How To Shoot It

Divine Heights

Astrophotography Composite | The Nub in Assiniboine Provincial Park {How I Shot It}

How You Shot It is a series where you show us how you shot an image. Today's image is an astrophotography composite by Hannes Nitzsche.

How We Shot It: Polaroid Photo Booth with On-camera Flash

How I created this fun, easy and inexpensive polaroid photo booth set-up using on-camera flash and a hand-made polaroid prop for a holiday charity fundraiser event.

Autumn Fairies By Paul Monaghan {How You Shot It}

This set of images really came to be due to my friend Aranel Cosplay. She has been working on a new project where she creates and models outfits based on different seasons and...
How I Shot It Groom Portrait Feature Image

A Simple Yet Dramatic 'Groom Getting Ready' Shot {How I Shot It}

This shot that I grabbed of a groom getting ready went on to win first place in a photo contest. Since winning, I've had a number of people ask me about the lighting for the...

9 Quick and Easy Wedding Poses

Running out of poses in the middle of a session is something I'm sure many of us have stressed about. Whether you're shooting an engagement session or doing a couple session at...
Reflections -4

Using Reflections to Create a Double Exposure Illusion | Art of the Second Shot Series

The 'Second Shot' is the idea of taking an image that tells a part of the story from a unique perspective. In this article, I'll cover how I am using reflections to create a...

'The Exchange' | How I Shot It by Jason Marino, Imagine Photography

This shot seems simple, but it was all rather rushed and last minute, and that's the beauty of being familiar with your equipment and knowing what you need to do the job.

Electric Universe - a Film Photograph Four Years in the Making [How You Shot It]

Jason Page tells us how he shot this image. It took him 4 years and the image you see is straight out of camera.

How to Capture Stunning Firework Portraits

I recently shot a wedding with a firework show and I wanted to show you how I captured the best firework image with a simple composite trick.

Creating a Mind-Bending Composite Image | How You Shot It

I’ve been waiting for the right moment to revisit the idea from my award-winning wedding image where I changed the perspective of a typical wedding photo and turn it on its...

Portraits Inspired By Victorian Paintings | How You Shot It

Almost a year ago, I was wandering around Arundel Castle during a sightseeing tour in South England. Seeing rows after rows of magnificent Victorian portraits gave me an idea;...

From The Camera's Point of View | BTS of a Fashion Photo Shoot

23-year-old Gerd Tschebular shares with us a behind the scenes video taken from his camera's point of view during a fashion photo shoot. He also shares with us how he shot the...