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Shooting Film Is The Last Word In Meditation | 'The Sound Of Film'

So strange how a 1 minute film can conjure up so many feelings, and when it's about film, they're good ones.
Judging by the data though,  not too many people care about the latest cameras.

Camera Sales Continue To Fall Because Your Emotions Matter More Than Specs

Camera sales continue to fall - demonstrating how our emotional response to a product is more important than its specs.

Photography Courses: 5 Essential Courses For Every Beginner

Here are a few recommendations of essential photography courses for every beginner. Watch all of these, and you will become a very knowledgeable photographer.

Other Professionals React To The Absurd Request To Work For Free| #Saynotospec

Why is our work as creatives treated differently from any other business? Why do we as the creatives allow this to happen?

The Secrets of Successful Photography Kickstarter Campaigns

Crowdfunding has made a mark in the photography industry with many, many photographers seeking backers for their photography projects. Here are three companies I spoke with...

Chase Jarvis RAW | 6 Morning Habits Of Successful Photographers

Creatives often lack routine entirely, but having them, especially in the morning can be your force multiplier for success.

Why Working for Exposure Doesn’t Always...Work

There is a fine line between being a savvy business person and being duped into working for nothing.

FLIF | New Benchmark In 'Lossless' Compressed Formats & Image Format Cheat Sheet

Once again there's a new file format gunning to take over from the JPEG. It's highly impressive, but just how impressive does a format have to be to dethrone the JPEG?
SLR Lounge - Jeff Ascough Wedding Photography6

3 Reasons to Consider Adding Documentary Style to Your Wedding Portfolio

Learn the ways of documentary style wedding photography from a master; click to keep reading!

An In-Depth Look at Pro Photographers | Who They Are, Where & How They Work

This is the first global annual report breakdown that looks at our industry not from the view of our subjects or produce, but focuses on the habits and future of photographers.

Magnum Photos Darkroom Magic | The Genesis Of Photoshop & Lightroom

What we do every day in Lightroom and Photoshop can be taught and done anywhere, but it wasn't always like that. What you'll see here gives an idea of just what it took and...

Instagram Targets Joey L; Once Again Trying to Censor Real Life?

Instagram has targeted a series of images taken by Joey L in Syria, and deleted them. What does this mean for the rest of us?