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Palette Cube | Capture Colors Perfectly & Achieve Easy Accurate White Balance

If you're tired of using gray cards with every change of lighting situation and also want to capture accurate colors of the things around you, this is right up your alley.

Mobile USB Charger, 4TB External Drives, and Monolight Kit

Today, we feature some deals on a USB mobile charger, 4TB WD external hard drives, and a 2 monolight kit.

Instagram Kills The Square Restriction | Is This Wish Granting Or Machiavellian?

Instagram's 'BIGGEST' news is probably in preparation for their biggest shift and plans about to drop.

Canon Announces 35mm F/1.4L II & Brings EOS M3 Stateside, Pentax Full Frame Coming in October?

Canon has officially announced the new Canon 35mm F/1.4L II and other news in today's Roundup.

Canon 35mm F/1.4L II Leaked, Batis Lens Supply Too Much for Zeiss

Welcome to our roundup series where we will hit on several gear news and rumor topics each day.

OM-D EM-10 II Officiall, Nikon F to Sony E Adapter Update, A7R II Straight to the Dump

As per the norm of announcements lately, the E-M10 II specs were leaked a night or two ago, but today Olympus officially unveiled their next budget OM-D camera.

Lowepro Slingshot Edge 150AW & 250AW Reviewed

Last week, Lowepro officially announced their new Slingshot Edge series of bags in two flavors: the 150 AW and 250 AW. Here's what we thought; and here's how you can win one!

Increase Revenue by Adding a Photobooth Service

As a photographer, by offering more products, you can increase the value of your studio. In this article, I want to show you a Photo Booth that is affordable, easy to use, and...

Crazy Deal on Tiffen Variable ND, Canon Pixma Printers, and Bescor Video Lights

This is our daily deals report where we will feature a deal, or deals, that we think you should know about.

Make A Professional Impression With A Free Email Signature From Wisestamp

Being professional in even the smallest business practice is good for you and your clients. Having a professional looking email signature is an inexpensive/free way to do that...

EOS M Getting Some Love, A7R II Teardown, NX1 Firmware Incoming

According to the latest rumors, Canon is actively developing new lenses and the EOS M4, which could see the light of day as soon as early 2016.

Sony A7R II Impressive Focusing With Canon Lenses Makes It Even More Tempting

Sony has made huge strides with the A7 line of cameras, but it may be that the next big stride to convert other users is in this new ability to adopt other manufacturer's lenses...