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Nikon 24mm F/1.8 on the Horizon?

Nikon is feeling pretty good after the release of the D750. Almost everyone that I know who has held it and shot with it has been extremely happy with the new FX body. Looking...

Fuji Chimes In With New MacroTubes and Firmware Updates

Sony fans aren't the only people who woke up to a nice surprise this morning. Fuji made some announcements over the night that are sure to put some smiles on quite a few faces.

a7 II Announced, Sony Makes Surprise Announcement

This won't be much of a surprise if you have been following the rumor mill in the last day or so. I don't know if anyone expected an announcement so quickly, but, here it is....
Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 3.01.58 PM

MagMod Announces Two New and Exciting Flash Modifiers | The MagSphere & MagBounce

MagMod came on the scene a year ago. We love them here at SLRL, and are excited that they've announced a new set of modifiers - MagSphere & MagBounce.

Lightroom 5.7 Brings RAW support For Latest Camera Releases

Praise the Almighty! Those of you who have a D750, 7D Mark II, LX100 or other new camera release have been toiling in a land where Lightroom doesn't support our RAW files. But...

Lume Cube: A Smartphone Controlled Flash/Video Light Like No Other

The Lume Cube is a small, portable LED light source capable of up to 1500 lumens of light output that can be controlled with your smartphone.

Save Up To $600 On New D750!

Nikon's holiday edition of their 'Buy Together & Save' promotion is now live, and it includes their latest full frame DSLR, the D750. The possible savings are quite...

Lensbaby Sweet 50 Optic Review

The Lensbaby Composer Pro system is a versatile selective focus housing, which can hold any of Lensbaby's optics. The latest of those optics is the Sweet 50.

Olympus OM-D E-M5 40% Off

We have received word of a massive sale going on for the E-M5 over at B&H. You can get the E-M5, for 40% off or $400, instant savings, meaning you only pay $599

Lenstag Releases InfoGraphic Showing The Most Stolen Gear of 2014 & Where It's Stolen From

Lenstag has just dropped their list of most stolen gear of 2014, and from where it gets stolen, including which cities. Any surprises?

Canon G7X Initial Thoughts | An S120 Upgrade In A Party Frock?

Canon has killed their S-line and offered up this in its place. Is it worthy of that, and worthy of your affection?

NX1 Pre-Orders Disappoint, Price Drop Coming

It appears that despite the excellent reviews it has been getting, and its impressive spec sheet, the Samsung NX1 has not hit the pre-order expectations the company placed on...