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Leica's New Flagship Store In Kyoto, Japan, Is A Masterpiece

Possibly the most beautiful and inspiring camera store to date, the new flagship in Kyoto blends historical Kyoto with modern Leica finishes. Take a peek inside and at the...

Canon 50mm F/1.2L On Its Way Out?

Just a few days ago I shared an interesting rumor regarding a new Canon 50mm lens that was in the works, but not expected until late 2015. Today the news coming out of Germany...

'Lots Of 1D X' In the 7D Replacement According to Latest Rumblings

According to the latest rumblings out of the Canon rumor mill, not only will the 7D replacement camera have a "revolutionary" sensor, but it will have "a lot of 1D X" in it....

Sony Full Frame Mirrorless Cameras | Gear Talk Episode 3

Pye and I have both invested into the Sony Full Frame Mirrorless Cameras. Check out our video review to see why our experiences are so different.

Nikon D610 Review | To Get Or Not To Get, Is Still The Question

The Nikon D610 has been out for a bit. It was really a cover-up for a mistake, but is it now a prime choice? Is it relevant?

Wild Rumors Fly Of Nikon Entry Into Medium Format Market

There are rumors, and then there are wild rumors. The following falls into the latter category, and as such, needs hefty amounts of saltiness. That said, it's so wild, it may...

New Canon 35mm and 50mm 'L' Prime's Coming, But Not Until 2015...

Sigma's strong run of form with their Art series prime lenses has left a lot of us wondering when Canon or Nikon would respond to the new threat from Sigma. According to a new...

Next Sigma Camera To Feature The 'Quattro' Sensor

With all of the prestige Sigma has gained over the last two years - thanks to the release of their new Global Vision lenses - some have been wondering if, or when, Sigma would...

7D 'Discontinued' At Amazon, Stock Starting To Fade...

As anticipation rises for the announcement and release of the 7D replacement - expected sometime in late August or early September - it may interest you to know that many...

Pentax 645Z - Is This 'Budget' Medium Format Body Worth The Price?

Sony's new CMOS 50MP Medium Format sensor has been making the rounds, and has virtually become the defacto Medium Format sensor. One camera that makes use of this new sensor is...

Long Awaited Fuji 50-140mm F/2.8 Next In line According To Updated Roadmap

Fuji just released an updated version of their lens roadmap, and the next available lens, to be released in the end of 2014, is the long awaited 50-140mm F/2.8 - a 70-200mm...

Is the RX100 M3 The Best Point-n-Shoot For Professionals?

The Sony RX100 series have long been favorites amongst professional photographers for their strong feature set and small size. The latest RX100 M3 adds some impressive features...