DIY Projects

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Filming in the Fetal Position: BTS of the One Take Music Video 'Saramona Said'

The following behind the scenes video, Filming in the Fetal, position was made by an Australian production company and one of the most entertaining bts videos I've come across....

DIY Diffusion Panels: How To Make A Good One For $30

One of the best DIY diffusion panels I've seen, and all the materials required are inexpensive but good, and the time requirement is small. It's a great idea for those who need...

DIY Ringlight (Cheap) & How to Win at 500px w/ Tony Northrup

Very cool video and information set on how to make a cheap but really effective star ringlight, and how to get your images to perform well on 500px.

7 Household Items That Add Creative Flare To Your Images

In this video, the guys at COOPH are at it again! This time, showing us seven household items you can use to add some creative flare to your images.

Using Pinhole Cameras and 35mm Film to Create Bullet Time Images

Brandon Griffiths decided he wanted to combine traditional photography techniques with modern technology to create awesome black and white "Bullet Time" images on black and...

Inexpensive ND Filter Hack For Your Lenses

Some lenses just don't play well with standard filter sets, and this little & inexpensive hack is an option to consider.

DIY Video Rig for $180-Perfect for Self Hosting Your Videos

How to build your own $180 DIY video rig that will help alleviate the challenges of being your own videographer.

Save Money w/ 7 DIY Photography Hacks

Love a good old do it yourself project? Check out these seven DIY photography hacks to help you save some money and explore your creativity.

Create Your Own Ten-Stop Neutral Density Filter for Long Exposures

Love the look of long exposure images, but can’t afford a ten-stop neutral density filter? Let me show you how to use an inexpensive piece of welding glass to create stunning...

10 Christmas Photography Ideas and Tips

Photography and Christmas seem to go hand in hand. With all of your family and friends together, you have a chance to create imagery that will be shared online, physically...
Sony A7R Shutter Slap Issues

Latest Sony A7R Accessory - A Block of Wood?

Long lens shooters might want to think twice before splashing out on the Sony A7R unless you've got access to some premium timber
DIY Snow

DIY Snow For Your Holiday Photo Fun

Everyone dreams of a snowy white holiday season, the reality is though that many of us do not live in areas where snow happens often - if ever. So what can you do to bring a...