Post Production Tips

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Behind the Scenes

Von Wong explores the art of retouch and the difference between the artist and the average photo-shopper in this new Behind the Scenes look.

Is Lightroom Adobe’s Gateway Drug to the Creative Cloud?

I came across an interesting video today, it’s a recorded Google Hangout with the team from adobe behind Lightroom. In the midst of all that hubbub last week about the...
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Horseshoe Bend: Adobe Photoshop Layer Blending – From the HDR...

In this tutorial, we will demonstrate how to blend 2 images with the Layer Mask and the Graduated Brush Tool in Adobe Photoshop. In addition, we will use the Spot Healing Brush...
beverly hills montage wedding portrait 650

Beverly Hills Montage Wedding Portrait – Weekly Edit Season 2 Episode 4

In this episode of "Tuesday Weekly Edit" from SLR Lounge, we are going to produce the final image of the wedding portrait that we shot recently at the Beverly Hills Montage,
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Horseshoe Bend: RAW Processing and Adobe Photoshop Import – From the HDR...

In this tutorial, we are back in Lightroom 4, where we will demonstrate how to RAW process our image of Horseshoe Bend, taken in Page, Arizona. In addition, we will export our...

Reduce Image Size By Up to 5x with No Quality Loss with JPEGmini

Let’s face it, images take up a lot of space on our hard drives. What if you could reduce the size of your image files by up to 5 times without effecting the quality of the...
pipe-1 launches New Cloud Printing Service for Ordering Photo Prints, a file transfer and synchronization service, has just announced the launch of a new cloud printing service called Prints. The new service aims to become the go to...

Top Five Tips for Bridge CS6 and Adobe Camera Raw

For those of you who use Adobe Bridge CS6, (even if you also use Adobe Lightroom for some of your work) here are our top five tips for maximizing your workflow in Adobe Bridge...

Dark and Dramatic

Go Behind the Scenes in one of PHLearn’s recent Photoshop tutorials where Aaron Nace creates a dark and dramatic image from a bright, cloudless outdoor photograph.
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Horseshoe Bend: HDR Processing in Photomatix Pro – From the HDR Photography...

In this tutorial, we will demonstrate how to HDR process this shot of Horseshoe Bend in Page, Arizona in Photomatix Pro.
Setting Up Your Editing Workstation
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Setting Up Your Own Editing Workstation – Ask SLR Lounge Season 1 Ep 3

An important part of this age of digital photography is producing color accurate photos in a comfortable environment. So where do you start? We will point you towards the right...

Adobe Creative Cloud Subscriptions: Cost-Effective or Costly Mistake?

Hey photographers! Are you ready to pay a monthly bill for Photoshop and other Adobe software? Adobe seems to think that you're ready. Well, almost.