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YouTube Highlights: Back By Popular Demand - Weekly Lightroom Edit

It's back! We're reviving the popular Weekly Lightroom Edit series and so for the YouTube highlights this week, I'll show you our newest Lightroom Edits and the most popular...

How To Easily Add Copyright In Lightroom & In Camera

Copyright seems to be an ever growing concern for a lot of the photographic community. Lightroom makes it easy to apply it.

Adobe Lightroom Mobile - Initial Review & Feedback

With rising interest and enthusiasm, I downloaded the new Lightroom 5.4 update for my computers and installed the Lightroom mobile app on my iPad Mini. What did I find? Read on!

Understanding Retouching: Take Advice from a Make-up Artist

Spending time watching a make-up artist work can be hugely beneficial. If you have little access use the online tutorials to give you a good understanding of how to retouch...

Make Your Own Sign Or Signature Into a Watermark in 10 Min

If you would like to have your own logo or signature as a feature or watermark on your images but don't know how, this will show you one method which doesn't require much time,...
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Our Top 3 Most Popular YouTube Videos of All Time

This week, we are highlighting the 3 most popular SLR Lounge's YouTube videos on of all time. If you don't subscribe, head over to YouTube so you don't miss any awesome content!...
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How to Upload Photos to 500px Using Lightroom 5

Introduction: In this SLR Lounge article, How To Upload Photos To 500px Using Lightroom 5, we are going to look at a simple guide to share your photos quicker and easier with...

Create Your Blog Collages Directly In Lightroom

I have seen several posts recently around the web talking about how people use third party apps like Blog Stomp to create the images that they feature on their blogs and social...
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How to Edit RAW Files for a Film Look

Earlier this week I showed you the outcome of my film vs. digital experiment comparing skin tones in straight out of camera RAW, strait out of camera jpg, edited RAW and...

Film vs. Digital: A Skin Tone Comparison

A couple weeks ago I interviewed Sara Story, a portrait photographer who shoots primarily with film. Sara claims that shooting on film basically eliminates the post...

Lightroom 5.0 Bug Report - Flags and Ratings Affecting Wrong Images

We have another quick bug report for you regarding Adobe Lightroom 5.0.  Fortunately this particular issue has only happened once, and may possibly still be related to the...

Managing Shades of Black in your Post Production

Black is Black and White is White, right? When it comes to photography the answer is no. When you take a picture there are different shades of black, as well as white, and how...