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Some Hands On With Canon’s G7X At PhotoPlus - RX100 & S Line Killer?

At PhotoPlus, Canon's little shooter draws some of the biggest crowds. Here's some hands on with the G7X.

New Ricoh Theta 360 Cameras Announced

Ricoh has announced their latest model of the Theta 360 cameras. In case you were unaware, Ricoh's Theta line of 360 degree cameras take a complete 360 image in one snap.

Atomos Announces New 'Power Station' In Field Power Solution

Atomos, the company behind the popular field recorders like the Ninja and Shogun, has just announced a new power solution. They call it the 'Power Station', and it is meant to...

Nikon D610 Price Drops To Under $1700

Thanks to the recent release of the new Nikon D750, the D610 has seen a price drop.

Photography 101 | New Workshop Released!

Welcome to Photography 101, the best workshop for teaching photographers, from the ground up, how to take amazing professional images. See FAQs at the bottom of this post for...

Camera+ App Free For A Limited Time, Here's Where To Download

Camera+ has to be one of my favorite iPhone apps when I want to use my phone to take a quick picture. Its interface provides ample versatility with, speed, pro-functions and...

Sony Announces Details For New 'G Series' XQD Cards

Back in September, Sony announced their latest line of XQD cards - the 'G' Series - which combines blazing fast speeds and higher storage capacity to form the ultimate storage...

Major $1150 Savings, Bundle Deal On Canon's EOS-1D X

Canon's EOS-1D X is the king of the hill. If you shoot action or sports, or even wildlife, then this is probably near the top of your wish list. Today, I wanted to pass along an...

Budget Lens Adapters: Are they Worth It?

There are some things you shouldn't skimp on. I tested three of the most popular budget adapters that you can buy to see which one is worth your money and which on your should...

The Infinity Arm; May Be The Strongest Articulated Arm Yet

If you have ever tried to put any amount of weight onto one of those "magic" articulating arms (be it a light, microphone, field monitor, etc), you know that it can be hit or...

More Canon 100-400mm November Replacement Rumblings

The long fabled Canon 100-400mm replacement lens was expected to be announced alongside the new 7D Mark II back at Photokina. But, for whatever reason, that did not happen as...

Sony/Zeiss/Mamiya Medium Format Rumors Heat Up

We have shared rumors in the past regarding a possible Sony entrance into the medium format market, and today, those rumors are heating up again with a couple a semi-conflicting...