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16 Pro Photographers Share 16 Tricks and Hacks With Cheap Accessories

Some of our professional photographer friends tell us about their little accessories that cost less than $30 and helps them to create unique images.

Photographer Manually Photoshops Her Image to A Create Unique Work of Art

When it comes to creating and retouching images, photographers usually use some general tools to create our art.

Showcasing the Natural Beauty of Women With Gorgeous Natural Light Portraits

The theme of TJ's portraits is natural beauty, whether it's the natural light from the sun or the natural beauty radiating from his makeup-free (or very minimally made up) models.

Photoshop On-The-Go | Adobe To Drop New Mobile Photoshop & Astropad Gets Even Smaller

Mobile photo retouching has been as useful as a watered down shot, but Adobe is hoping to change that really soon, and Astropad is giving an alternative.

Basic Tips on Starting a Wedding Photography Business | Susan Stripling

In this short video from B&H Photo, Susan gives us a few basic tips on starting a wedding photography business.

Canon Tilt Shift Adapter Patent | Will It Bridge The Gap?

A Canon patent has come to light. Detailing a tilt-shift adapter for Canon lenses, it promises to allow lenses to be used with all their original functions like IS and AF, while...

12 Hour Photoshop Breakdown Transports Jedi Newlyweds to Planet Hoth

Watch how photographer transforms this image into a Star Wars themed battle in this timelapse.

Sony A7R II Crowned King Of DxOMark | Is The Tesla P85D Of Cameras

What must Canon and Nikon be thinking when Sony is clearly dominating on this level?

Marketing Yourself In Portrait Photography | Interview With Sue Bryce Part III

Expanding Your Portrait Photography Business In the two previous interviews, Sue Bryce discussed how she began her career with only a dollar fifty and shared her wisdom on...
WPPI Tradeshow - Image Credit: Mike Corrado

Exciting WPPI 2016 News: 5 Days of Full Platform Classes For FREE!

Every Photo+ member (WPPI & PhotoServe) will be entitled to a FREE Full Platform Pass at the 2016 WPPI Wedding and Portrait Conference + Expo in Las Vegas!

Instagram Kills The Square Restriction | Is This Wish Granting Or Machiavellian?

Instagram's 'BIGGEST' news is probably in preparation for their biggest shift and plans about to drop.

Discover Icelandic Beauty in These Whimsical Photomontages

Photographer Tom Chambers decided that the Icelandic backdrops would be perfect for his photomontages and so made a trip to see for himself this magical land