points for the newly announced Metabones Speedbooster Ultra, which does everything the original...

Zeiss Officially Announces Loxia Line of Full Frame Mirrorless Lenses

We told you that they were coming, we even showed you what they would look like, and today, Zeiss made it official by announcing their Loxia line of lenses. As expected, the two...

New Firmware Update Brings XAVC-S Codec To Sony RX10

It appears Sony has heard cries for a better codec, and in a new firmware update, has added their high quality XAVC-S codec to the RX10.

Olympus Officially Announces New PEN E-PL7 Micro Four Thirds Compact

As with many announcements that will no doubt be coming into the light over the next couple of weeks, we have been following the rumors around the Olympus E-PL7. Today,...

Fujifilm Officially Unveils the New X30 Camera

We have been talking about its impending announcement for a while now, and today, Fuji made it official by announcing their new X30 camera.

Nebo Slider, The Worlds Lightest Slider Looks For Your Support On Kickstarter

The Kickstarter project 'Nebo Slider' is hailed as "the world's most lightweight and portable motion controlled slider for video and timelapse photography." The new lightweight...

Samyang Announces New 50mm T/1.5 Cine & Photo Lenses

We told you that they were teasing about a new lens, and that the rumors said it was a 50mm. Those thoughts/rumors were proven to be true (at least partially) today as...

Olympus Lauches New 'Elite' E-M5 Body and Kit

Today, Olympus announced a new 'Elite' E-M5 Body and lens kit. The original EM-5 was originally announced back in 2012, and was hailed as one of Olympus's most competitive...

Latest Blackmagic Firmware Update Brings Histogram, & Audio Meters To BCC and BMPCC

In their latest firmware update, Blackmagic addressed some annoyances, which should go a long way towards improving the experience when using these powerful cameras.

Leica Announces New M-P, A Simple, Yet Significant Upgrade

Leica has announced their latest M series camera, the M-P, a upgrade designed at improving the overall speed and durability of their M series.

Hasselblad Takes Megapixels To A Whole New Level With New 200MP H5D-200c MS

It seems not all that long ago that Sony's 50MP CMOS sensor took the medium format market by storm, and Hasselblad's 50MP H5D-50c MS was just the tip of the iceberg.

Sony Officially Unveils New A5100, The Best Of The A6000 For A Great Price

Well, we didn't have to wait long after that image of the A5100 leaked online early yesterday, did we? Late last night (my time anyway), Sony officially unveiled their latest...