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FLIF | New Benchmark In 'Lossless' Compressed Formats & Image Format Cheat Sheet

Once again there's a new file format gunning to take over from the JPEG. It's highly impressive, but just how impressive does a format have to be to dethrone the JPEG?

Photographer's Moonrise | A Stunning Short Film Captures Unique Take on Full Moon

New Zealand photographer Mark Gee invited some of his local photography friends to be a part of his special project, Photographer's Moonrise.
Screen Shot 2015-10-02 at 10.02.45 PM

Posing Makes An Image | See Male Model Hit 25 Poses in 30 Seconds

Almost like the male Coco Rocha, this male model puts on a demonstration of 25 poses in 30 seconds during a rather bizarre but fascinating catalogue shoot.

High Speed Photography - Shooting A Light Bulb With A BB Gun (And A Camera)

To test the new Miops smart trigger, Jay P. Morgan from The Slanted Lens, experiments with shooting a light bulb. Literally.

Pet Photographer Larry Johnson Specializes in Purrrfect Portraits of Cats

When I saw this video, I could not help but share it with you all. Larry Johnson is a pet photographer based in the US with over 20 years of experience. Larry photographs pets...

When Light Painting and Martial Arts Collide with Patrick Rochon

The idea behind The Light Painting Kata is a fusion of Martial Arts and light painting

Kodak's Guide to Photographing Disneyland 60 Years Ago

Enjoy this blast from the past with Kodak's guide to photographing the happiest place on Earth in 1956.

Space Hero Mission Coming to a City Near You | Be Photographed in a Space Suit

Don and Julia Derosier are two photographers who are on a mission to photograph as many people as possible in their Apollo 11 space suit replica in various cities across the...

Battle of the iPhone Cameras - From Generation 1 to the 6s

How does the iPhone 6s camera technology compare to its predecessors?
SLR Lounge - Jeff Ascough Wedding Photography6

3 Reasons to Consider Adding Documentary Style to Your Wedding Portfolio

Learn the ways of documentary style wedding photography from a master; click to keep reading!
Satsop nuclear cooling tower

Atomic Ruin | A Surreal Time-lapse Voyage Through an Unfinished Nuclear Power Plant

Watch as Andrew Walker takes you on a time-lapse journey through a long-abandoned nuclear power plant, and experience the surreal beauty of the massive site.

iPhone 6s and The Cheapest Fashion Photo Shoot Ever Produced

Using the new iPhone 6s, some flashlights, and the girl next door, Lee Morris shows us that once again, it is not about the equipment.