How To Pose Others & Yourself To Look Your Best

Lexia Frank uses her experience as a professional luxury wedding photographer, and dancer, to help guide you through posing yourself and subjects so you always get the best look.

Landscapes, Cityscapes, & Photography Tricks | An In-Depth eBook

This eBook is full of tips and techniques for those who want to learn how to photograph landscapes and cityscapes as well as various photography tricks for more creative fun.

How To Shield Your Business From Failure, Even During An Emergency

Imagine if something happened to you and suddenly all of your clients are wondering why you aren't responding.

Travel Photography Tips | From Plane to Post Processing

Are you going on holiday this summer? Whether you’re going away with friends, partners, family or on your own I guarantee that if you leave your camera at home, falling victim...

Jasmine Star Gives Some Good Pointers On How To Prep Your Clients & Why

Prepping for a shoot is a helluva lot more than getting your gear sorted. Here's how Jasmine Star approaches it, and her client interaction.

Understanding Nikon AF Modes

Steve Perry is back with another great educational video, this time aimed at photographers looking to get the most out of the AF on their Nikon camera.

How to Safely Clean Your Camera Lens | Video

Stop right there. Do not clean your lenses with the shirt off your back. There are better, safer and more effective ways to do so, and the following video gives an in-depth look...

Two Tips For Better Waterfall Imagery

Steve Perry is back with another great outdoor photography trick and tip for getting the most out of your waterfall imagery.
Camera and SD card

6 Key Mistakes To Avoid When Handling SD Cards to Minimize Data Loss

There are some steps you can take to best protect SD card data and prevent catastrophic loss.

Using Focal Reducers with Crop Lenses

Crop lenses usually produce an image circle slightly larger than the sensor size. With the focal reducer, I can turn my kit lens into an equivalent 20-63mm f/2.4-4.

Back Button Focus | What Is It & Why You Should Try It

New to back button focus or want to learn all about it? Bebop on over and get started today!
Slow Down - SLR Lounge - Photography Tip

Photography Tip: Become A Better Photographer By Slowing Down Your Sessions & Shoots

Are you ready to come back with more "keepers" from each photo session? Are you tired of weeding through tons of photos? Are you going to amazing venues only to get home and...