Using Focal Reducers with Crop Lenses

Crop lenses usually produce an image circle slightly larger than the sensor size. With the focal reducer, I can turn my kit lens into an equivalent 20-63mm f/2.4-4.

Back Button Focus | What Is It & Why You Should Try It

New to back button focus or want to learn all about it? Bebop on over and get started today!
Slow Down - SLR Lounge - Photography Tip

Photography Tip: Become A Better Photographer By Slowing Down Your Sessions & Shoots

Are you ready to come back with more "keepers" from each photo session? Are you tired of weeding through tons of photos? Are you going to amazing venues only to get home and...

Lens Diffraction | Understand It To Find Your Lens' Sweet Spot & Make Better Buys

Misunderstanding of lens diffraction is rampant, which is a shame because if you understand it, your images will be better, you'll get more from your lenses, and you'll know...

10 Valuable Lessons I've Learned About Street Photography

When it comes to capturing great moments on the streets, I've learned that there are basically three ways to approach it....
Off Camera Flash-2

Off Camera Flash | 5 Tips to Get You Started

Lighting is one of the most important pieces of the photographic puzzle that we fit together into a masterpiece that can be enjoyed by the world. In fact, given that photos...
Tripod St. Louis Arch - SLR Lounge-1

How to Use a Tripod (and When)

The concept behind a tripod is incredibly holds your camera still. That’s it! But when you begin to examine the benefits of stability, the options become obvious...

Keeping Tabs on Gels - DIY Quick Swap Color Correction

Photographer Raul M. Leal demonstrates a way to attach the gel swatches to your flash without a sticky residue.

Review: Boudoir Photographer's Guide to Lingerie

I have seen quite a bit of lingerie in my day, but if you were to ask me what each style was called or how it makes the female for look sexier you would have been greeted with a...
Olympus OM-D EM-5 Camera Modes

Aperture Priority vs. Shutter Priority vs. Manual Mode | Which is Best?

We're going to take a closer look at the four main modes available on most cameras and discuss scenarios where each mode makes the most sense. Ready? Let's dive in!

The Ball Bungee | A Great Accessory

One of our second shooters recently introduced me to using "Ball Bungees" during weddings to help hold up flash stands. Ever since, I've been using them whenever possible, so I...

Don't Say Cheese! How To Get Your Clients to Smile Naturally For Photos

If you want to help your clients give you natural smiles for their photos, don't have them say, 'cheese.' Try these tips instead.