Adding Vintage Edge Burn Easily In Photoshop

Add some creative vintage punch to your photos by adding an edge burn like you'd find on film. Quick and easy.

Getting The Commercial Editorial Smooth Hair Look Is Easier Than You Think

We take you through step by step, a highly useful method of smoothing coarse, or unruly hair, and showing you should you can achieve it quickly, and with a commercial look.

How To Replicate The Color Palette From Any Photo Or Famous Painting In Seconds In Photoshop

Take some old pictures you love, and mix it with other art you love. Learn how to quickly take the color casts from any image and make it part of yours
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Photoshop 101 and 201 Tutorials by Phlearn Now Available in the SLR Lounge Store

This Bundle of PRO Tutorials will make you fluent in the language of Photoshop!

The Photoshop Tool You Thought You Knew & How To Really Use It

Here we'll go over some usage of one of the most overlooked tools in Photoshop that everyone knows of, but knows little about what it can really do.

Understanding Retouching: Take Advice from a Make-up Artist

Spending time watching a make-up artist work can be hugely beneficial. If you have little access use the online tutorials to give you a good understanding of how to retouch...

Make Your Own Sign Or Signature Into a Watermark in 10 Min

If you would like to have your own logo or signature as a feature or watermark on your images but don't know how, this will show you one method which doesn't require much time,...

Phlearn Pro Tutorial: 'The Perfect Composite' Review

In this Phlearn PRO tutorial, The Perfect Composite, learn new techniques for effectively scaling the subject, matching lighting, perspective, and creating edge glow.

JPEG Formats: Do You Know Why You Choose The Ones You Do?

Knowing your JPEG formats doesn't have to be complicated but knowing the differences can help you in efficiency, compatibility, and saving space.
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Photoshop Basics: Recreating Realistic Eyelashes

Lindsay Adler, a portrait and fashion photographer who has spent years experimenting in Photoshop, has learned the quickest and most effective ways for perfecting little details...

Using Aperture Blending to Control Motion

For outdoor photography, there's a very easy way to achieve motion blur effects AND get great image quality at the same time without using an ND filter to slow things down. I...
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How to Heal & Clone Non-Destructively in Photoshop

Heal and Clone Brushes are powerful tools in Photoshop. But did you know that you can Heal and Clone "non-destructively"? Here is how to do it.