Gear Announcements


Three New Delicious Color Options & $100 Price Cut For K-S1 | Pentax Release

Pentax, and their parent company Ricoh, are not ones to shy away from offering you every color option you could ever imagine on their cameras. Today, they bolstered that...

Canon Announces New C100 Mark II

Last night Canon surprised many and announced a follow up to the C100, the aptly named C100 Mark II.

The 'Virtually Unbreakable' SD Card Line

Delkin has just released a 'virtually unbreakable' SD card line-up with an industry leading warranty sure to catch your interest.

Apple Takes It To The Next Level With 5K Retina Imac

4K this, 4K that. It seems like just about every tech product coming out these days has some sort of 4K technology in it, whether that be playback or recording. Looking to stay...

The GaffGun Wants To Make Your Cabling Woes History, Save You Time, Pain, But Maybe Not Money

GaffGun hopes to make the headache of dealing with cabling a thing of the past, but as with all good things there's a price. Is it worth it for you?

Fotodiox Fixes Sony's E-Mount With New All Metal 'Tough E-Mount'

Users of Sony's E-Mount cameras, your prayers have been answered. There is now a way to get that shoddy plastic/metal lens mount *fixed*.

Light Painting Brushes Looks to Make Lightpainting Easier Than Ever!

Light Painting, like macro photography, can be a fun way to enjoy photography without having to conform to the needs of a client (unless of course you have been hired to shoot...

Yongnuo Announces New 2.4GHz RF605 Triggers

Yongnuo has long been known for their simple and affordable, yet incredibly reliable, radio triggers. Today, the Chinese company announced their latest radio trigger, a...

Ricoh Announces New Wireless Enabled WG-30w Adventure Cam

Hot on the heels of the newly announced GoPro editions, today, Ricoh announced the latest addition to their competing line of WG "adventure" cameras, the WG-30w.

Benro's New 'System Go' Tripod Transforms Into Whatever You Need It to Be

Benro's new System Go Tripod looks to merge tripod and slider into one multiuse product that is good at everything.

Profoto Announces New Deep Parabolic Umbrellas

This morning, Profoto announced 6 new small and lightweight Deep Parabolic Umbrellas to compliment the new line of umbrellas that they announced at the beginning of the year.

Westcott Announces Exclusive FLEX Distribution In North America and Australia

Westcott has announced a new deal that makes them the exclusive North American and Australian distributor for these exciting new FLEX LED lights.