Lighting Tips

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The Key To Capturing Your 'Good' Side | Lighting 101

In this tutorial, we teach you the three primary subject positions in relation to key lighting. Learn how subtle changes in positioning can make big differences.

Martin Schoeller's Insights on Gear and Lighting

Martin Schoeller's work is some of the most identifiable in our world, and here you get some insight into his mind for advice, and a BTS look at his work.

Shoot Like The Pros With Basic Gear | Patrick Demarchelier

Don't be fooled, you can do more than you think with basic gear. Check it out here.

Make On-Camera Flash Look like Off Camera Flash

On-Camera Flash Tricks Utilizing a multi-point light setup is a practical exercise that will help you build an understanding of two and/or three light setups. In this...

The Basics of Food Photography Using Natural Light & Household Objects

In this 2 minute video, photographer Jenny Woodward packs in some really great tips on using natural light in your food photography.

High Speed Sync - When To Use It And Why |The Slanted Lens

In the following video by The Slanted Lens, Jay P. Morgan talks about high-speed sync and how it works by demonstrating its uses on a photo shoot in Downtown LA.

How to Conquer Bad Lighting Situations | Lindsay Adler

In the following Eyefi webinar, Lindsay Adler shares with us ten terrible lighting situations and how to conquer them.

How to Freeze Action With Strobes | The Slanted Lens

In the following video, Jay P. Morgan from The Slanted Lens demonstrates how to freeze action using a strobe, and more specifically a monoblock.

Using Light Modifiers: Softbox vs. Reflector vs. Umbrella

When it comes to light modifiers, you have many accessories to choose from. But with so many options out there, when you're just getting started, it's pretty easy to get them...

Gain More Control of Your Light By 'Feathering' Your Softbox

In the following tutorial, Jay P. Morgan from The Slanted Lens shows us a technique called, "feathering" with a softbox.

Profoto's New Video Series | 'What's The Difference'

In this series, you're given 4 new videos that highlight the differences between lighting set-ups in 4 common circumstances. You need not have Profoto gear to get something from...

Lighting a Portrait On Location With Peter Hurley

In the following tutorial, "Illuminating the Face - On Location," Peter goes through various scenarios a portrait photographer might face while in a less controlled setting...