8 Tips to Confidently Book and Shoot Your First Wedding

With many years of experience under my belt, I absolutely love what I do and can happily approach weddings with confidence. But that wasn't always the case. Here are some key...

It's Not About the Camera. It's About the Light.

We as photographers know that there is more to taking a great photo than the gear you use. It's not about the camera. It's about the LIGHT.

A Useful Infographic With 180 Photography Tips

Compiled by Terry's Blind's UK with a specific focus on photographing your home, this infographic has many useful tips for beginner photographers that can apply to all...

Tips for Successful Timelapse Photography with Corey Rich

In the Nikon sponsored video below, Corey Rich shows you how he sets up his gear to create a beautiful star-filled timelapse.

Tips for Successful Bridal Images | Robert Harrington

There is nothing better than a great bridal photo! They can wow your clients upon final delivery and it's great to capture the beauty that is a bride on her wedding day. They...

Second Shooter to Lead Shooter: 5 Things To Remember When Transitioning

Whether it’s for yourself, a small studio, or a large studio, keep in mind these 5 things when transitioning from 2nd shooter to lead photographer.

Tips on Approaching An Agent For Your Photographic Work

There will come a time in your photography career where you will start to think about representation. I know it can be extremely frustrating in the beginning so I’ve come up...

Failure Breeds Success: Why You Should Try And Fail In Order to Succeed

You must be willing to learn from failure in order to create success.

Five Ways to Develop Your Own Unique Film Photography Style

When you have a distinctive style or voice, your marketing becomes a lot easier and your profits much larger, as your clients seek you for the distinct 'look' that you provide....

A Guide On How To Photograph Fire | Behind The Scenes With Von Wong

How to photograph fire! Von Wong takes us behind the scenes of his latest creative project; portraits of the fire theater group Starlight Alchemy.

Using Pinhole Cameras and 35mm Film to Create Bullet Time Images

Brandon Griffiths decided he wanted to combine traditional photography techniques with modern technology to create awesome black and white "Bullet Time" images on black and...
langham huntington pasadena collage

Compositing for a Styled Detail Shoot at the Langham Huntington Hotel

Check out how we shot this compelling composite at the Langham Huntington Hotel in Pasadena.