DIY Projects


Digital Rev's 10 Free DIY Photography Hacks

In the following video from DigitalRev, Kai shows us 10 photography hacks that you can make for free if you're in a pinch - on time or money.

Make an Easy, Inexpensive, and Durable Wrist Strap For Your Camera

The following video caught my eye because not only is it DIY (which I love), but the wrist strap is a paracord bracelet which is very trendy at the moment.

DIY: Tabletop Photography With A Smartphone | Photigy Tutorial Review

This course will show those with no, or relatively little, photographic knowledge and practically no equipment, how to take stunning photos of products.

DIY: Make The 'Coolest' Light Modifier With Only $5 Worth of Craft Supplies

It's Saturday, which means, those who aren't out shooting, are either on a Netflix binge or tinkering around the house. If you're bored and looking for a great DIY photography...

A Portable, DIY Solution to Organize All Your Battery Chargers

In the following video, the Vimeo video team shows us how they built a portable battery charging station.

8 DIY Tricks You Can Do With Your Smartphone | COOPH

From making a DIY drone to turning your smartphone into a pinhole camera or a projector, this video has some great ideas for when you're bored on a Monday afternoon.

Challenge: Creative DIY Light Modifiers for Only $10 - Can It Be Done?

Given $10, can Irwin Wong make some light modifiers to create some awesome portraits? That is the challenge.

Brilliant DIY V-Flats With Customizable Catchlights

Good DIY projects are hard to come by, especially ones that give results like this

5 Inexpensive & Creative DIY Lighting Setups To Help You Save Money | DigitalRev

In the video, 5 DIY Lighting Setups You Can Do At Home, Kai and Lok show five different DIY projects that can be done inexpensively and creatively.

DIY Sun-Blaster | Build Your Own 1000w Equivalent LED Flashlight

DIY Perks, the people who showed us how to make this DIY "insanely bright" LED panel, has a new video giving instructions on how to build a "phenomenally bright" 1000 Watt...
How I Shot It: Wildlife Photographer With a 50mm

DIY Off-Camera Flash Hack: Wildlife Photographer With A 50mm

A creative DIY off-camera flash hack for getting up close and personal with a timid, nocturnal animal in the darkness of its treetop habitat.

Make Your Own DIY Lightweight GoPro Camera Stabilizer With Some LEGO Bricks and Rubber Bands

You could spend around $70 for a stabilizer for your GoPro OR you could be super cool and build your own out of LEGO bricks like this guy did. For free.