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Clamshell Lighting Part II | Building A Portable Headshot Rig

Clamshell lighting is a fantastic lighting set up. This article follows on from my previous one and talks about building a portable clamshell lighting rig for headshots.

Use This Portrait Photography Tip To Make Clients Look Slimmer |Peter Hurley

Peter Hurley teaches us his headshot trick called, "Hold Your Sub. " It will make your subject's shoulders and arms look more slim.

How To Shoot, Process, & Create A Day-To-Night Transitional Timelapse

Timelapses are mystifying if you've never done them before, but Cal Thomson takes the guess work out of it for you

Mastering Your Off-Camera Lighting With Pye [Free Webinar]

During this webinar, Pye will share simple tips to help you use off-camera lighting to create stunning images for your clients.

Make a DIY Photography Drone With Some Balloons and Your Camera Phone

So you really want a drone for Christmas, but you're on Santa's naughty list this year? Here's a way to McGyver one yourself.

What Causes Moiré, How To Avoid It & How To Remove It

In the following 11 minute video from Adorama TV, Gavin Hoey answers these questions about moiré as part of his Take and Make Great Photography series.

Great Instruction On Building DIY V-Flats

Even if you like to buy all your gear, you may find it hard to find V-Flats to buy, and you can make brilliant ones like this for little time and money.

Use Clamshell Lighting To Create Beautiful, Flattering Light

Clamshell light is one of my favorite lighting setups. Read this article to get an idea of what it is and how you can do it.

Photography Courses: 5 Essential Courses For Every Beginner

Here are a few recommendations of essential photography courses for every beginner. Watch all of these, and you will become a very knowledgeable photographer.

What's In Your Bag | Travel Edition {The Slanted Lens}

What gear do you pack when traveling? Jay P. Morgan from The Slanted Lens shows us what he takes on a trip to Gettysburg.

Lightroom | Updates Going Up…On A Tuesday

Finally Adobe has released a proper fix to some of our most eagerly protested issues.

The Costs of a Bridal Show For Photographers {Wedding Show 101- Part 1}

We had no idea what we were getting into but after this “wedding season,” we’ll be seven shows deep. Here’s what we've learned and here’s what you need to know if you...