Lighting Tips


Simple 3 Light Set-up For a Fitness Photo Shoot | BTS With Miguel Quiles

Recently, I was hired to shoot some images for a boot camp instructor who was looking to create some images to market her business. Watch the entire process from beginning to end.
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Some Basic Techniques in the Art of Bouncing Light

In the following video from, Anthony Q. Artis shows us some basic techniques on working with bounced light.

Changing The Look Of a Portrait With One Light In Different Positions | Joel Grimes

In this Westcott sponsored video, Joel Grimes shows us how to use one light and a reflector to create a simple, yet beautiful portrait.

Using a Softbox to Create an All White Backdrop for Headshots | Gavin Hoey

No space for a white seamless background for headshots? No problem! Use a softbox to create a clean white background.

Build A Beauty Shot From Start To Finish With Simple & Inexpensive Gear

Contrary to what your mind may be telling you about studio shooting, you don't need super expensive high end equipment in order to be able to pull off highly professional imagery.

Photigy: Starting in Studio Photography With Speedlites Course (Bundle Parts 1-3) Review

Are you starting out in studio photography and need to learn about how to use your speedlites and strobes? If so, this is product photography bundle from Photigy is...

Using Continuous Lights For A Simple Glamour Portrait

Using continuous lights for portraiture is a great way to learn lighting. Plus it’s a throw back to the old Hollywood glamour days!
Foundry Paul Monaghan (8)

How You Shot It – Lighting a Foundry 'Archibald Young'

How You Shot It is a series where you show us how you shot an image. This image was shot in a foundry on a trip with my local camera club.
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DIY: Build a Simple Ring Light Using LED Strips and a Frisbee For Around $30

Photographers tend to have a love/hate relationship with ring lights. While ring lights may be great for some situations, in others, it may look completely dreadful. So why...

Don't Be Afraid to Mix Light Sources - LED & Tungsten

In the video below, our friend Jay P. Morgan shows us that we shouldn't fear mixing light sources and shows us how to do it.

Love Lighting With Strobes Outdoors ! Use an ND filter For a Shallow Depth Of Field

Want to shoot outdoor strobe light portraits with a shallow depth of field, but have no clue how? Hint: Grab a neutral density filter!

How to Pose and Light a Headshot With Jim Garner

In the following video from CreativeLive, Jim Garner explains his lighting setup and gives posing tips for business professional headshots.