Post Production Tips

12.03.2012 2 Comments

How to Retouch a Portrait of a Lion - Weekly Lightroom 4 Edit

In this week’s Lightroom 4 Edit, we have a wonderful portrait... of a lion. Hence, we will be doing a little retouch and enhancing of this portrait... of a lion.
11.30.2012 6 Comments

Correcting Uneven Exposure for a Portrait in Lightroom 4

In this week’s Lightroom 4 Edit, we have a wonderful portrait that was submitted by one of our readers, David Hill. We show you how to correct uneven exposure in a portrait,...
11.16.2012 3 Comments

How to Boost the Dynamic Range of an Underexposed Portrait in Lightroom 4

Ever had a great portrait that is underexposed? In this step-by-step Lightroom 4 tutorial, we will show you how to correct for underexposure and increase the dynamic range of an...
11.08.2012 No Comments

Create High-Contrast and Filmic Black & White Images Using the LR4 Preset System

In today’s Lightroom Weekly Edit, we have a special photo starring our very own Justin, one of the co-founders of SLR Lounge. We are going to take this image and use the SLR...
10.29.2012 No Comments

Part 2 of the Benjamin Von Wong Dead Sea Shoot Image Edit – Photoshop...

In Part II of this editing series, we will be taking Benjamin Von Wong's Dead See Shoot image into Photoshop for a bit of retouch and refinement.
10.29.2012 One Comment

25 Awesome Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts That You May Not Know

I love the amount of keyboard shortcuts that are available in Photoshop. And I thought I know quite a bit, too. That is, until I run into PSD Tut’s article on 25 Awesome...
10.24.2012 One Comment

Enhancing Detail & Dynamic Range

In this Lightroom 4 tutorial, we are going to create an image with enhanced detail, contrast and dynamic range without crossing over into the "overdone HDR" territory. Watch the...
10.22.2012 3 Comments

Retouch Pro-Tip: Using Layer Masks in Retouching Your Image

Layer masking in Photoshop is a powerful and non-destructive way to hide and reveal portions of a layer. It's like localized opacity. Here is how I used layer masking for my...
10.13.2012 No Comments

Part 1 of the Benjamin Von Wong Dead Sea Shoot Image Edit – Basic...

In this series of videos we are going to go through a full edit of this photo provided to us by Benjamin Von Wong from his Dead Sea shoot.
10.01.2012 No Comments

One Cute Child Portrait by David Hill, 3 Different Post Production Styles...

In this tutorial, we are going to work through this nice spontaneous child portrait that was shot and provided by David Hill creating 3 different final looks to the image.
10.01.2012 2 Comments

How to: Video Editing with Multiple DSLR Cameras in Premiere Pro

In this tutorial, we are going to walk through an entire multi-camera DSLR video edit featuring 2 cameras and an independent audio track in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 from start to...
09.29.2012 4 Comments

How to Make a Cinemagraph in Photoshop & After Effects

Cinemagraphs is a stills photograph that has a subtle element of animation added to it. It is eye catching and could be a future trend in photography as film and stills continue...