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In Photography, The Only Competition You Have is Yourself

Competing with other photographers is a mistake. Five tips for making yourself a better photographer.

EBU Calls 4K 'Unsatisfactory', Leans Towards Higher Quality 1080p

With more and more 4K TVs hitting the market, the EBU (European Broadcast Union) took some time to publish their thoughts on broadcasting in 1080 vs 4K.
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YouTube Star Sued For Copyright Infringement - Use Royalty Free Music, Folks!

When selecting your music to showcase your work, it might be tempting to use a popular song that's currently hot on the radio, but DON'T DO IT. Not unless you have permission...

Gregory Heisler's Valuable Career Advice

In this video, Gregory gives valuable career advice for photographers.

Imagery From a Life at Sea | Interview With Joel Woods

Joel Woods is a full time commercial fisherman. Check out his photography to see what it’s like to work on an active fishing vessel.

Students' Option To Pay For 'Digitally Slimmed' Grad Photos Has Company In Hot Water

UK based graduation photography company Success Photography has some of its clients speaking out against its practice of giving the option to pay more for digitally slimmed grad...

Quitting Your Day Job Part 4: Booking My First Wedding and Beyond

There are many reasons to not quit your day job to do photography full time. Read how and why I quit mine.

'The Cameras We Bring': Every Camera We Use, We Use As An Extension Of Who We Are

Our cameras can be extremely personal effects, and we choose them very specifically. This video shows they are extensions of self, and anchors to the past.

More Tips & Advice From Peter Hurley On Business & Headshots

Peter Hurley sits down with Frank Doorhof and sheds more light on what it takes to make a great headshot, how to think about it, and how to think about the business

A Major Lawsuit Is On To Defend The Right To Take Pictures In Public

There have been so many occasions which lead us to believe that 'terrorist' and 'tourist' are the same in the eyes of the government. The consequences of that are immense, and...

Why You Want A Dedicated Light Meter & How to Turn Your Phone Into One With Lumu

Much overlooked, the light meter could be what takes your photography to new heights, and now you can turn your phone into a real one.

All About Polarizing Filters, And Why You Should Have One

Filters are not as important now as they were back before digital sensors were housed inside our cameras. Back in the day, filters were needed to influence how the image was...