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3 Reasons to Add a Prime Lens to Your Bag

While the some may disagree, I feel that a prime lens is probably the most useful lens in my camera bag. Here's why.

Instagram Gears More Toward Business & Now Rolling Out Support For Multiple Accounts

Instagram took their sweet time with this feature, but now that it's rolling out I think it becomes an even more relative platform for photographers

This Zombie Wedding Photo Shoot Looks Like a Bloody Good Time

In honor of Halloween this year, Ukrainian photographer Irina Skripnik gathered her favorite zombie friends for a zombie-themed wedding photo shoot.

PICR Is Aiming To Bring Clients To You & Help You Streamline Your Workflow

The sharing economy has been disruptive in all types of businesses, but so far for photography it hasn't. PICR may change that, and wouldn't it be nice to have more clients and...

Photography Courses: 5 Essential Courses For Professionals

Every professional photographer knows the value of decent education. Any pro worth their salt is constantly striving to push themselves further. Hopefully, these courses will...

Happy Thanksgiving 2015!

We've decided to give our writers the day off Thanksgiving Day so we can all spend some time with our family and friends.

Museum Wants You To Leave Your Cameras At Home & Draw Instead

Rijksmusuem invites their visitors to leave their cameras and smartphones at home so they can fully appreciate the wonder and beauty of the art in the galleries by drawing what...
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9 Epic Groomsmen Poses

Bridal party photos are always a great place for your couples' personality to shine on their wedding day. One of the best ways to please your clients is to really help capture...

Shooting Film Is The Last Word In Meditation | 'The Sound Of Film'

So strange how a 1 minute film can conjure up so many feelings, and when it's about film, they're good ones.

The One Absolutely Essential Thing You Should Be Doing Inside Lightroom

When importing your images into Lightroom, one of the most important things to do is to ensure that all of your metadata is applied during your import.

Mastering Your Off-Camera Lighting With Pye [Free Webinar]

During this webinar, Pye will share simple tips to help you use off-camera lighting to create stunning images for your clients.

CSSgram Brings Instagram Filters to Your Browser, Leica X-U Leak! {Daily Roundup}

Today we talk about CSSgram, Leica's X-U rumor, and some great tips for those upcoming family holiday photos.