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Wild Pets: Photographs of Skunks and Their Owners

Have you ever owned a pet skunk? These people love their wild pets, and two of our staff writers have owned these affectionate creatures as well.
The lunar eclipse over a bluebonnet field in Ennis, Texas on April 15, 2014.
04.17.2014 4 Comments

'Blood Moon' - Photographer Spends 7 Hours to Capture the Perfect Eclipse Shot

Photographer Mike Mezeul spent 7 hours to create this perfect composite of the lunar eclipse earlier this week.

Not Your Typical Food Porn | Maet by Per Johansen

Danish artist Per Johansen's collection "Maet" (English translation "full") depicts an assortment of grains, vegetables and meats stuffed into plastic containers.
04.14.2014 One Comment

Zoey and Jasper: Unbelivably Cute Portraits of a Rescue Dog and Her Little Boy

A rescue dog and her little boy. Can it get any cuter than this? I think not...

Accusations Of Racism Against Native American Photo Shoot By Next Top Model

Heidi Klum and Germany's Next Top Model have found themselves in hot water recently over a Native American themes photoshoot many have deemed hypersexualized.
04.12.2014 No Comments

Instagram's Houdini: The Dazzling Photo Manipulations of Nois7

Known as Nois7, German photographer/art director Robert Jahns takes images from the ordinary world and transforms "dreams into reality."
DC Rogues Playing Poker-finished

You Gotta Know When to Hold 'Em - BTS of Gotham City's

Here is a fun set piece of a Gotham City Rogues version of the familiar (and oft parodied) “Dogs Playing Poker.”
04.11.2014 One Comment

Wildlife Photographer Captures a Mother's Grief When Hippo Realizes Her Baby Is Dead

Wildlife photographer, Neal Cooper, hosts photography safaris in Africa, so seeing majestic wildlife is part and parcel to his daily work. A recent experience during a...
04.10.2014 One Comment

6 Perfect Cinematic Instrumentals For Slideshows & Film By Ryan Taubert

The TMB team just released a new film exploring creative process with an original score (now available for licensing) by today’s featured artist, Ryan Taubert. Here are 6...
04.10.2014 9 Comments

Because Every Power Couple's Save-the-Date Video Should Have a Helicopter

Move over Kim and Kanye. This power couple's Save-the- Date video is...well, you have to see for yourself...

On the 'Beaches' of Antarctica: A Thought Provoking Photo Series By Gray Malin

Photographer Gray Malin is best known for his beach-scapes which have been featured in magazines and exhibitions all over the world. This new series takes you on the cold...

Golden Hour Worshipped By Photographers And Gelada Baboons Alike

Photographer Simone Sbaraglia, has captured the essence of the playful sun-worshiping Gelada Baboons in Africa