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Can The GoPro Hero4 Black Survive The Zombie Apocalypse?

Sometimes when new product updates come out, it can be hard to discern if the newer version is different enough to warrant upgrading if you have the previous model. That is the...

King of Compacts: Canon G7x vs Sony Rx100 M3

Canon turned some heads with the announcement of their new G7X a few weeks back at Photokina. The new high-end compact camera was clearly designed to be a competitor to Sony's...

Yahoo Finally Unveils New Flickr for iPad App

Yahoo's continued quest to bring Flickr back to the forefront of online photo sharing may be a losing battle, but you can't fault the company for trying. Their latest attempt at...

Patent Points to A Future Where Camera Decides RAW vs Jpeg

A new Canon patent points to a future where the camera would decide whether or not to capture a given image in burst mode as a Jpeg or RAW.

Canon 7D Mark II Release Moved Up To October 30th

When Canon's 7D Mark II was announced back at Photokina the company said to expect the new high end APS-C body sometime in November. It seems that the body will come sooner, as...

The 'Virtually Unbreakable' SD Card Line

Delkin has just released a 'virtually unbreakable' SD card line-up with an industry leading warranty sure to catch your interest.

Apple Takes It To The Next Level With 5K Retina Imac

4K this, 4K that. It seems like just about every tech product coming out these days has some sort of 4K technology in it, whether that be playback or recording. Looking to stay...

Adobe Finally Chimes In With Aperture To Lightroom Plugin Tool

While there has been a third party plugin for migrating your old Aperture libraries into Lightroom catalogs for a while, many have been holding out for an official migration...

The GaffGun Wants To Make Your Cabling Woes History, Save You Time, Pain, But Maybe Not Money

GaffGun hopes to make the headache of dealing with cabling a thing of the past, but as with all good things there's a price. Is it worth it for you?

Fotodiox Fixes Sony's E-Mount With New All Metal 'Tough E-Mount'

Users of Sony's E-Mount cameras, your prayers have been answered. There is now a way to get that shoddy plastic/metal lens mount *fixed*.

Canon to Rethink 6D Market Position After Disappointment With Sales?

Despite all the naysayers, the Canon 6D is actually a pretty fantastic full frame camera. Unfortunately, it appears that Canon may be rethinking the 6D's position in the market...

Deal Alert: Nikon 1 AW1 In Stock and On Sale

The Nikon 1 AW1 has been probably one of the few Nikon 1 cameras to run into availability issues. For much of the last year, Nikon's rugged underwater camera has been near...