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Canon Tilt Shift Adapter Patent | Will It Bridge The Gap?

A Canon patent has come to light. Detailing a tilt-shift adapter for Canon lenses, it promises to allow lenses to be used with all their original functions like IS and AF, while...
WPPI Tradeshow - Image Credit: Mike Corrado

Exciting WPPI 2016 News: 5 Days of Full Platform Classes For FREE!

Every Photo+ member (WPPI & PhotoServe) will be entitled to a FREE Full Platform Pass at the 2016 WPPI Wedding and Portrait Conference + Expo in Las Vegas!

Then & Now: A Comparison of Magazine Covers Over The Last Century

Look how far we've come in the last 100 years.

California Bill Looks To Ban Drones From Flying Over Private Property

Earlier this week, a California bill passed in the state Assembly prohibiting drones from flying over private property.

The End of An Era: Pictage Finally Closes Its Doors

Pictage announced yesterday that it was closing its doors. I'll have to say, I wasn't surprised to hear the news, but I was quite surprised to hear they lasted this long.

OM-D EM-10 II Officiall, Nikon F to Sony E Adapter Update, A7R II Straight to the Dump

As per the norm of announcements lately, the E-M10 II specs were leaked a night or two ago, but today Olympus officially unveiled their next budget OM-D camera.

Photographer Grants Photo Rights, Then Sues For Infringement

A photographer loses his copyright infringement lawsuit against a company who used one of his images without his knowledge, but with his permission.

EOS M Getting Some Love, A7R II Teardown, NX1 Firmware Incoming

According to the latest rumors, Canon is actively developing new lenses and the EOS M4, which could see the light of day as soon as early 2016.

Is 4K Video Worth It? Fujifilm Rebates Are Back!

It seems like every camera being released these days that shoots video has the option for 4K capture. But is it worth it?

Olympus to Make FE Lenses? A7R II Overhyped/Overpriced?

Olympus will soon begin producing Zuiko branded lenses for the Sony FE mount - if this wacky rumor is to be believed...

Elinchrom, Phottix, and Sekonic Team Up, & Sigma Rumor Mill Update

Elinchrom, Phottix, and Sekonic have combined forces to integrate their technologies into the products of their allies.

Ceremony | The App That Wants to Kill the Unplugged Weddings Trend

Want to annoy a wedding photographer? There's an app for that.