How To Shoot It


'The Exchange' | How I Shot It by Jason Marino, Imagine Photography

This shot seems simple, but it was all rather rushed and last minute, and that's the beauty of being familiar with your equipment and knowing what you need to do the job.

Electric Universe - a Film Photograph Four Years in the Making [How You Shot It]

Jason Page tells us how he shot this image. It took him 4 years and the image you see is straight out of camera.

How to Capture Stunning Firework Portraits

I recently shot a wedding with a firework show and I wanted to show you how I captured the best firework image with a simple composite trick.

Creating a Mind-Bending Composite Image | How You Shot It

I’ve been waiting for the right moment to revisit the idea from my award-winning wedding image where I changed the perspective of a typical wedding photo and turn it on its...

Portraits Inspired By Victorian Paintings | How You Shot It

Almost a year ago, I was wandering around Arundel Castle during a sightseeing tour in South England. Seeing rows after rows of magnificent Victorian portraits gave me an idea;...

From The Camera's Point of View | BTS of a Fashion Photo Shoot

23-year-old Gerd Tschebular shares with us a behind the scenes video taken from his camera's point of view during a fashion photo shoot. He also shares with us how he shot the...

A Special Effects Composite For Real SFX [How You Shot It]

How You Shot It is a series where you show us how you shot an image. In today's post, Antti shows us how he created the following composite for Real SFX.

'Love after Wonderland' A Fashion Photo Shoot [How You Shot It]

This photo began as a personal project and eventually became the most amazing moments of my life and career. Here is a little backstory of how it came to be.

Capturing Machu Picchu Without People [How You Shot It by Mike Torrey]

With approximately 2,000 visitors a day, photographing Machu Picchu without any visitors is no easy feat. Mike Torrey shares how he did it without the use of Photoshop in this...

Capturing A Rotating Star Trail Photo [How You Shot It]

How You Shot It is a series where you show us how you shot an image. Today's post is from Hannes Nitzsche with this image of star trails over a lighthouse.

Six Sets, One Studio | Children and Things by Kristina Varaksina [How You Shot It]

How You Shot It is a series where you show us how you shot an image. Today's 'How You Shot It' is a series of six photographs taken on one day, in one studio by Kristina Varaksina.

The Sigma 150-600mm F5-6.3 Sport Lens & SD1 Merrill |Weather Seal Test

The concept behind this image was pretty simple, to show off the weather sealing of the new Sigma 150-600mm F5-6.3 Dg OS HSM Sport Lens along with that of the Sigma SD1 Merrill.