Post Production Tips

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Why We are Still Disappointed With Lightroom 5’s New Dust Correction...

The new Lightroom 5 has a new Spot Visualization tool for detecting dust spots caused dusts on the sensors. While it is a welcomed feature, we found that it just does not work...

Celebrity Photoshop Transformations: Before And After

Photoshop is used on most commercial images these days. It's expected. It's the new norm. But the Photoshopping isn't only used to thin out arms or clean up blemishes as...

Rejoice (or Despair) Adobe Creative Cloud is Live!

It’s been a few weeks since Adobe announced their sweeping changes to their product lineup and their new direction with Adobe Creative Cloud. Earlier today they announced that...
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New Pricing Options for Creative Cloud?

Adobe is apparently reconsidering its pricing options for Creative Cloud, and they recently launched a survey for a few select users about a new pricing model. The model is...
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Seeing Spots

In this tutorial, learn how to use blending modes and warp tools to create a trendy fashion image in Photoshop with a simple pattern found online without an extra trip to...

The Basics of Focus Stacking

Stacking Focus is a post-production technique used to give your final images a depth of field that is unattainable straight out of the camera. Similar HDR, you take multiple...

Beginner’s Tip: Choose Masks, Not The Eraser Tool

Beginner's Tip: Choose Masks, Not The Eraser Tool. First of all, this is a beginner's tip. Most experienced photographers, post producers and Photoshop fanatics are well aware...
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Don’t Throw Away that Image! How to Save and Edit an Imperfect Capture

Sometimes we get an image that has great content but is techinically imperfect. Rather than throwing away a misfocused image for example, we can show you how to save and improve...

Luminosity Masks: The Long and Short of it

Luminosity masks are the key feature in Photoshop that allows you to make simple controlled tone based adjustments to your images. These masks offer a quick and easy way to...
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Lightroom 5 Presets

we received an influx of emails asking for Preset updates and asking whether or not their old presets were compatible with Lightroom 5. Well here are the answers to your questions.
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BTS: “The Wounded Soldier”

In this week's instalment of "Tuesdays With Lauri" we take a behind-the-scenes look at my latest WW2 inspired cinematic photoseries, titled: The Wounded Soldier.
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An Update from Adobe – Our Move to Creative Cloud

With the interest and conflicting feelings surrounding Adobe's move to Creative Cloud, the team at Adobe has released an open letter.