Lightroom | Updates Going Up…On A Tuesday

Finally Adobe has released a proper fix to some of our most eagerly protested issues.

JPEGmini Reduces File Size By Up To 5x With No Perceivable Reduction In Quality

Few pieces of software have the ability to surprise me this much. This could save you purchasing extra hard drives, cloud storage, lead to faster site and gallery times, and...

New Lightroom Presets Mixologies Released

We've updated our Mixologies section in the school to include the rest of the video tutorials relating to the SLR Lounge Lightroom Presets!
SLR Lounge Presets4

Lightroom Presets | 5 Reasons to Add Them to Your Photo Editing Workflow

Looking to save time or "level-up" your photo editing? Need a more efficient workflow? Learning how to use presets within Lightroom might be exactly what you need! Here are 5...

Could Speeding Up Lightroom Really Be This Easy?! (No Hardware Purchase Required)

Lightroom is a brilliant tool, and most of us rely on it and love it. We hate, however, how much is can slow down a workflow. Here's something to try which might actually give...
Tip to Speed Up Lightroom Editing

Dramatically Speed Up Adobe Lightroom's Performance With This One Tip

What if I could show you a way that would dramatically speed up Lightroom for you while editing? If you ever wished you could speed up your editing workflow and make the program...

Adobe Issues Lightroom Statement | Bringing Back & Fixing Features

LIghtroom was a mess, and now Adobe is doing something about it....again. How happy are these changes going to make you?

Mea Culpa: Adobe Apologizes For Failed Lightroom 6.2 Update

On October 5th, Adobe released a few updates. Unfortunately, this update not only brought new features but also came with a host of bugs.

Graduated Filters Update In Lightroom CC

An Update To The Graduated Filters In the previous video, I showed you guys how to create HDR images in Lightroom CC, and how to use the Panorama Tool. In this video, I want to...
Screen Shot 2015-08-17 at 2.31.54 AM

Lightroom Panorama Tool | Create Panoramas In A Few Simple Clicks

Creating Panoramas Prior to the new Lightroom CC, I often used third-party apps or Adobe Photoshop in order to create and edit my panorama pictures. In the previous videos and...
Screen Shot 2015-07-20 at 10.25.55 PM

Lightroom Dashboard | Visualize Your Photographic Habits & Trends

Lightroom is powerful but it's intense, and Dashboard helps you read and visualize the data in it to help with bettering your photographic habits, and even purchases.

New Adobe CC Updates - Initial Thoughts and Impressions

Adobe has now released the 2015 update to Creative Cloud, Adobe CC 2015. Some changes are fantastic and some pretty worthless. Take a look and find out for yourself.