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Sony A7R II Crowned King Of DxOMark | Is The Tesla P85D Of Cameras

What must Canon and Nikon be thinking when Sony is clearly dominating on this level?

Instagram Kills The Square Restriction | Is This Wish Granting Or Machiavellian?

Instagram's 'BIGGEST' news is probably in preparation for their biggest shift and plans about to drop.

The Red List | Inspiration & Study Material From The Best Photographers

Analyzing the work of the greats helps us see things differently and have confidence to develop our own voice and vision. The Red List is a brilliant source of inspiration.

Then & Now: A Comparison of Magazine Covers Over The Last Century

Look how far we've come in the last 100 years.

The End of An Era: Pictage Finally Closes Its Doors

Pictage announced yesterday that it was closing its doors. I'll have to say, I wasn't surprised to hear the news, but I was quite surprised to hear they lasted this long.

How & Why To Never Look At Another's Photo And Say 'I Could Do that'

This single phrase and mentality is one of the most destructive in photography and our field is rife with it. This may be one of the best concise views/reads to understand why...

Sony A7R II Impressive Focusing With Canon Lenses Makes It Even More Tempting

Sony has made huge strides with the A7 line of cameras, but it may be that the next big stride to convert other users is in this new ability to adopt other manufacturer's lenses...

Is 500px’s New App A True High Resolution Instagram?

500px's new app is a lot like Instagram, and better in some important ways. The problem is, can you see these upsides being worth dedication to it?

Can a Camera's Flash Blind an Infant? Not Likely...

Last week a story went viral where parents of a 3-month-old in China was blinded by a camera's flash. Photographers everywhere used this as reasoning for only shooting natural...

Living A Capture Worthy Moment? Good, Put The Camera Down For G*d's Sake

It's the harsh truth that we look through a lens at the best times, and my suggestion is to let some of those pictures slip by, and live it instead

How To Shield Your Business From Failure, Even During An Emergency

Imagine if something happened to you and suddenly all of your clients are wondering why you aren't responding.

Editorial: Why I Choose to Serve the LGBT Community

I write this article to provide you all with my perspective on the topic of photographing LGBT weddings in the hopes that it may help those with open hearts gain a new...