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Congresswoman Introduces Bill to Regulate Excessive Photoshop Use

The recently abundant outcry with excessive Photoshopping has lead lawmakers to stand up.
The lunar eclipse over a bluebonnet field in Ennis, Texas on April 15, 2014.
04.17.2014 3 Comments

'Blood Moon' - Photographer Spends 7 Hours to Capture the Perfect Eclipse Shot

Photographer Mike Mezeul spent 7 hours to create this perfect composite of the lunar eclipse earlier this week.

85% Of Images Online Used Without Permission? That's Lowballing

IMGemebed released a white paper with figures that seem enormous. But are you surprised?
04.15.2014 No Comments

Three Little Girls Battling Cancer Inspires Strength With Viral Photo

Photographer Lora Scantling set out to portray the image of strength, give encouragement to those who are fighting or watching someone fight, and raise awareness for childhood...
04.14.2014 7 Comments

Vogue Italia's Appalling and Insensitive Domestic Violence Fashion Photo Shoot

In Vogue Italia's latest controversial issue, domestic violence is depicted in a 10 page glossy spread with bleeding, cowering women, covered in blood and Prada. It's revolting...

Accusations Of Racism Against Native American Photo Shoot By Next Top Model

Heidi Klum and Germany's Next Top Model have found themselves in hot water recently over a Native American themes photoshoot many have deemed hypersexualized.

#NotABugSplat | A Photographic Message Of Humanity To Drone Operators

There’s a project titled #notabugsplat, whose aim is to bring attention to drone operators and their superiors, and the world public, that their kills are people and often...
04.10.2014 9 Comments

Because Every Power Couple's Save-the-Date Video Should Have a Helicopter

Move over Kim and Kanye. This power couple's Save-the- Date video is...well, you have to see for yourself...
04.09.2014 3 Comments

The Perfect Selfie Everytime

Mirror, mirror on the wall - please take the most perfect selfie of them all.
04.08.2014 49 Comments

Supreme Court Refuses to Hear Appeal of Wedding Photographer in LGBT Case

'Do Gay Rights Trump Religious Rights?' Supreme Court Refuses to Hear Appeal of Wedding Photographer in LGBT Case.
04.07.2014 4 Comments

SLR Lounge Ultimate Wedding Workshop Talkthrough With Pye and Kaylee

If you're on the fence about doing something awesome this summer, it's time to just go for it and take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity! Only 5 spots left!
04.07.2014 One Comment

(NSFW) Miranda Kerr's GQ Photo Shoot Recreated By Bondi Hipsters

The Bondi Hipsters have recreated Miranda Kerr's GQ photo shoot, reworking some of her quotes as captions to call out the industry's over-sexualization of women.