Photoshop On-The-Go | Adobe To Drop New Mobile Photoshop & Astropad Gets Even Smaller

Mobile photo retouching has been as useful as a watered down shot, but Adobe is hoping to change that really soon, and Astropad is giving an alternative.

How To Stretch Images & Extend Backdrops In Record Time In Photoshop

Put the clone stamp tool down, and use Crop and Content Aware Scale to extend your backgrounds and backdrops with ease.

Photoshop Tutorial | Secret Tip For Nailing White Balance With Ease

White balance is one of those things that you must conquer to get your photos to reflect what you see, but sometimes you don't have a grey card with you - for those times, this...

Twirls: How To Do This Hot, New Photoshop Trend

I've always admired abstract art, but it wasn't possible for me to create it...that is, until now!

The Difference Between Opacity & Flow In Photoshop

Knowing how and when to manipulate Flow & Opacity will increase your skill and results in Photoshop more than almost anything else.

Easily Create Great HDR Images From A Single RAW File

HDR images are often associated with terrible images, and the great ones tend not to let on that they are HDR shots. Here's how you can make good ones with a single RAW file.

5 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do in Photoshop

This 9-minute video shows you 5 Photoshop tricks you may not know about.

How To Remove A Tattoo In Photoshop | Aaron Nace

Removing a tattoo in Photoshop is more valuable to more photographic scenarios than you may think, and learning how to do it is a valuable skill to have. Here's how.

Astropad | Turn Your iPad Into a Wacom Cintiq-Like Graphic Tablet For $20

If you have an iPad and want a portable graphic tablet solution and don't have one, this is probably going to be your next purchase.

A Quick Photoshop Technique to Enhance Details In Your Image

To get great detail in your image, subtlety is key and this quick tip from Jimmy McIntyre will help enhance your image without overdoing it.

New Adobe CC Updates - Initial Thoughts and Impressions

Adobe has now released the 2015 update to Creative Cloud, Adobe CC 2015. Some changes are fantastic and some pretty worthless. Take a look and find out for yourself.
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The Power Of The Dehaze Tool Examined | Easy To Use & Easier To Abuse

Impressive but just how practical? Many will be so dazzled with its ability to change an image and miss its ability and tendency to ruin one.