Post Production Tips


How To Shoot, Process, & Create A Day-To-Night Transitional Timelapse

Timelapses are mystifying if you've never done them before, but Cal Thomson takes the guess work out of it for you

Lightroom | Updates Going Up…On A Tuesday

Finally Adobe has released a proper fix to some of our most eagerly protested issues.

What Is The Perfect Skin Tone? & The Importance Of Color & Tonal Matching

The biggest ‘tells’ that a retoucher is a poor craftsman - the two things that separate a cream from the crop - both have to do with color.

JPEGmini Reduces File Size By Up To 5x With No Perceivable Reduction In Quality

Few pieces of software have the ability to surprise me this much. This could save you purchasing extra hard drives, cloud storage, lead to faster site and gallery times, and...

How to Create Photoshop Actions The Right Way So They Work Every Time

Photoshop actions are an indispensable part of my workflow. They allow me to save time and to utilize the vast array of editing techniques I have picked up over the years. What...

New Lightroom Presets Mixologies Released

We've updated our Mixologies section in the school to include the rest of the video tutorials relating to the SLR Lounge Lightroom Presets!
SLR Lounge Presets4

Lightroom Presets | 5 Reasons to Add Them to Your Photo Editing Workflow

Looking to save time or "level-up" your photo editing? Need a more efficient workflow? Learning how to use presets within Lightroom might be exactly what you need! Here are 5...

Photographer With 4 Million Instagram Followers Shares Workflow & Apps

This is how Connor Franta shoots, and manipulates his images to garner the success he's had - the equipment and apps used.

Learn 28 Photoshop Tips, Tricks, & Hacks in 21 Minutes

This 21 minute video will show you some Photoshop tricks and tips like whitening teeth, clipping mask power, creating filled layer masks and more.

A Touch of Wonderland | Photoshop Breakdown & Tips for Photo Manipulation

Watch a 12-hour Photo Manipulation time-lapse and get tips on how the artist created Wonderland for a couple.

Upcoming Rangefinder Mirrorless? Astro Exposure Stacking Tutorial! {Daily Roundup}

In the smaller form factor market there is a pretty clear bias towards rangefinder or similar style cameras, and if this rumor from Mirrorless rumors is correct, more are on the...
Workflow Tips in Lightroom

Lightroom Workflow Tips to Speed Up Editing for Wedding Photographers

In this article, we show how we can apply the principles of the assembly line to your own Adobe Lightroom workflow to speed it up and become much more productive.