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Kubota-2 shot light trick final

The 2 Minute Two-Shot Disappearing Light Trick by Kevin Kubota

Have you ever wanted to bathe your subject in soft, shapely light – achievable only via your handy-dandy portable soft box, but you also want to shoot the image with a wide...

A Simple Way to Change the Color of the Sky in Camera

Have you ever been excited to photograph someone around sunset only to discover that Mother Nature wasn’t playing nice? Instead of a beautiful sunset, you were dealt a grey...

Behind the Scenes with Adobe and Benjamin Von Wong's Creative Voices Shoot

Go behind the scenes with Benjamin Von Wong for his shoot with Adobe.
USA American soccer fan face paint from USA photo by Monte Isom

The Making of High Energy Portraits of World Cup Soccer Fans | Monte Isom

Go behind the scenes with Monte Isom as he makes high energy portraits of World Cup soccer fans.

Making the Most of Studio Portraits with Limited Lighting Equipment | Joe MacNally

Joe McNally show us how to create beautiful studio portraits with limited lighting equipment.
BTS-Noir-Portrait-Lighting (1 of 2)

Easy studio Lighting for Noir Portraits

Create timeless noir portraits with simple constant lights.
Six-camera-comparison (1 of 1)

Comparing 6 Cameras: Imagine Quality Showdown - DSLR vs. Mirrorless vs. iPhone

Jay P. Morgan put’s six different cameras, including the iPhone and iPad to the test.

A Flash to Rival the Canon 600EX-RT: Phottix Mitros+ Review

It's called the Phottix Mitros+ TTL Transceiver Flash. That’s one very long, descriptive name for a flash and it holds all those words because it can do all that and more.

Use What You Have: Commercial Photography on a Budget

In this article, I will walk you through the process of creating a commercial image on a budget which I created in my garage using nothing more than a few items from the local...
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From the Archives - YouTube Favorites: Lighting on a Budget

As we go digging through the SLR Lounge archives for some of our most popular Youtube video tutorials in the past, we've come up with some of the most popular "Lighting on a...
High-speed sync portrait of horse farmer

In Broad Daylight: Flash in the Sun with High-Speed Sync

High-speed sync flash opens up entirely new realms of opportunity. It’s not inexpensive to do, but it’s an invaluable option in my photography toolkit that sets me apart...
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Our Top 3 Most Popular YouTube Videos of All Time

This week, we are highlighting the 3 most popular SLR Lounge's YouTube videos on of all time. If you don't subscribe, head over to YouTube so you don't miss any awesome content!...