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Photo Plus Expo 2014 First Impressions | More Than Just Gear

I will admit my first day here at PPE has been a little overwhelming. The show floor itself is pretty big and it's packed, I mean packed, with photographers and people from all...

Some Hands On With Canon’s G7X At PhotoPlus - RX100 & S Line Killer?

At PhotoPlus, Canon's little shooter draws some of the biggest crowds. Here's some hands on with the G7X.

Online Collection Of 10,000+ Rare Vintage Cameras

Whether you love shooting film or appreciate the aesthetics of vintage cameras, this site will definitely be up your alley. Now, you should be aware that this expansive...
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Batman Evolution Album Art Photo Shoot: On Set With The Piano Guys

A behind the scenes look at a photo shoot for 'Batman Evolution,' on set for the Piano Guys' newest mashup - 50 years of Batman theme music.

If You're In This For The Money, Keep Your Day Job {Quitting Your Day Job Series}

This profession is not for the faint of heart. It’s difficult, it’s a constant hustle, it’s long lonely days in your home office editing, writing countless emails, dealing...

Little Mermaid Inspired Wedding Shoot Will Make Your Fairy Tale Dreams Come True

Every little girl dreams of her wedding day. Add to that some Disney magic and you have the recipe for a dream fairy tale wedding.

Expojure | The One Stop Hub To Distribute Your Photos For Max Reach & Min Effort

Exposure wants to be the one place you go with your photos so it can distribute them to all your social media platforms. Where does this fit into your growth as a brand and...
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How Much Work Does It Take To Color Correct a 30 Second Commercial?

The following video gives us a bit of an idea of the work involved in professionally color correcting a 30 second commercial for L'Oreal Garnier.
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Man Tapes GoPro to Bottle of Booze, Creates Most Epic Wedding Video

And the award for best use of a GoPro goes to...

Chris Hadfield On Shooting & The Importance Of Your Heartbeat

Chris Hadfield usually gets asked all about spending a lot of time in the ISS, but here shares some words on shooting on Earth vs. in the zero gravity of space
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Clever Split Screen Timelapse Shows the Similarities of New York and Paris

Freelance filmmaker Franck Matellini has created this clever timelapse which shows the two popular cities in a side-by-side comparison.
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A Look at the Path to Success in Commercial Fashion Photography With Dixie Dixon

In only 5 years, Dixie has reached a level of success in the commercial fashion photography world that many only dream of. In this interview, she tells us about her journey to...