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This 'Lit By Moonlight' A7s Video Will Blow Your Mind

By now we all already know that the A7s is an absolute low light beast. One so good no other camera can really touch it. This video, produced by Carbon Studios, really...
Sigma 150-600mm F/5-6.3 Contemporary

What's Next For Sigma? CEO Says New 24-70mm and 70-200mm...

Photokina has come and gone with Sigma announcing their new 120-600mm lenses, but a lot of you might be wondering "what's next?"

Matt Granger's Fuji X100T Review From The Floor of Photokina

Probably one of the most popular announcements coming out of Photokina this year has been the announcement of the Fuji X100T. Fuji's previous X100 series compact cameras have...

New Capture One Pro 8 Makes It Easier Than Ever To Switch From Lightroom/Aperture

Apple killed off Aperture, and many are disenfranchised with Adobe's push into the Creative Cloud (CC), which leaves Capture One as probably the top option to those out there...

7D Mark II Video Test, How Does It Compare To 5D MkIII and 70D?

Many have written off the 7D as a video camera, but how does it the 7D Mark II compare to Canon's current crop of DSLRs like the 5D Mark III and 70D?

Cool Free Lightroom Plugin Shows The Focus Points Used For Each Shot

Whether you want to see how accurate your camera's AF is, or use the info for teaching, Show Focus Points is a free plugin for Lightroom to help.
100-400mm IS USM Telephoto Zoom Lens-canon-digital

Canon Confirms Development of 100-400mm DO & More DO/EF-M Lenses

One of the big rumors leading into Photokina was that Canon would be releasing the new 100-400mm replacement along with the 7D Mark II. However, that never panned out and the...

Phottix Announces Impressive Odin Update In New Odin II Units

In the world of speedlight or off camera light triggering PocketWizard still the king of the hill, but if you have seen what Phottix is doing with their Odin line, it is hard...

Matt Grangers' Photokina Floor Review Of Canon's New 7D Mark II

The Canon 7D Mark II may not feature an revolutionary new sensor, or a big upgrade in video features as many hoped for. But there is no denying that it is clearly a solid...

Chris Niccolls' First Hand Review Of Nikon's New D750

D610, Df, D810, D4s, there seems to be a plethora of Nikon full frame options out there and the list just grew larger with the addition of the new D750. But what does the D750...

Your Little Gold Brick |A Few Basic Ways to Protect Your Data On Memory Cards

With technology ever changing at such a rapid pace in our day and age, it is not a surprise when a new piece of technology acts up. Memory cards are one of the most important...

Sony's New Release Is A Zeiss 16-35mm F4 For The A7 & It's Flying Off 'Shelves'

Sony has released a Zeiss 16-35mm F4 FE lens for the A7 series, essentially completing a nice stable of zooms. This one is ready for pre-order and it seems the world is buying.