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Gear Dictionary - Cine Lenses | What They Are, How They Work, & Why You Should Know

Cine lenses are vastly different than regular photography lenses, and knowing how they work is something we all should have a grasp of

Olympus Developing New RGBCMY Multilayer Sensor?

Sigma's Foveon sensor has long been the only option available to the public if you are wanting to shoot a multilayer sensor. A new patent uncovered by Egami shows that Olympus...

Canon Developing New 'Slow' Supertelephoto Lens For 2016?

In an interesting bit of rumor mill chatter, it appears that Canon is in the process of developing a new super-telephoto lens for a 2016 release.

Samsung U32D970 4K Monitor | Review

Samsung's U32D970 is a 32" 4K IPS display that features 10bit color, 99.5% AdobeRGB and full sRBG support. We recently gave two of these away in a contest, and today we are here...

New 'Do More Wear Less' Contract Pack Makes Photography Contracts Easy

A few months back, I reviewed Ewan and Brianna Phelan's boudoir guide app, the first of what they said would be many upcoming educational products on their new learning website,...

Booq's New Python Catch Bag

More and more these days, I hear people complain about camera bags looking too much like camera bags. The thinking is that if you have a bag that looks like it is full of...

ONA's New Berlin II, A Leica Owners Dream

ONA has announced the latest addition to their bag line, the Berlin II. Just as with the original Berlin bag, the Berlin II has been designed in collaboration with Leica and has...

New Canon 16-35mm F/2.8L In The Works?

According to the latest Canon rumor buzz, it looks as if there could be a new 16-35mm F/2.8L lens coming down the pipe from Canon.

How Much of A Difference Is There Between Cheap and Expensive Lenses in Filmmaking?

We know that there is a difference between a $150 lens and a $15,000 lens - at least we hope there is. In a pinch, both can get the job done, but how much better can those two...

New Canon 50mm F/1.8 STM Is Now Available! | First Impressions

Yesterday afternoon we received our first shipment of the new Canon 50mm F/1.8 STM, and I was able to open one up to get some quick initial impressions.

Nikon Announces Hilariously Vague Firmware Update For D750

In an age where mirrorless camera makers release detailed firmware updates full of new features, updated features and bug fixes, we have come to expect a level of transparency...

Don't Be Limited By The 'Camera Bag' Shelf | Turn Any Bag Into A Camera Bag

Forever in search of the perfect camera bag? Probably doesn't exist, but you can get close if you don't limit yourself to 'camera bags' and make any bag into one.