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5 Inexpensive and Clever Microphone Mounts For Video

Caleb Pike, from DSLR Video Shooter, shows us '5 Handy and Creative Ways to Mount a Microphone.'

How To DIY Fix A Camera For $5 When The Manufacturer Quotes Over $700

Fixing your own camera gear is hugely satisfying, and can save you huge amounts of money. Here's one photographer's story of fixing his GH4 Mount, and my own.

Inexpensive Product Photography | DIY Shooting Table

Product photography can be expensive. Check out this DIY shooting table solution from Alex Koloskov over at Photigy.

Money Saving Photography Hacks Using 6 Ikea Products

If you've ever spent time at Ikea, leisurely strolling through its departments, you might find some items that make good photography accessories.

DIY Reflector | Make This Simple and Inexpensive Lighting Tool

It's a long holiday weekend which means the beach, BBQ, and DIY projects! If you're going out to Home Depot to pick up a few tools to fix something around the house, make sure...
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16 Pro Photographers Share 16 Tricks and Hacks With Cheap Accessories

Some of our professional photographer friends tell us about their little accessories that cost less than $30 and helps them to create unique images.

Digital Rev's 10 Free DIY Photography Hacks

In the following video from DigitalRev, Kai shows us 10 photography hacks that you can make for free if you're in a pinch - on time or money.

Make an Easy, Inexpensive, and Durable Wrist Strap For Your Camera

The following video caught my eye because not only is it DIY (which I love), but the wrist strap is a paracord bracelet which is very trendy at the moment.

DIY: Tabletop Photography With A Smartphone | Photigy Tutorial Review

This course will show those with no, or relatively little, photographic knowledge and practically no equipment, how to take stunning photos of products.

DIY: Make The 'Coolest' Light Modifier With Only $5 Worth of Craft Supplies

It's Saturday, which means, those who aren't out shooting, are either on a Netflix binge or tinkering around the house. If you're bored and looking for a great DIY photography...

A Portable, DIY Solution to Organize All Your Battery Chargers

In the following video, the Vimeo video team shows us how they built a portable battery charging station.

8 DIY Tricks You Can Do With Your Smartphone | COOPH

From making a DIY drone to turning your smartphone into a pinhole camera or a projector, this video has some great ideas for when you're bored on a Monday afternoon.