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The Marvelous Story Of The Photographer Who Went 2 Years Without Spending Any Money

One man's journey to see our business in a different light, by bartering his photographic services for food, shelter, and transport, but never money, for two years. It's...

JPG vs BPG? Another Challenger To The Ubiquitous JPEG Looks Promising

Often challenged, never overthrown, the JPEG finds itself bested by a new format. But is it too late in the game for the BPG to be really relevant?

Airbus Uses A Billion Dollars In Jets For Celebratory Photoshoot Of Jumbo Proportions

5 aircraft worth over a billion dollars, numerous skilled pilots, 2 chase planes, and all for one incredible photoshoot with a tremendous budget.
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TIME Magazine Photo Editors & Experts Pick 27 Photobooks That 'Defined 2014'

TIME magazine's photo editors chose 27 of the best photobooks that defined 2014. Here are the 5 that stood out to me.

Lenstag Releases InfoGraphic Showing The Most Stolen Gear of 2014 & Where It's Stolen From

Lenstag has just dropped their list of most stolen gear of 2014, and from where it gets stolen, including which cities. Any surprises?

American Grandfather Arrested For Taking Photo of A Sign in United Arab Emirates

Dr. Robert Alan Black, a 70-year old American professor is in a jail in Abu Dhabi and facing a possible 5 year sentence for photographing a 'No photography' sign, ironically....

Prime Photos | Amazon's Cloud Solution With Unlimited Storage For Prime Members

Amazon's jump into cloud photo storage. It's not perfect, yet, but it shows promise, handled my uploading of 70mb RAW files with ease, and free unlimited storage for Prime Members.

Samsung Partners With Joseph Gordon-Levitt To Promote NX1

I am still excitedly waiting for my opportunity to review Samsung's impressive new NX1 flagship camera. But if you had any doubts about Samsung's push to gain ground in the...

A Photographer's Century Old Notebook Uncovered In The Antarctic

In 1911, Captain Scott and others, set out on the Terra Nova expedition-- a fatal event that took the life of Scott and two other men. Now, more than a century later after the...

Award Winning TimeLapse Artists Look To Save The Environment 1 Frame At A Time

Timelapses can show environmental shifts invisible to the naked eye, in real time, so they're perfect to show change and raise awareness - this is the goal of CodeX & you can be...

One of only 350 Uber-Rare 13mm Nikon Lenses Being Auctioned On Ebay

The widest lens, with little to no distortion ever made for an SLR, the Nikon 13mm F/5.6, has found its way onto eBay. Unsurprisingly, the bidding is up to $18,000 and is rising...

Canon Disappoints Millions After 'Countdown' Dud

Canon made news this weekend around the photography news circuit, as they posted a countdown teaser website.This morning that time expired and what was revealed left us all...