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YouTube Roundup: Best Wedding Photography Tutorials/Tips

Here's another week of Youtube videos that I've found while digging through our archives. If you don’t subscribe, head over to YouTube so you don’t miss any awesome content!...

How To Easily Add Copyright In Lightroom & In Camera

Copyright seems to be an ever growing concern for a lot of the photographic community. Lightroom makes it easy to apply it.

How To Choose Your Best Images: Top Tips On Culling Your Photos

Learn how to effectively cull and select your best images, and why doing so is crucial to your success as a photographer.
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Boudoir Photography: 3 Quick Tips on Building Trust With Your Clients

Boudoir photography is not just about taking beautiful images, but it is also knowing how to make your clients feel beautiful. With such an intimate process, building trust...

Lightroom Can Quickly Show You What Gear You Need and Don't Need

Learn how to use Lightroom to see what gear you use most, and what you can ditch to save weight, or to make room for better gear.

8 Surprising Things About Newborn Photography

Every genre of portrait photography has both simple and challenging aspects, but there are a few things about newborn sessions that might surprise you.
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Our Top 3 Most Popular YouTube Videos of All Time

This week, we are highlighting the 3 most popular SLR Lounge's YouTube videos on of all time. If you don't subscribe, head over to YouTube so you don't miss any awesome content!...

How To Really Format SD Cards For Optimal Performance

It's generally common practice to format your memory card in camera before you begin shooting, but sometimes they can act strangely, and to keep this from happening, losing your...

Confesssions Of a Photoshop Lover

I love it, my clients love it and my business would suffer without it. I am a wedding and portrait photographer. Let me share with you three reasons for my Photoshop passion.
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5 More Simple Tips For Taking Great Family Portraits

Five more tips to help photographers take family portraits

How To Identify Birds In Your Images | Wildlife Photography Tips-n-Tricks

It should be no surprise that if you are just getting started doing wildlife photography, or birds specifically, that you may not know all of the species that you are capturing....
Editing when you have children

What to Expect When You're An Expecting Photographer Part 2

In a previous article, we began the discussion on preparing yourself and your business for the arrival of a baby. We covered 7 things to consider from planning the pregnancy...