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Black Friday Sale | 30% Off Entire SLR Lounge Store!

This Thanksgiving weekend, we're offering you 30% off the entire SLR Lounge Store (excludes Amazon Purchases)

EOS-1D X Mark II Specs, SunDisc Seeks Your Support, Westcott FlexLights Reviewed {Daily Roundup}

Today, we take a look at a new rumor regarding the Canon EOS-1D X Mark II and its specs, a new Kickstarter project called the SunDisc and a great video review of the Westcott...

Canon Sues Grey Market Retailers, First Nikon F to Sony E AF Adapter Hits Market

Today, we discuss the news that Canon files a lawsuit against grey market retailers and the first Nikon to Sony AF adapter hits the market.

Gift Guide for Photographers, $250+

If you've got $250 or more to spend you can give your Shutter Bug a pretty sweet gift they'll actually use. Here's my gift guide for photographers $250+

Photography Gifts from $500 You'll Be Loved For Giving Or Love To Receive

Thes are the types of gifts the knowing and sagacious photographer is going to appreciate now, and with time.

CSSgram Brings Instagram Filters to Your Browser, Leica X-U Leak! {Daily Roundup}

Today we talk about CSSgram, Leica's X-U rumor, and some great tips for those upcoming family holiday photos.

Amazon Now Lets Prime Members Share Their Unlimited Photo Storage

Prime Member? Amazon rolls out ability to give the gift of unlimited photo storage to someone else at no added cost.

Gura Gear Settles Lawsuit with Peak Design, Samsung Shutters In Germany

If you have followed Kickstarter or photography in the last year then no doubt you have heard about the Everyday messenger bag from Peak Design. The bag broke the record as far...

Panasonic Announces New 'Post Focus' Feature & It's Free Through Firmware

Panasonic offered a press release today exalting the newest feature coming to their cameras called ‘Post Focus,’ which they are very proud of.
Judging by the data though,  not too many people care about the latest cameras.

Camera Sales Continue To Fall Because Your Emotions Matter More Than Specs

Camera sales continue to fall - demonstrating how our emotional response to a product is more important than its specs.

My Thoughts On the Brevite Bag After A Week As My Daily Driver

Brevite started on kickstarter, and after funding their project, they are now about ready to start shipping the bag out to non-kickstarter orders in January of 2016. I was able...

Great Instruction On Building DIY V-Flats

Even if you like to buy all your gear, you may find it hard to find V-Flats to buy, and you can make brilliant ones like this for little time and money.