Post Production Tips


A Sneak Peak Of A New Photoshop CC Feature,

Ahead of their planned date to drop some serious news on Creative Cloud, Photoshop releases a preview of a new feature which should have designers and photographers smiling.

The Best Way to Cut Out Hair in Photoshop: Phlearn Review

In this Phlearn Pro Tutorial, several techniques for cutting out hair in Photoshop are explained. Bonuses include tips for compositing and color matching.

Get Great Skin With This Highly Unknown Photoshop Tool

Removing bags and blemishes in Photoshop can be done in lots of ways, but this take on it uses a mostly unknown of tool, and really can enhance a workflow, and the result.

How To Create Fun and Surreal Dali-Styled Images in Photoshop

This video shows you how to create surreal images in Adobe Photoshop by compositing multiple pictures and giving the background a swirly-windy look.

Learn To 'Fake Using A Very Expensive Lens' With Serge Ramelli & Photoshop

This video tutorial is really a fine example of how specialty filters in Photoshop can make a mountain out of a molehill.

Phlearn's Photoshop 201 Review, No Longer A Photoshop Virgin

After reviewing Phlearn's Photoshop 101, I was excited to learn more and be able to also review Photoshop 201. Here are my thoughts...

Quick Masking & Sharpening With Camera Raw & The Camera Raw Filter

Camera Raw has a sharpening option that is an incredible tool which does some sort of witchcraft to mask all the right spots on an image to be sharpened. And, it's entirely easy...

Women in Classic Paintings Get Photoshopped to Fit Today's Standards

To show the contemporary skewed standard in today's beauty industry, Lauren Wade has wielded her liquify tool to some classic works of art.

Sharpening | So Many Get It Wrong & This Will Help You Get It Right

Sharpening is one of those things that are widely misunderstood in our community and so many get it wrong. . It can render a photo useless as quickly as it can improve it....

Speed Up Your Editing Workflow With This Web App

It doesn't matter how often you use Photoshop or Lightroom, it's almost impossible to remember every keyboard shortcut. But keyboard shortcuts are pretty useful when it comes to...

Learn How To Change The Color Of Anything In Photoshop

Aaron Nace illustrates the rather simple steps it takes to change the color of just about anything in Photoshop.

Bachelorette Star Gets the Cold Shoulder...Or Actually, No Shoulder, Thanks to Photoshop

If you're a fan of ABC's The Bachelor franchise, you'll love this one. Well, even if you're not a fan of the show, hopefully you're a fan of Photoshop fails, because this one is...