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How to Make Wedding Day Family Formals Painless and Stress-Free

Wedding day family formals doesn't have to be stressful or tedious. First, watch this hilarious video and then I'll divulge some tips to help you take family formals quickly and...

Tips For Developing A Wedding Day Workflow {Quitting Your Day Job Series}

I believe developing a wedding day work flow is crucial for success. Check out my tips for creating yours!
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Canon's Tips on How to Properly Handle Your Memory Cards

In the next video in the Canon Service and Support series, Canon gives some basic tips on properly handling your memory cards.

Should You Offer Unlimited Wedding Coverage? {Quitting Your Day Job}

I know by writing this article I’m going to open Pandora’s box. There will be some of you who totally agree that unlimited wedding coverage is a great idea, and there will...
Moonrise / Mondaufgang - explored

Blood Moon Tonight: 5 Tips For Better Moon Photography

Shooting the moon is simple, but can be challenging for those new to it. Here are 5 tips for getting better images of the moon, or in the case of tonight, the Blood Moon.

Quitting Your Day Job: How To Answer Tough Wedding Client Questions

How to answer three common, but very tough wedding photography client questions.

What Is Heat Distortion, And How To Keep It from Ruining Your Images?

Have you ever been driving down the road on a hot day, and looking ahead following the road you see these "waves" of distortion? This is a heat distortion. Here are some tips to...

5 Ways to Help Your Clients Look (and Feel) Less Awkward In Portraits

As a photographer, one of your most valuable tools is to know how to get your client to forget you are there and capture the emotion/feeling in that moment and translate it onto...

Web App That Helps To Visualize DOF Across Focal Lengths, Formats, & Apertures

This is a great little app that will help you to understand and visualize depth of field across different focal lengths, formats, and apertures.

Is Film Still Relevant In Photojournalism?

Film is not dead, but can the modern photojournalist rely on it to report the news?

How to Avoid Getting Ripped Off as a New Photographer

Hopefully my experience of being ripped off by a studio can help other photographers avoid a similar experience. Here are some tips to help you avoid getting ripped off as a new...

What is Zone Focusing? And Why Is It Still Relevant To Photographers Today?

In this day and age, auto-focus is so quick and accurate that there is little reason to manual focus in most situations. So much so, in fact, that lenses and cameras nowadays...